Maytree News Headlines – November 2, 2010


Marriages of convenience (Canadian Immigrant)
Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) reports that, in 2009, overseas offices received about 49,500 applications for permanent residence for partners and spouses, which under 20 percent were refused. Many of these refusals were due to evidence that the marriage was one of convenience, only meant to gain immigration status in Canada. On CICs website, a national online questionnaire is open until Nov.10 for public participation, aiming to gather opinions and ideas on how best to address marriage frauds. The information collected through town hall meetings and the online consultation will help inform future actions taken by the government.

Government of Canada announces 2011 immigration plan (CIC)
The Government of Canada will maintain high immigration levels to help sustain the economic recovery, Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney announced today upon tabling the annual immigration plan in Parliament. It is estimated that Canada will welcome between 240,000 and 265,000 new permanent residents in 2011. Sixty percent of these immigrants will come through economic streams.

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Accept higher immigration or have more kids: Kenney (Toronto Sun)
The Harper government is changing the mix of immigrants it plans to admit to the country over the next year. While the overall target for permanent residents will remain between 240,000 and 265,000, the government will seek to admit more children and spouses through the family class and fewer economic migrants. The annual number of economic class immigrants selected for their job skills will drop by 5,000 to 6,000 while the number of family class immigrants will go up by between 1,500 and 2,500.

Would you move if you could? (Spaces Of Migration)
Gallups Potential Net Migration Index (PIMI) estimated that 700 million people, a seventh of the worlds five billion people 15 and older, would move permanently to another country if they could. Based on surveys in almost 150 countries, Gallup found that 165 million people worldwide would like to move to the US, and 45 million each would like to move to Canada, the UK, and France, 35 million to Spain, and 30 million to Saudi Arabia, and 25 million each to Australia and Germany.

Government to register every immigration agent offering visa services (South Asian Observer)
Waking up to the problem of thousands of Punjabi youths getting into trouble trying to migrate illegally to another country, the state government has finally decided to register every travel and immigration agent offering visa services… In September this year, Canada, too, had sought the Punjab Government’s cooperation to address the issue of fraudulent visa cases that had created a major problem for both Canadian and Indian Governments. The need of the hour is that a multi-dimensional strategy be adopted to tackle this problem. The Act will be enforced at different levels. The district magistrate will be the licensing authority, who will regulate the functioning of the travel agents within his district, he added.

What could go wrong? (Canadian Immigrant)
They all tried to help me my husband, my doctor. Only I was not depressed! I was going through the second stage of culture shock.

Korean wave (Canadian Immigrant)
Although their history in Canada has been short, Korean-born immigrants have quickly made their mark… Today, more than 200,000 Korean-born immigrants have made Canada their home, and make up one of the countrys most dynamic communities, with growth in all sectors business, cultural, heritage, arts. The majority of the Korean population in Canada are, in fact, immigrants and relatively recent arrivals.

Canada is more diverse than everexcept in the halls of power (This Magazine)
A recently released study, entitled DiverseCity Counts: A Snapshot of Diverse Leadership in the Greater Toronto Area, showed that while some sectors are doing better at reflecting the general makeup of the population, visible minorities are underrepresented in leadership positions. Today, visible minorities comprise 49.5 percent of the population, but only 14 percent of senior-level leaders. The implications of this imbalance will only become more significant as the population continues to shift. Canada must demonstrate the potential of harnessing the best of all of our peoples. Diversity in the leadership of our institutions matters. Far from being a form of tokenism, a significant increase in the number and diversity of visible minorities at all levels of leadership is essential to Canadas competitiveness.

Trudeau leads MPs’ call for citizenship law reform (Vancouver Observer)
During Citizenship Week earlier this month, Trudeau weighed the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. In a news release, he wrote, “…there continues to be a remarkable number of people whose commitment to this country is not properly acknowledged by the Citizenship Act.” For Citizenship Week, which takes place from Oct. 18 to 24, Trudeau wrote, “This week is also a time to acknowledge these Lost Canadians and work towards rectifying the failures of current legislation.”

Immigrants get ally on police board (Ottawa Citizen)
A longtime advocate of immigrant services was sworn in as the newest member of the Ottawa Police Services Board Monday evening. In an interview after the ceremony, Carl Nicholson said he doesn’t yet have any specific files or issues to address at the board level on behalf of the diverse community he has served for decades. “We’ve got a lot of new voices in Ottawa,” he said. “Our community is changing, shifting quite dramatically. Twenty-three per cent of us were born outside of Canada, and part of my job is to begin to bridge those divides, to make sure that that voice is at this table. “That’s the perspective that I’ll be constantly bringing.”

High achievers (Canadian Immigrant)
Every immigrant to Canada comes with hopes for a better life, but Asian immigrants in particular, often women, seem to grapple with exceptionally high aspirations for success… While these aspirations have helped Asians land well-paying jobs and earn the label of model minority, they also stir insecurity among the many immigrant youth who are reasonably successful, but not the Jerry Yangs or Vera Wangs of their circle.

Catalyst Canada is looking for diversity champions of women in business (Maytree blog)
Nominations are now open for The Catalyst Canada Honours 2011 ~ Celebrating Champions of Women in Business. The Catalyst Canada Honours celebrates champions of women in Canadian business who recognize that whats good for women is good for business. Nominees should be personally and visibly committed to the advancement of women into leadership and serve as powerful role models for Canadian corporate leaders.

Regent Park Film Festival 2010 (blogTO)
Entering its eighth year, the free four-day festival kicks off this Wednesday, November 3rd with a dynamic lineup of shorts, documentaries, and music video projects designed to reflect relevant concerns within the Regent Park neighbourhood – including urban renewal, cultural diversity, and media creation.


Newcomer Child Information Exchange e-Bulletin: Focus on refugee children – PDF (AMSSA)
This edition of the ANCIE Bulletin entitled Refugee Children examines topics such as the types of refugees in Canada, challenges faced by refugee families, and refugee children and post-traumatic stress disorder. It includes a real case study, resources, and strategies when working with refugee children.

On the record: Jason Kenney (Globe and Mail)
Jason Kenney, the federal Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, visited The Globe and Mail editorial board on Monday. The following is an edited transcript of that meeting, which focused on the governments new legislation regarding refugee claimants and human smuggling, and the recent situation with refugees coming from Sri Lanka.

Legislation won’t stop asylum seekers using human smugglers (Edmonton Journal)
Adding to this arsenal more enforcement measures -such as the mandatory minimum sentences in the proposed legislation -will not stop human smuggling. Indeed, if the possibility of tough penalties could stop human smuggling, surely the life imprisonment currently faced by smugglers -the most serious punishment under Canadian law -would have done the trick. Moreover, the experience of other countries demonstrates that tough enforcement measures are counterproductive. Such measures simply drive up the costs that human smugglers can charge, and hence the profits they make.


Translation goes tech (Canadian Immigrant)
Quite a few immigrants to Canada turn to interpretation and translation services as a transitional profession while searching for a real job in their original field of expertise. But 17-year-old Wilson Sandro Teixeira looked into it because the profession gave him the flexibility he needed as a new immigrant youth to enrol in an educational program… Able Translations Limited, the company he founded, is a leading interpretation and translation service provider in the country. Currently, it offers services in more than 100 languages and dialects through 3,500 professionals around the world.

Employers urged to hire immigrants (Hamilton Spectator)
One of the centres biggest challenges, however, is trying to bring employers on board who are interested in hiring immigrants. She said the centre engages in ongoing recruitment but has only 85 employers in their database who worked with and/or hired immigrants over the last five years. I think theres a fear of the unknown, said Krukowski. If theyve been doing something for a very long time, (they might be hesitant to hire) a newcomer who might not fit with the rest of the organization. Then that first step could be hard. The good news, said Krukowski, is that many of the employers who are part of the program have taken on more than one client. And in some cases, immigrants who were hired have moved up the ranks and are now hiring other immigrants. What we want to do is help employers see the value of hiring newcomers, and what they can do to enhance the workplace, said Krukowski.–employers-urged-to-hire-immigrants

Leaders in leadership (Canadian Business)
Canadian Business, in partnership with Knightsbridge Human Capital Solutions, asked Canadian executives to name the organizations that are best at developing the next generation of leaders. Here’s what they told us… The TD Diversity Leadership Council has many initiatives, each led by both a Canadian and an American executive who reports to Bill Hatanaka, group head for wealth management as well as chairman and CEO of TD Waterhouse Canada. There are six diversity strands that promote women, workers of various sexual orientations, visible minorities, diverse communities, the disabled and aboriginal people. Currie says that the diversity program ensures people are able to “bring their whole self to work,” no matter what their background is.

Overqualified – and Stressed Out (U of T Magazine)
Immigrants who are overqualified for their Canadian jobs might not just be bored. Their mental health might be suffering as well… The immigrant taxi driver with a PhD may be a cliché, but its also the unfortunate truth for many newcomers to Canada. Immigrants tend to be better educated than native-born Canadians, but they also often have a hard time getting the jobs that theyre qualified for. New research suggests that the PhD taxi driver might not just be bored and frustrated his mental health might be suffering as well.


Hands up! (Canadian Immigrant)
Michael Batu decided to immigrate to Canada from the Philippines when he was in his early 20s. While he envisioned myriad opportunities in his new home, he could not have anticipated the difficulties he would encounter trying to access the Canadian job market.Career Bridge internships are designed to help address the dilemma internationally qualified professionals face of no Canadian experience, no job; no job, no Canadian experience. Lasting four, six, nine or 12 months, the internships provide practical, professional, hands-on workplace experience, as well as a minimum stipend of $2,166.67 per month, funded by the employer. Registration is free of charge…Many other immigrant settlement agencies such as Immigrant Services Society of B.C. (Mentoring Connections) and Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (the Mentoring Partnership) offer similar programs connecting newcomers with mentors.

Chamber Hosts Free Workshops Promoting Hiring Foreign Trained Professionals (Oshawa Chamber of Commerce)
In an effort to benefit local small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) and to integrate more internationally trained professionals (ITPs) and skilled workers into the local labour force, the Greater Oshawa Chamber of Commerce is pleased to host free training seminars to business owners, hiring managers and HR professions in Oshawa on November 25, 2010 and January 7, 2011 as part of the Global Experience @ Work Initiative Durham.


Minorities on council: Making progress slowly (Toronto Star)
Despite some strong visible minority contenders for municipal office, only five of them won a place on Torontos 45-member city council last week. While that is one more than before, it means the citys visible minority population close to half the total is seriousl under-represented on council. It seems Torontos motto, Diversity Our Strength, doesnt much apply to council. Why? Bias is clearly a factor. After a crushing third-place finish, in Ward 26, Mohamed Dhanani was left wondering if some strategists were right when they warned him that a non-white candidate simply couldnt win in Don Valley West… There are efforts at change underway, such as a laudable mentoring program run by the Maytree Foundation. But Torontos most recent election results show a lot more work has to be done. The electoral door isnt closed to minorities; it just needs more pushing–minorities-on-council-making-progress-slowly


Less water than a refugee camp (Winnipeg Free Press)
Most Island Lake residents are familiar with life in Winnipeg, since they fly down here to see medical
specialists, but few Winnipeggers have any idea what life is like for our Island Lake neighbours. “It’s one thing when you just hear about it, but it’s another thing when you experience the harsh reality of no water available in your bathroom or just by the turn of a faucet,” said Coun. Clifford Harper, who moved back to Red Sucker Lake from Winnipeg five years ago. Local leaders say they usually see federal and provincial politicians around election time, but they rarely stay overnight or visit people in their homes. “Come and live here for three months and you’ll find out,” challenged Wasagamack vice-chief Walter Harper, whose community is begging Indian and Northern Affairs Canada for water and sewer upgrades.

Liberals: Too many seniors poor (The Beacon Herald)
It’s unacceptable that so many seniors are being subjected to poverty and squalor during their retirement years, the Liberal Party of Canada’s critic for seniors and pensions said in Stratford Saturday. Judy Sgro, MP for York West, lashed out at the Harper government for spending $1 billion on international summit conferences when more than 200,000 seniors are living below the poverty line. “He could have given those 200,000 seniors in Canada $5,000 each,” she said, suggesting the money could have been used for groceries or for heat, hydro, water and transportation. Sgro suggested it’s time to plan for the estimated 10.9 million seniors who will be in need of retirement support by 2036.

Ontario Health Care Options Website Re-launched (via Settlement.Org)
The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has redeveloped their Health Care Options website. Through this website you can get to know health care options in your communy better. The website also includes tools to help you find the services you need:
* Health Care Connect- a referral service that will match you with a doctor who is accepting patients
* Wait times for different services at your local hospital, including emergency room wait times
* Videos that talk about your health care options
* A section to help newcomers to Ontario learn about the health care system.


Social Finance Round Up #2: Social Innovation, The Philanthropist, and Big Society ( produces a weekly round up featuring social finance related news, insights, and events. We source the content for these round ups from Twitter, a Google reader that has over 100 feeds, and directly from our network of social finance practitioners across Canada. Their round up for the week of November 1st, 2010.


TEDx Youth @ Toronto on November 20th 2010 (Manifesto)
On Universal Children’s Day on November 20th 2010 major cities around the world will be holding TED-style talks for youth in their cities. TEDx Youth @ Toronto will feature inspiring speeches, performances, and interactive discussions, all in ONE day.

The Proust Questionnaire with Dalton Higgins (Open Book Toronto)
The Proust Questionnaire with DALTON HIGGINS, a music programmer, pop culture critic, author, broadcaster, journalist, and Canadas foremost expert on hip hop culture.

The Curse in Art (Bunch)
Guest writer DALTON HIGGINS shares a different fatherhood-inspired hip-hop video each day this week.


Provincial/Territorial Policy Index October 2010 – PDF (Caledon Institute)
The Caledon Institute of Social Policy ( regularly scans provincial
and territorial government websites in order to follow policy developments related to our
core work and interests. This tracking is intended to inform our analysis of policy trends.

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Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

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