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KKK costume at Legion Halloween party disgusts many in Ontario town (Globe and Mail)
A small-town Ontario restaurant owner says he was “blown away” when a person in Ku Klux Klan robes leading a man in blackface by a rope was awarded first prize at a Royal Canadian Legion Halloween party. “When I saw it and put down my beer and left and was walking out — I never felt as alone as I have in my life,” Mark Andrade said of the troubling spectacle he witnessed at a Campbellford, Ont., Legion on Saturday night.


“Light Is Better” (CBC Metromorning)
Matt Galloway spoke with Nayani Thaiyagarajah about her film, “Shadeism”. The film is part of the opening night program at the Regent Park Film Festival.

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New office for CIC, Mississauga (Canadian Immigrant)
Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) Mississauga and Peel-Halton Settlement have combined offices to deliver citizenship and settlement services in a new location in the western region of the GTA.

International Diaspora Film Festival, Toronto
The International Diaspora Film Festival (IDFF) provides Toronto audiences with an opportunity to experience the cultural mosaic of the present world through the medium of cinema. “Diaspora” refers to the dispersion and migration of a people from their homeland and the communities they form in new lands. The IDFF explores themes of migration, immigration, and cultural diversity by showcasing works of both established and emerging filmmakers. The festival pays special attention to independent Canadian filmmakers from ethnic minorities.

Association for Canadian Studies: Canada’s Premiere National History Conference to Take Place in Toronto (PR Net)
The Association for Canadian Studies (ACS) in partnership with the Ontario History and Social Science Teachers’ Association (OHASSTA) is pleased to announce the 2010 edition of the Canadian National History Conference, taking place this November 5 and 6 at the Holiday Inn Toronto International Airport Hotel. In view of the ongoing debates around Canadian multiculturalism, the 7th annual conference on the teaching, learning and communicating of history in Canada will pay special attention to the issue of diversity in Canadian history. Entitled “Canada’s Diverse Histories,” the event will bring together educators, policy-makers, and leading academics from across the country.

The ‘finished’ Canadian (
When Andrew Cohen titled his masterful work on this country’s national vision and values he named it The Unfinished Canadian. He was asked many times in interviews why he chose that title. When he was a guest on my radio show he explained bluntly that Canadians have become too reticent in celebrating their own heroism and too politically correct to defend the core values that tie us to the family of free nations. Jason Kenney is that rare Canadian – and rarer politician – who does not shy away and is totally comfortable in his skin. The Hon. Jason Kenney, our Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism is the finished Canadian. In a two day trip to Montreal last week where he met with leaders of the Lebanese, Sikh and Chinese communities he took and hour to share some thoughts. In this observer’s opinion Kenney’s recent Citizenship Guide is the clearest and boldest statement of what we are for in a generation. It speaks unapologetically of commitment to freedom, pluralism and individual conscience and sovereignty over any collectivist demands. While respecting Canadians ethnic and religious traditions, it makes clear that these are personal issues. That as a citizen, your first loyalty is to the broader virtues of western liberty.

SATIRE: Canada Reports Huge Jump in Immigration (Huffington Post)
Canadian immigration officials have reported a huge increase in the number of requests for Canadian citizenship in the past twenty-four hours, with over fifty-five million such inquiries pouring in since late Tuesday night. Of those fifty-five million requests, well over 99.99% of them came from U.S. citizens, with a particularly large number coming from residents of Florida and Kentucky… He cautioned, however, that it is impossible to know exactly what is sparking the sudden interest in America’s frozen neighbor to the north: “People answering our immigration hotline say that it is hard to understand many of the American callers because they are sobbing uncontrollably.”

Canadian media and immigrants (Straight Goods)
Look around any city street and you can see that the face of Canada is rapidly changing, with the new waves of immigrants arriving from China, Eastern Europe, South Asia and the Middle East. And yet, many immigrants feel that they don’t have an effective voice in national media to discuss the challenges and problems they face in a new society. Furthermore, their opinions on important social, cultural and national issues are not very visible in Canadian life, as they don’t have a sufficient presence in mainstream media. How many academics, intellectuals and writers from ethnic communities get a chance to project their views in national media? Do community newspapers play an effective role in cultural integration and settlement? How can we help immigrants to play an active and vibrant role in society?

Woman charged with bigamy for immigration marriage scheme (Vancouver Sun)
A woman is facing Canada’s first immigration-related bigamy charge in a British Columbia marriage-of-convenience scheme. Jotika Ashni Reddy, 33, is accused of marrying one man on Sep. 27, 2006 in the Vancouver suburb of Surrey and a second man on Jan. 26, 2008 in nearby Delta, while she was already married to a third man. Reddy then tried to sponsor the two men — both foreign nationals — for permanent residency in Canada.

2011 nominations now open for Canada’s TOP 25 Immigrants (Canadian Immigrant)
Canada is a nation built by immigrants — many of whom have become Canadian leaders and are changing the face of this country. For the third year in a row, Canadian Immigrant wants to recognize those immigrants who’ve made a difference to Canada. Whether it’s a community advocate or volunteer, a successful entrepreneur or a cultural icon, tell us who you think should be on the Top 25 Canadian Immigrants of 2011 list.


NDP proposes quicker solution to human smuggling: put onus on ship captains (Winnipeg Free Press)
The NDP says it has a faster, simpler and more effective way to combat human smuggling than controversial legislation proposed by Immigration Minister Jason Kenney. NDP critic Olivia Chow wants to amend the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act so that the onus is on ship captains to prove they are not involved in human smuggling. Anyone bringing a ship into Canadian waters carrying more than 40 people without proper papers would have to prove that none of the people are being smuggled. Chow also wants to allow Canadian authorities more time to prosecute human smugglers.


Ontario Celebrates 25 Year Relationship With Jiangsu Province (Government of Ontario News)
While in Nanjing, Premier McGuinty attended a groundbreaking at the Menergy Research and Development Centre. The Markham-based company began operating in China in 2004 and has benefited from stronger relationships between Ontario and China. The Premier also visited a school in Jiangsu where he met with some of the over 150 teachers who attend Suon college in Toronto six times a year to exchange ideas on teaching methods and learn about Ontario’s education system. Also meeting in Nanjing today was the Ontario-Jiangsu Business Council. A direct result of the Premier’s 2005 trade mission to China, this is the Council’s fourth meeting. The Council established a plan of cooperative initiatives over the next year.


ALLIES featured in Philanthropist article – PDF (The Philanthropist)
Stephen Huddart, COO at the McConnell Foundation and Steering Committee Member of ALLIES, recently authored an article in the Philanthropist – Patterns, Principles, and Practices in Social Innovation, which explores various dimensions of the field of social innovation. ALLIES is highlighted as a case study.

Read the latest ERIEC newsletter (ERIEC)
The latest edition of ERIEC’s “Bottom Line” newsletter is available and features news on the Career Mentorship Program.

Calgary – Mentoring supports skilled immigrants (Calgary Herald)
Through the Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council’s (CRIEC) mentoring program, with support from United Way’s Shell Immigrant Employment Project, Luz Ka was introduced to Rebecca Watson, Manager of People Services, North America, for SMART Technologies. Learn more about the new mentoring program.

Read the latest WRIEN Newsletter (WRIEN)
Tomorrow’s Workforce E-News is distributed four times a year to employers in Waterloo Region and features useful resources and news.

Calgary – Mentor and Mentee share their experiences (CBC Radio International)
Listen to the story of a mentor and mentee who are participating in CRIEC’s mentoring collaborative.

Edmonton – Mentoring of foreign-trained workers a success (Edmonton Journal)
ERIEC’s mentorship program conducted its initial pilot program in 2009, pairing a Canadian professional with an internationally trained professional to share job search advice and give the new resident a better sense of Canadian workplace culture.

Developing Immigrant Networks (TRIEC)
ALLIES has provided funding to support the further development of the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council’s (TRIEC) Professional Networks for Immigrants project.


Spacing Toronto Wednesday Headlines
A round-up of mainstream media Toronto headlines related to the Election Aftermath, City Spectacles, City Building, Law & Order, Transit and Other News.

Telegraph gives Toronto rave review (Yonge Street Media)
Telegraph travel journalist Sarah Barrell raves about a recent trip to Toronto, praising everything from its skyscrapers, to its international arts scene to its diverse ethnic cuisine.


Top 10 Things I Hate About Sex Trafficking (Hope for the Sold blog)
Includes: Lack of freedom. I value the ability to make my own choices more than almost anything else. Not only are victims robbed of their ability to choose whether or not to have sex with several clients a day, but often cannot choose to say no to violent clients or carrying out their sick demands.; Violation of humanity. Sex trafficking assumes that some in our global community are not humans but animals. And we call ourselves an advanced civilization?


Calling All Fathers (CBC Metromorning)
Matt Galloway spoke with Brandon Hay. He is the founder of the Black Daddies Club External Site, the club’s new column about fatherhood will be published every Monday on Sway Magazine’s website.


Homophobia (CBC Metromorning)
Matt Galloway spoke with Tommy Smythe. He is co-organizing today’s Canadian launch of the, “It Gets Better” project.

Voluntary long-form census will show a rosy Canada — and it won’t be true (Vancouver Sun)
How will the Canada of the not-very-distant future look through the eyes of a statistician? “Rosy,” predicts Ivan Fellegi, who retired two years ago after 51 years at Statistics Canada, 23 of them as chief statistician. We’ll be seen to be richer than we were just a few years earlier, not to mention better educated and more universally able to communicate in Canada’s two official languages. Of course, it won’t be true. This will be a distorted picture painted by the 2011 census. Thanks to the federal government’s decision to scrap the mandatory long-form questionnaire, it can be expected to seriously under-represent huge groups of lower-income Canadians who’d make the picture grittier — not to mention more realistic. And much more useful.

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Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

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