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Creating city-building partnerships (DiverseCity blog)
Earlier this month, the DiverseCity Fellows had a chance to explore the city in the attempts to unearth the benefits of partnerships in city-building initiatives. We pounded the pavement, being dispatched to JVS in the Jane and Finch Mall, Second Harvest, Pathways to Education downtown and Woodgreen Community Centre in the Danforth.

DiverseCity: Sonia Dong speaks about diversity in the environmental movement (Maytree blog)
Sonia challenged the sector to ask itself: Do we have programs and organizations and messages that are relevant and accessible and inclusive of diverse communities? Maybe we should also be listening to people who are from other parts of the world who have experienced very dire environmental circumstances and have a lot of experiences and knowledge that we could learn from and bring into the sector. In this way, she has helped the Sustainability Network lead the way in diversity in the sector, including managing a major diversity project.

Much huffing and puffing about immigrants (Ottawa Citizen)
The creation of a new public policy centre dedicated to the study of immigration issues should be an occasion for quiet congratulations… Unfortunately, the Centre for Immigration Policy Reform — which has been in the news and opinion pages recently — offers few prospects of adding greater understanding to the public debate.

On being Too Asian (Vancouver Observer)
Im a first-generation Canadian, the son of parents without college degrees seeking better lives for their children. The first words out of my mouth were in Cantonese and I still have a bowl of rice with dinner every night. I have a mid-90% average at Vancouvers most prestigious all-boys private school, spent hours slaving before the piano, and lived through many a Saturday where I hopped from tutor to tutor. But I hardly consider myself Chinese. My maple leaf tattoo, which I will get as soon as my Asian mother gets over the fact that tattoos are not taboo, will attest to that. But theres no denying that theres a stereotypical place for Asian students today, especially in the clique-filled bubbles of high school and, to a lesser extent, university.

Open letter to journalists calls for end to “anti-Asian racism” (The Canadian Journalism Project)
An open letter addressed to the editors, publishers and writers of Maclean’s and The Toronto Star calls out the publications for two articles that “serve to reinforce anti-Asian resentment” by creating an “us vs them” narrative.

Cities as Rites of Passage (Spaces of Migration)
Konstantinos Papadimitrakopoulos talks about his research and mapping of cities in the Mediterranean sea that function as passages for immigrants from Africa to Europe.

‘No such thing in Canada as an anti-immigrant politician’ (Vancouver Sun)
Immigrants bring many benefits to Canada, including economic and cultural. But should we be celebrating the silence of Canadian politicians? Or could there be an unfortunate censoring going on?

More Fail: Matt Galloway spoke with Rudyard Griffitths about the citizenship test (CBC Metromorning)
Matt Galloway spoke with Rudyard Griffitths about the citizenship test. He is co-founder of the Dominion Institute and the author of “Who Are We: A Citizenship Manifesto”.

Jason Kenney: Harper’s secret weapon (Maclean’s)
So Kenney set about establishing relationships. That 2006 round table with Koreans in Vancouver has been repeated hundreds of times in dozens of ethnic and religious communities. From caucus envoy without portfolio, Kenney became Harpers secretary of state for multiculturalism and Canadian identity and, two years ago, Canadas minister for citizenship, immigration and multiculturalism. In every role he has led the Conservatives attempts to recast themselves as a party of immigration. By the 2008 election, the effort had already paid measurable dividends that were crucial to the partys growing success. And in 2008, Kenney was barely getting started.

Ethnic Chinese number superstition impacts housing prices (Vancouver Sun)
The address of your home can improve or depress the price you can sell it for in some Metro Vancouver neighbourhoods, new research from the University of British Columbia suggests.

Access, Equity and Human Rights Awards: 2010 recipients (City of Toronto)
Toronto recognizes the contributions to improving human rights made by residents or groups through the Access, Equity and Human Rights Awards.

Invest Now for Tomorrow’s Migration, Says IOM’s 2010 World Migration Report (IOM)
The world will be taken by surprise by the relentless pace of migration unless States, international organizations and civil society make a concerted effort to invest in how they respond to it, says the World Migration Report (WMR) 2010 launched today by the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

Filipino’s across Canada suspicious of Jason Kenney’s Live in caregiver program (Oye! Times)
The Filipino Canadian community is more and more becoming suspicious of the changes made to the Federal governments Live-in caregiver program (LCP) and remain further committed to campaigning for justice in the face of the continuation of the antiquated, anti-woman program.

Should gender diversity on boards be law? (Financial Post)
In 2009, Liberal senator Céline Hervieux-Payette quietly introduced a private members bill calling for gender parity on boards of federally controlled public companies. Meanwhile, Quebec is on track to have 50% women on its Crown boards by December 2011. At the same time, only 13% of directors on Canadas top 500 public and private sector companies are women up just 1% from 2005. Change is clearly happening at a snails pace.


John Ivison: Opposition needs to please voters, not immigration consultants (National Post)
There may well be flaws in the legislation that could be corrected in committee, just as all four parties compromised earlier this year to reach agreement on a refugee reform package aimed at removing bogus claimants more quickly. But that would require at least one of the opposition parties in the House to side with the government to send it to committee. Failure to do so will win the Liberals kudos from the small army of immigration consultants but not from voters. They appear to be sending the signal theyre fed up with politicians who would weep for a stranded jellyfish but who refuse to address abuses in a system that is so obviously broken.

New Issue of Journal of Refugee Studies (Forced Migration Current Awareness blog)
A new issue of the Journal of Refugee Studies (vol. 23, no. 4, Dec. 2010) is now available. The theme is “Critical Reflections on Refugee Integration: Lessons from International Perspectives.”


TRIEC to announce new initiative to boost immigrant success (Canada Newswire)
On Thursday, December 2nd, TRIEC will announce a new initiative that will support thousands of skilled immigrants to strengthen professional networks across the GTA. The initiative will be sponsored by Scotiabank. The announcement will be made at an event celebrating corporate partners that have reached significant milestones in mentoring skilled immigrants and helping to build networks through The Mentoring Partnership, a TRIEC program.

Employment agency using speed-dating tactics to help immigrants (Calgary Herald)
A Canadian immigrant employment agency is re-casting the speed-dating model to help skilled newcomers across the country connect with potential employers and circumvent the usual barriers that accompany a resume filled with foreign work experience and education. Toronto-based ACCES Employment Services is hosting a mass networking event at the Toronto Board of Trade on Tuesday to kick off the national rollout of its trademarked “Speed Mentoring” program.

Managing workplace diversity (Vancouver Sun)
While many organizations talk diversity, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re all good at it. The wrong leadership approach could turn a well-intentioned effort into mere PR “fluff” and polarize employees. The successful approach is one that can bring everyone on board from the top down.


Meet Rob Ford’s brain trust (National Post)
Chris Selley: Rob Ford unveiled his brain trust on Monday afternoon at City Hall and then promptly disappeared, leaving his first-class team to deliver his campaign platform in slightly more equivocal, specialist chunks

Spacing Toronto Tuesday Headlines
A round-up of mainstream media Toronto headlines related to Team Ford, GTA Politics, Transportation, Housing & Neighbourhoods, G20 After-math and Other News.


Basic Income proposal could eliminate poverty for people with disabilities (NJN Network)
The Caledon Institute has presented a proposal, Caledon Basic Income Plan, to overhaul Canadas patchwork and failing system of social supports for working age Canadians who are severely disabled and living in poverty. The new system would prevent the abject poverty that afflicts Canadians with disabilities where a single adult in New Brunswick is subsisting on roughly $8,000 a year, which is less than half of the LICO (Low Income Cut-Off).

Ex-StatsCan chief to lead Ontario’s welfare reform (Toronto Star)
Ontarios much-anticipated welfare reforms will be led by the former Statistics Canada chief who quit in disgust after Ottawa scrapped the long-form census, the Star has learned.–ex-statscan-chief-to-lead-ontario-s-welfare-reform

Building A Better Affordable Housing System (Government of Ontario News)
Ontario’s Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy will address the unique needs of individuals and communities by building a strong foundation that is based on four key pillars: putting people first, creating strong partnerships, supporting affordable options and accountability.

Scaffolding up, but lots of work still needed before Ontario finishes building its housing plan (Wellesley Institute)
The Ontario government has put up the scaffolding for a long-term affordable housing strategy, but theres plenty of unfinished business for Queens Park as it seeks to build a truly comprehensive plan to ensure everyone has access to a healthy, affordable home. There are no targets, timelines and no new housing investments. After six months of consultations, more than 1,000 detailed submissions and a year of writing, Ontario housing minister Rick Bartolucci released the much-needed and long-overdue plan earlier today.


This Is Canadas Opportunity (
Today marks the launch of a seminal report entitled, Mobilizing Private Capital for Public Good from the Canadian Task Force on Social Finance. The report calls on institutional investors, corporations, philanthropists, foundations and governments to work together to build a robust impact investing marketplace in Canada.

Video: Glen Murray: Ontario’s Innovation Agenda (TVO)
Innovation in a key economic driver, but where does Ontario stand? Glen Murray, Ontario’s new Minister of Research and Innovation, discusses Ontario’s renewed innovation agenda.

Social Finance Round Up: Sustainable Investment in Australia and New Zealand Outperforms Market ( produces a weekly round up featuring social finance related news, insights, and events. We source the content for these round ups from Twitter, a Google reader that has over 100 feeds, and directly from our network of social finance practitioners across Canada. Round up for the week of November 29, 2010.

Investing in Young Social Entrepreneurs (Young Social Entrepreneurs of Canada)
Heres to setting our ambitions high, to those who are making it happen, and to investing in young social entrepreneurs. This was the conclusion of Young Social Entrepreneurs of Canadas executive team this past Thursday where to mark the end of Global Entrepreneurship month, and in celebration of our first successful year as an organization, we hosted A Toast to Social Entrepreneurship at MaRs Discovery District. (Yay to Munira from TRIEC for making a pitch!)

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Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

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