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Human Rights Consequences of Mandatory HIV Screening Policy of Newcomers to Canada – PDF (Health & Human Rights)
This mandatory policy was introduced in early 2002 by Citizenship and Immigration Canada after consultation with Health Canada. The policy has yet to be evaluated and, until recently, the actualities of the medical encounters where testing occurs in domestic and international settings have not been researched. There is no systematic documentation of the policy’s implications on either the lives of persons who submit to mandatory testing or on health systems.

Louroz Mercader – Political candidate inspires next generation (DiverseCity)
It was more than a year before the municipal campaign of 2010 when Louroz Mercader decided to prepare a run for office. He knew he needed help and DiverseCity School4Civics fit the bill.

Immigration employee arrested on bribery charges (National Post)
A Citizenship and Immigration Canada employee has been arrested for allegedly soliciting money from prospective immigrants in exchange for approving their applications for residence.

Public Safety Minister Toews and Citizenship and Immigration Minister Kenney commend the Canada Border Services Agency for the removal of Omar Ahmed (Public Safety Canada)
…the Honourable Vic Toews, Minister of Public Safety, and the Honourable Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, congratulated the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) following the removal of Omar Ahmed from Canada. Since coming to Canada in 1995, Ahmed has been convicted of several offences including: possession of crack cocaine for the purpose of trafficking, uttering threats to cause bodily harm, mischief, assault, and failure to comply with conditions of release on three occasions.

Dealer lied about ‘harrowing’ deportation, government says (Ottawa Citizen)
Canadian officials say they now believe a former Ottawa drug dealer, deported to Somalia, lied about his “harrowing” arrival in Mogadishu.

Immigration in Canada: A smaller welcome mat (The Economist)
It is hard to be sure whether this debate heralds a lasting shift in Canada’s openness to immigration. The government’s proposed detention of refugees trafficked by smugglers has been criticised for violating Canadian law and international agreements. Given immigrants’ numbers, bashing them is politically dangerous: they and their children are already a majority in Toronto, the country’s most populous city. Aklilu Wendaferew, who works with the homeless and Ethiopian immigrants in Toronto, says the familiarity that comes from living and working with immigrants daily counteracts fears of foreigners, and that employers are not reluctant to hire them.

Religious accommodation in Canada is going too far (St. Catharines Standard)
Religious accommodation undermines our society. Every time we formally recognize the childish superstitions of a religion, we pick away another thread from the fabric of our culture. Canada will soon look like an old frayed shirt ready to be tossed away. Last week, QMI Agency reported on the lengths the Correctional Service of Canada has gone to make a Muslim woman currently training to be a prison guard in the Kingston area feel like her new work environment resembles a mosque as much as possible.

Waves of immigration make Calgary a diverse city (
Look around Calgary any given day and one of the first things you will notice is how diverse the city is, as different waves of immigration have influenced our city over the decades.

Judging a Lawyer by Their Cover (
Cynthia Vukets of The Star covered today a new study that predicts the success of lawyers based on their law school yearbook photo… While recognizing the limitations of their assumptions, they do overlook the “black babyface effect,” where studies have shown that powerful faces actually hurt the success of visible minorities.

New program helps Francophone immigrants settle into Canadian life (Halifax News Net)
The program is a pilot project sponsored by Universite Sainte-Anne’s Halifax campus designed to help Francophone immigrants settle more smoothly into Canadian life. Participants improve their computer and English language skills as well as interview and resume writing skills. They learn about topics like labour standards, self-marketing, and occupational health and safety.

30% newcomers ‘would prefer to return home (South Asian Focus)
Focus has learnt at least one in every three newcomer wants to go back home due to a number of basic issues that makes the famous ‘Canadian dream’ no more than a meaningless term for them.Though they come with wide range of skills and talent, they face barriers like unemployment, difficulties in getting their credentials recognized, and most importantly a colourless life sans relatives.

Attracting skilled newcomers to Chatham-Kent and Leamington (Chatham Kent Daily Post)
MPP Pat Hoy today announced $309,680.04 in provincial funding to help Chatham-Kent and Essex attract investment, talent and stimulate economic growth to create jobs. “Residents understand that attracting and retaining newcomers is a great way to invest in our local economy. Ensuring newcomers have easy access to information about Chatham-Kent, Leamington and Essex County will allow our community and newcomers to succeed,” said Hoy. Hoy said Chatham-Kent and Essex County are two of only 15 communities to receive support to enhance its local immigration website. This will provide new tools and technology to attract immigrants with details and resources about living, working and investing in Ontario’s communities.

Green light for fresh round of COIA talks (South Asian Focus)
The Federal Cabinet has cleared the way for the next round of Canada Ontario Immigration Agreement (COIA) negotiations, Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney told Focus last week. COIA is the mechanism that paves the way for Federal fund transfers to the province for newcomer settlement programs. Ontario Minister Dr Eric Hoskins has been urging fresh talks with his federal counterpart for several months now as the previous five-year term is due to expire. Meanwhile Ottawa is yet to transfer some $207 million in arrears. Hoskins said he was “hopeful” Ottawa would release the funds.


Goar: How economic inequality eats away at society (Toronto Star)
Having established that Canada has a well-developed case of the inequality disease, he challenged listeners to look beyond conventional remedies such as taxing the rich and giving more benefits to the poor. Those options are not politically feasible right now, he maintained. Instead, he urged starting small and building public support. “It’s going to take a 10- to 20-year social movement,” Wilkinson said.–goar-how-economic-inequality-eats-away-at-society


Spacing Toronto Friday Headlines
A round-up of mainstream media Toronto headlines related to City Hall, Transit, Driving, City Building and Other News.

Who’s that sitting on my standing committee? (Spacing Toronto)
A lot of attention has been paid to how Rob Ford has filled City Council’s executive committees (see Jonathan Goldsbie’s piece yesterday). But it’s also intriguing to look at how Ford has filled Council’s seven standing committees, which manage and direct the bread-and-butter work of running the city. They are also the committees most likely to deal with issues and initiatives that citizens are involved in, so their composition can have a big impact for active citizens.


Canada’s non-profit sector tops $100 billion in economic activity: Big and growing even bigger (Wellesley blog)
Canada’s non-profit sector – already the second largest in the world – now tops $100 billion in annual economic activity, according to the latest satellite account of non-profit institutions and voluntering, released this morning by Statistics Canada. The non-profit sector’s contribution to Canada’s Gross Domestic Product grew by 6% in 2008 – a faster rate of growth than the overall GDP increase of 5.2%.

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Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

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