Maytree News Headlines – December 2, 2010

New report: Almost 900,000 children in Canada are missing out on education grants – organizations and government must do more to help (Maytree)
Low-income families do not know that they can receive a grant from the federal government for their child’s education, reveals a report published today by Maytree, written by May Wong, Executive Director of the OMEGA Foundation.


Cultural and Linguistic Guide to Self Care from Indian Rainbow in collaboration with Health Canada (South Asian Generation Next)
India Rainbow has launched the ‘Guide to Holistic Self-Care’, a booklet in English and Punjabi which is an easy to use resource for managing diabetes and other chronic diseases. Funding for this project was made available through the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Vouchers work: more immigrants enrolling in language classes (South Asian Generation Next)
Preliminary results from the Language Training Vouchers pilot project show that more than twice the number of immigrants who received vouchers enrolled in free language training compared to those who did not receive vouchers, and that immigrant women were those most likely to enroll in language classes after receiving a voucher.

Call for Participants in a Study of Poverty in Ethnocultural Communities in Toronto and GTA (CLEONet)
Canada Without Poverty [CWP] is launching a project: “Outreach to Ethno-Cultural Communities for Engagement in Anti-Poverty Action”. Among its goals, the project seeks to identify key ethno-cultural NGOs and their leaders who are or could be engaged in anti-poverty action in 2011 and beyond.

Too visible, the minorities in ‘special’ school? (South Asian Focus)
Is the number of visible minority students enrolled in Special Education courses disproportionately high? Do they all truly belong there? Do their parents understand what it means to be placed in special ed – that their children are in effect being banned from going on to any form of higher studies? And so might effectively be consigned to only some form of labour job for the rest of their lives?

Migrant friendly health policies are needed to meet population changes (BMJ)
Governments worldwide need to inject more financial and human resources into meeting the growing challenges posed by the accelerating pace of international migration—including resources in healthcare, warns a report.

Respect for Diversity (Sudbury Star)
I am horrified that in this day and age many of us still haven’t, if not embraced, but accepted the fact that we live in a multi-cultural society. Is this more tolerant in bigger cities? Is it that Sudbury is still stuck in this old school type of living? Whatever the reason, do we not realize what we are teaching our children and future generations?

Newcomers association launches guide on website (Charlottetown, The Guardian)
Craig Mackie describes it as opening a doorway to Prince Edward Island and Canada as a whole. The executive director of the P.E.I. Association for Newcomers to Canada is talking about a new feature on their website — — the organization launched on Wednesday.

Immigrants give good reviews of strategy (
Immigrants seemed pleased with P.E.I.’s long -awaited strategy to improve their lives here, and to improve the Island’s retention of immigrants.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada Implement New Language Screening Tool in the Citizenship Process (Settlement AtWork)
The criteria for determining whether a person has an adequate knowledge of one of the official languages of Canada are, based on questions prepared by the Minister:
1. That the person comprehends, in that language, basic spoken statements and questions; and
2. That the person can convey orally or in writing, in that language, basic information or answers to questions.

National Post editorial board: On immigration testing, more failure is good (National Post)
Becoming a Canadian citizen should not be a rubber-stamp process. That’s why we like the federal government’s new citizenship guide and test for newcomers. Several immigration activists have complained that since last spring, when the Tories toughened the questions and raised the pass grade on the citizenship test from 60% to 75%, too many new Canadians have failed. Where only 4% to 8% of immigrants failed the old test, now as many as one-third fail the 20-question, 30-minute quiz.

Petition seeks end to faith schools (Toronto Sun)
A petition was launched by Alberta’s former education minister Wednesday that calls for the Roman Catholic and Protestant separate schools to be abolished.

The year ahead (Canadian Immigrant)
New immigration plan for 2011 isn’t as rosy as it tries to appear.

We need to be vigilant (Share News)
The large turnout at last Thursday’s Toronto District School Board (TDSB) meeting at the Africentric Alternative School following the suspension of principal Thando Hyman-Aman, shows that activism in this community is not completely dead. But it is often far too quiet. So the impact – and the surprise it must have been to board officials – of the crowd that turned out to support the school and its principal must be recognized.


Bill to stop human smuggling ships likely dead (Toronto Sun)
The Conservative government’s bill they hoped would deal with the issue of human smuggling ships is on death’s door after all three opposition parties said Wednesday that they cannot support it.

Liberals signal they will scuttle Harper immigration bill (Globe and Mail)
The Liberal Leader and his team announced his party’s intention on Wednesday, arguing that the bill violates the Charter and is aimed at making Canadians “anti-immigrant.”

Bishops raise concern about human smuggling bill (
CANADA’S Catholic Bishops have added their voices to an array of advocacy groups opposed to legislation aimed at preventing human smuggling.

Hitting a concrete ceiling (National Post)
While much has been written about the “glass ceiling,” which creates barriers for women reaching the executive suites, there is far less discussion about the role race plays in this equation for visible minority women.

Jake Dheer: First South Asian to Chair Hazel’s Gala (South Asian Generation Next)
After taking on a leadership role for several events in the region for local organizations, Jake Dheer, Rogers TV’s Station Manager, took on the role of Chairman for Mississauga Mayor, Hazel McCallion’s Gala. The Gala supports arts, culture and heritage for the city of Mississauga. Dheer is the first South Asian to lead the high-profile 11-member committee that puts this black-tie affair together each year.


Attitude is everything for an immigrant’s career success (Vancouver Sun)
New research from the University of B.C. has found that a “can-do” attitude is the single biggest factor in a newcomer’s ability to achieve career success in Canada — more influential than a person’s professional skills, education and previous work experience. The findings of the report, entitled Secrets to Success, were released Wednesday by UBC psychology professor Normal Amundson, in partnership with the Vancouverbased immigrant support group SUCCESS.
Full report:


Spacing Toronto Thursday Headlines
A round-up of mainstream media Toronto headlines related to Mayor Rob Ford, Transit, G20 After-math, Crime, Culture & Recreation and Other News.


Aboriginals encouraged to take on leadership roles (
Diversity programs encourage women and aboriginals to take on leadership roles

November 29 2010: Anniversary Week (
In this week’s eBulletin:
1. Quote of the Week
2. 25 in 5 Releases Second Year Poverty Reduction Progress Report
3. Ontario’s Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy Released
4. ‘Roll It In’: Coalition Urges Government to Delay Special Diet Decision

Important milestone for social assistance announced (CLEONet)
The Income Security Advocacy Centre says that the Ontario government’s announcements on the social assistance review and special diet allowance program are both welcome steps forward on the road to improved income security for Ontarians.


Shooting the Rapids – Ballast from the Social Finance Task Force (Al Etmanski)
Non profits, charities, co-ops, and citizen groups are contending with government funding reductions, more competition for the donor and foundation dollar and scarce additional resources to invest in recruiting and retaining high calibre staff or acquiring the best technology. And they have few, risk taking funds to try out new ideas and approaches to either old problems or emerging ones… In response to these present, potential and predicted funding challenges Social Innovation Generation (SiG) created the Canadian Task Force on Social Finance.

Businesses can be vital link for charities (
Most food producers and retailers have a pretty good idea of how much food they throw out. The Canada Revenue Agency could help by creating a refund for businesses that donate to charity a certain percentage of the total value of their food waste. If a company that donates 15% of its food waste costs to charity can claim that back, we might just see a much needed boost for charitable organizations.

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Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

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