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OMNI Television Presents the 32nd Annual Canadian Ethnic Media Association Awards (Channel Canada)
Hosted by OMNI Television personality Lucy Zilio and OMNI News: Mandarin Edition Anchor Wei Lei, the Awards Ceremony took place on November 6, 2010 in Toronto. This special broadcast honours the best and brightest in ethnic media with award winners for excellence in print, radio, television and online. In addition, the Sierhey Khmara Ziniak Award, in honour of the founder of CEMA for lifetime achievement and commitment to multiculturalism through media.

Active Citizen – newsletter of the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship & Immigration – Dec 2010 (MCI)
In This Issue:
Important dates
Language Training on the Job
Veterans Honoured at Queens Park
Partnership Project Volunteer Consultations
Thirteen Exceptional Ontarians Awarded Ontario Medal For Good Citizenship
2010 Bartleman Awards Recipients

Debating Freedom of Religion: Bibles In The Classroom (Canadian Civil Liberties Association)
Cara Zwibel, director of the fundamental freedoms program at CCLA, debates whether distributing Gideon bibles in the classroom is an infringement of civil liberties, and particularly freedom of religion. Zwibel notes that while there is no official Church and state separation in Canada, court decisions have talked about the need to ensure that the state doesnt impose religious views on individuals or does not engage in coercion. This school board is either over the line or close to it.

Fort Wayne receives national recognition from the National League of Cities (NLC)
Fort Wayne has been chosen as one of 20 cities from across the country to be included in a national report recognizing successful immigrant integration programs and specifically highlights the City of Fort Waynes Hispanic Immigrant Liaison Palermo Galindo.

Inclusiveness spreads (Comox Valley Record)
Two Island organizations will take the lead in engaging local citizens on how to achieve harmony within their culturally diverse cities, thanks to EmbraceBCs Welcoming and Inclusive Communities Dialogue Initiative.

We need to promote strong Canadian values (Ottawa Citizen)
The basis of multiculturalism is a subjective assumption that all cultures sit on equal footing. Since becoming official government policy, politicians have taken the easy way out by espousing the supposed inherent values of diversity and intercultural understanding. They are all too happy to pander to the vocal minorities who come to Canada, asking for taxpayer money to start cultural programs, and calling those who oppose this racist.

Trivia of a nation — how many Canadians could pass a citizenship test? (Vancouver Sun)
When I heard this week that 30 per cent of immigrants are failing the official version — on which the Richmond study quiz is based — I wondered how many native-born Canadians know enough about Canada to qualify for citizenship if they had to take the test again.


National Post editorial board: Human smuggling bill needs improvement (National Post)
It has obvious appeal to Conservative supporters fed up with the ongoing abuse of Canadas liberal refugee laws, especially by organized smuggling operations that use the prospect of a better life in Canada to extract tens of thousands of dollars from desperate people in poor countries. But while the intention is excellent, the bill has significant flaws and wouldnt do enough to reform our current system. By teaming up with the other opposition parties to ensure its defeat, Mr. Ignatieff allows Mr. Harper to claim credit for trying, while not actually having to answer for the bills flaws. The result, we hope, will be a better bill down the road.

Tory bill on human smuggling goes against Charter: Liberals (Toronto Star)
The Liberals said Wednesday the Harper governments centrepiece law and order legislation targeting human smuggling violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Without Liberal support the Conservatives much vaunted Bill C-49 is effectively dead given the New Democrats and Bloc Québécois have opposed it from the beginning.–tory-bill-on-human-smuggling-goes-against-charter-liberals?bn=1

Playing politics with refugees (Toronto Star)
On Tuesday the Liberal party joined the NDP and the Bloc in declaring its intention to defeat Bill C-49, the governments bill on human smuggling. The government insists it will put the bill to a vote anyway.–playing-politics-with-refugees

Michael Ignatieff’s silent act (National Post)
Perhaps mindful of Mr. Gardner’s column, Mr. Ignatieff has been in rights-defender mode this week. “We feel after much thought and reflection that this…is in violation of the Charter,” he said on Wednesday. “We think it’s not Charter-proof.” He was not talking about prostitution. He was talking about the government’s proposed human-smuggling legislation, which the Liberals have decided to oppose. And they should oppose it. The bill — which would allow the Public Safety Minister to order that certain groups of refugees be treated more harshly than others — makes no sense except as a desperation manoeuvre.

Supreme Court orders review of Roma extradition order (National Post)
Three Roma immigrants who secured refugee status upon arriving in Canada scored victories in the Supreme Court of Canada on Thursday when it unanimously ordered the federal justice minister to reconsider his orders to extradite them to face criminal charges.

Vancouver to erect monument to Komagata Maru racism incident (Vancouver Sun)
The Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation is inviting public comments on two potential park sites for a monument to the Komagata Maru incident. This incident involved a group of over 300 ship passengers of mainly East Indian descent who were denied entry into Canada at Vancouver in 1914.


Discounting foreign credentials in Canada – PDF (TIEDI)
Are foreign credentials discounted in Canada when looking at wages and relevance of employment? How does place of study affect the labour market outcomes of immigrants?

TRIEC announces new corporate sponsorship to boost immigrant success (Canada Newswire)
Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC) today announces Scotiabank’s corporate sponsorship that will support thousands of skilled immigrants to establish and strengthen professional networks across the GTA. Scotiabank’s sponsorship will include an online platform to connect and support members of professional immigrant networks. Details of TRIEC’s planned work with the networks are attached in the backgrounder and will be highlighted this afternoon at 4PM at TRIEC’s Mentoring Partnership Recognition Reception at the Toronto Board of Trade.

Male sponsors wanted (Calgary Herald)
We heard many inspiring stories about women’s increasing corporate success at last month’s International Women’s Forum in Montreal. We should be hearing more. There are still too few women at the leadership table. According to Catalyst, less than 17% of corporate officers in Canada’s largest businesses and 14% of board members are women. We can improve this picture, and continue to advance women into more leadership roles. It’s just going to take some help from men.


Spacing Toronto Friday Headlines
A round-up of mainstream media Toronto headlines related to City Hall, Transportation, Retail & Charity, Crime, G20 After-math and Other News.


An easy guide to creating healthy, inclusive neighbourhoods with a good mix of housing (Wellesley)
A healthy, inclusive neighbourhood includes a good mix of housing for all households and all incomes. But it doesnt happen by accident. Private developers build for the market. Market ownership costs and market rents are unaffordable to low, moderate and even middle-income households. Hundreds of US cities use a set of tools and rules to create inclusionary housing policies. Consultant Richard Drdla has created an easy guide to inclusionary housing policies.


Federal departments detailed potential census impact a year ago (Winnipeg Free Press)
Months before churches, charities, provinces and municipalities began complaining they’d be hurt by the disappearance of the long-form census, federal departments were already spelling out their own worries.

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Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

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