Maytree News Headlines – December 7, 2010


TDSB Equity Policy Advisory Committee is holding an Equity Community Forum – PDF (TDSB)
December 11, 2010. The goal is to improve our current practices in building equitable and inclusive schools through the sharing of ideas and strategies. Parents, community members, staff and secondary students who wish to contribute to the TDSB’s progress in this area are invited to attend.

2011-2012 Research Grant Call for Proposals (CERIS)
CERIS welcomes proposals for research grants for a maximum of $20,000 (please note increase from previous years) to conduct policy relevant research related to the six CERIS research domains. The deadline for receipt of all grant applications is January 28, 2011. Competition results will be announced in March 2011.


Canadian minister slams bishops’ criticism of anti-human smuggling bill (Catholic Sentinel)
Jason Kenney, minister of citizenship, immigration and multiculturalism, has fired back at Canada’s bishops who criticized his recently introduced anti-human smuggling bill. The views expressed by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops’ justice and peace commission in a Nov. 25 letter reflect a “long tradition of ideological bureaucrats who work for the bishops’ conference producing political letters signed by pastors who may not have specialized knowledge in certain areas of policy,” Kenney said in an interview.

Resisting deportation of women fleeing violence (
Violence against women is almost entirely carried out by men and supported by government policy. Be it through the live-in caregiver program where women, mostly, are forced to live in the homes of employers with minimal protection or the recent proposed jailing of refugees under a so-called “human smuggling” bill which would have jailed families or the ongoing deportation of women to places of personal and systemic violence — Canadian immigration policies are one of the greatest perpetrators of violence against women.

Annual Reports: Development, Human Security, Humanitarian Response, Migration (Forced Migration Current Awareness Blog)
Annual reports from Human Security Report Project (HSRP), IOM, Eurasylum, World Bank’s World Development Report for 2011, Humanitarian Response Index for 2010.


Spacing Toronto Tuesday Headlines
A round-up of mainstream media Toronto headlines related to City Hall, GTA Politics, Transit, G20 After-math, Streets & Neighbourhoods and Other News.


Poverty does affect food banks (Times and Transcript)
A close look at Food Banks Canada and Statistics Canada data shows that as poverty rates decreased between 2004 and 2008, so did food bank use. It is our belief that future Statistics Canada data will show that there have been significant increases in the rates of poverty in 2009 and 2010. In the meantime, our ability to collect very recent data on food bank use provides a valuable indicator of the current state of Canada’s economy.

Free tuition money going unclaimed (Toronto Star)
“The federal program is benefiting the high-income families, when the low-income families can benefit from it most,” said May Wong, Omega’s executive director and a report co-author. “The money can make a big difference in their children’s academic aspirations.” …The study is part of the Omega foundation’s SmartSAVER pilot project, launched in August, to help the poor save for their kids’ education by promoting available education savings tools. It offers online information in 14 languages and education outreach to service agencies and families in low-income areas. The report recommends developing a simpler application process for RESPs and an automatic enrolment process for the Canada Learning Bond, as is done with a similar program in the United Kingdom.–free-tuition-money-going-unclaimed

We’re ignoring inequality at our peril (Globe and Mail)
The primary factor behind growing inequality is how much people get paid for their work. The data show that more of the income enjoyed by rich Canadians comes from wages than in the past, causing some people to trigger memories of Donna Summers and chirp that the rich now work hard for their money. Well if hard work and a good education was the fool-proof recipe for success, the middle class should have seen big gains in the past generation. This generation of workers is better educated than any previous generation, and they are working more hours per household than ever before. But median pre-tax incomes were essentially at the same level in 2007 as in 1980 (about $55,000 in inflation-adjusted dollars).

SOUNDBITES e-Bulletin December 1, 2010 (Social Planning Toronto)
This issue:
1. Research & Policy Forum: “Can we talk?” The relationship between the nonprofit sector and the Ontario government. (Dec 9, 2010)
2. Save The Census Campaign Update
3. Taking Action on Housing
4. News From Our Partners
5. Worth Repeating – Workers bear burden of provincial ‘restraint’

The perils, and potential, of greater Toronto’s 2,000 high-rise communities: New report (Wellesley Institute)
The new report notes that tower renewal can be linked to a variety of existing regional and provincial policies, including the the Big Move (Ontario’s transit and transportation plan through Metrolinx), the provincial Poverty Reduction Strategy, Ontario’s Action Plan on Climate Change, and the provincial government’s Places to Grow growth plan. The new report is the first major research / policy document from the Centre for Urban Growth and Renewal, a new non-profit group launched by ERA Architects and the planningAlliance.


A business leader’s obligations to Canadian society (National Post)
On Nov. 16, Annette Verschuren, president of The Home Depot Canada gave the 2010 Thomas d’Aquino Lecture on Leadership hosted by the Lawrence National Centre at the Richard Ivey School of Business in Toronto. Ms. Verschuren addressed the issue of how innovation is the engine that drives productivity in her lecture: A business leader’s obligations to Canadian society. The following is a transcript of Ms. Verschuren’s speech.

Adapting the Social Finance Task Force Recommendations to Your Sector -Tips for Solution Based Advocacy (Al Etmanski)
Many leaders within British Columbia’s disability sector are promoting and adapting a social finance strategy that parallels the seven recommendations of the Canadian Task Force on Social Finance released on November 30th.

Linda McQuaig:The Trouble with Philanthropists (TVO The Agenda)
Author and journalist Linda McQuaig on what she sees as the growing influence of the ultra-wealthy on Canadian university campuses.

Social Finance Round Up: Impact Investment Could Offer $667 Billion Profit ( produces a weekly round up featuring social finance related news, insights, and events. This round up includes: Last Week on, Canadian and International News, Social Finance Learning and Best Practices, Recent Discoveries and Upcoming Events.

Results of the Social Finance Census Announced (
In order to image the pipeline, the Ontario Nonprofit Network (ONN) and the Social Venture Exchange (SVX), an initiative of Social Innovation Generation (SiG) at MaRS conducted Ontario’s first-ever Social Finance Census. The Census is a collaborative research initiative to build a detailed sector profile and understand the demand for capital and barriers faced by social ventures in Ontario, from nonprofits to social purpose businesses. A total of 250 social ventures were profiled, generating vital data on age, revenues, assets, access to capital, capital need, resource needs, and barriers to achieving their mission.


Indian police system needs reforming (Sikh Philosophy Network)
Toronto Police Board chairman ALOK MUKHERJEE, the highest-ranking public servant of Indian origin in Canada, wants India to quickly roll back its colonial-style policing system for its own good. Policing in India is influenced by political interference and it should stop, the soft-spoken Mukherjee told IANS at his office in Toronto Police headquarters Thursday. “India inherited its policing system from colonial rulers who treated people as enemies and used police to control them. But today’s India needs a police system that is dedicated to public service,’ said the unassuming chairman who often travels to his office by subway trains.

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Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

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