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Good Idea: DiverseCity’s School for Civics (Cities of Migration)
Why does it matter who walks the corridors of power? For Alejandra Bravo, the question goes to the heart of democratic institutions and values: “Elected leaders are powerful symbols of participation and inclusion and, for future generations, of what they can and cannot aspire to become.”

Emerging entrepreneurs in the news (DiverseCity blog)
Entrepreneurs of diverse backgrounds and their exciting businesses are making their mark in the Toronto region. Here are just a few that we came across in the news.

GTA leaders on “multiculturalism” in The Globe and Mail (DiverseCity blog)
Last fall, The Globe and Mail produced a discussion series on multiculturalism, immigration and leadership that brought in points of view from numerous prominent Canadians. An interactive section, 10 leaders on how to change multiculturalism, included several leaders from the Greater Toronto Area.

Grade 5 students design their own citizenship test for the vice-principal (Parentcentral)
It wasn’t your typical citizenship quiz that vice-principal Gary Pieters faced Friday from Grade 5 students. As part of learning about immigration and citizenship, the 10-year-olds at George Syme Community School decided to grill their burly new Guyanese-raised vice-principal about what it was like for him to move to Canada.–grade-5-students-design-their-own-citizenship-test-for-the-vice-principal

It’s working (Winnipeg Free Press)
Manitoba’s decade-long immigration phenomenon is an economic success story. The statistics on unemployment and welfare dependency bear that out. More of its new citizens enter and stay in the labour force than in other provinces and fewer rely on social assistance. Manitoba’s economy is resistant to economic busts, but does not boom like its western counterparts. It is a bit like the chicken/egg quandary, but immigration has benefited from, and contributes to, the province’s slow-but-sure economic growth.

Diversity at work. Your work (MaRS blog)
I work for Skills for Change, an organization that provides services for immigrants and refugees, but we are actually in the prosperity business. Prosperity is what our one-day conference “Diversity” is all about. We ask: “What is corporate Canada doing about diversity?” And we explore this important question by inviting human resource leaders from corporate Canada to share their strategies and discuss what’s required to build the workforce (and the boardrooms) of the future.

Immigration rules for gay couples haven’t been toughened: CIC (Xtra!)
Alarm went through the queer community last week when the Toronto Sun reported that Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) was toughening up background checks of same-sex sponsorship claims… When looking into the claims of tightened rules or a review to close a loophole, Xtra spoke to CIC, which denied that the rules had been changed.

International migrants flocking to Alberta (Troy Media)
During the last ten years Alberta has been the benefactor of a large influx of interprovincial migrants; however, that trend reversed during the recession. On the other hand, over the last two years international migration continued unbounded, and in 2010 Alberta attracted a record number of international immigrants.

Life Saving “Respect For All” PSA’s (Safe Harbour)
Safe Harbour: Respect for All is about a vision in action: creating opportunities for storefront businesses, institutions, agencies, and entire municipalities to celebrate our differences, helping to create safer, more welcoming communities that support diversity and reject discrimination. Our three radio Public Service Announcements are available below. They focus on various forms of discrimination and ask listeners: “What would YOU do if you were this witness?”

Multicultural Mega Networking (Toronto Board of Trade)
Toronto is home to one of the world’s most diverse business communities. Experience it for yourself by joining us for an evening of casual networking and business development at the Royal Ontario Museum. This is your opportunity to expand your business contacts by networking with a wide range of professionals and sharing innovative ideas. Jan 18th.


Review of Refugee Rights in Canada in 2010 (CCR)
The Canadian Council for Refugees believes in treating refugees and immigrants fairly and honourably. Decisions made need to be fully independent. And our policies and practices need to be affordable – for refugees and immigrants, and for Canadians. How did 2010 match up to these standards?

Tamil refugee claims get highest (Montreal Gazette)
Just-released data show that 76 per cent of the 672 refugee claims from Sri Lanka processed in 2010 were accepted by the Immigration and Refugee Board, the highest acceptance rate among the top-10 source countries for refugees. Nigeria followed with 64 per cent and Haiti with 55 per cent.


Vertical Poverty: Setting out compelling evidence, offering pragmatic solutions (Wellesley Institute)
Vertical Poverty, a new report from the United Way Toronto (UWT), provides powerful new evidence that poverty is increasingly concentrated in the city’s 1,000 high-rise buildings – many of them scattered through the inner suburbs of Etobicoke, North York and Scarborough. The latest research builds on a growing body of work from UWT, including Poverty by Postal Code – an examination of deepening neighbourhood poverty that spurred the City of Toronto to designate 13 ‘priority neighbourhoods’ for action initiatives.


Key to Newcomer Success Is To Become “More Canadian” (Canada Newswire)
Internationally Educated Professionals (IEPs) are more likely to successfully integrate into the local workforce if they focus on becoming “more Canadian.” That’s the finding of a new study commissioned by the Progress Career Planning Institute (PCPI). “We’re seeing more internationally trained professionals doing well in their chosen fields,” said Silma H Roddau, President of PCPI. “They’re successful because they know how important it is to understand the Canadian culture to effectively communicate.”
Full report should be at soon.

Integrating Talent video coming soon (ALLIES Canada)
Watch the trailer to get a taste of how onboarding and integration will be addressed in TRIEC’s sequel to Finding Talent.

Program looks at connecting skilled immigrants with appropriate jobs (AM770)
The Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council believes a mentoring program can connect skilled immigrants with the information they need in getting a job that matches their education, experience, and skills.

Initiative matches mentors with job seekers (Calgary Herald)
His situation is about to change through a new initiative launched Thursday by the Calgary Regional Immigrant Employment Council matching mentors with mentees. The program matches qualif ied new immigrants with representatives of major corporations in an occupation-specific mentoring relationship that prepares the immigrant for the Canadian workplace. At the same time, it opens new opportunities for corporations to tap into an underutilized but skilled population, said Bruce Randall, executive director of CRIEC.

Goar: Who is looking after your parents? (Toronto Star)
The International Organization for Migration has. The Geneva-based agency, which represents 132 nations including Canada, has just released a report entitled The Role of Migrant Care Workers in Aging Societies. It looks at four western democracies — Canada, the United States, Britain and Ireland — to see how they are dealing with the challenge of caring for an aging population… In short, no one is very good at importing caregivers.–goar-who-is-looking-after-your-parents
Report: The Role of Migrant Care Workers in Aging Societies (PDF is free, scroll down) –

Group of temporary foreign workers from the Phillipines seek $10M damages from B.C. Denny’s restaurants (CBC)
Fifty workers from the Philippines say they were hired to work at Denny’s as cooks and servers through the Canadian Temporary Foreign Worker Program last fall.

Sombre graduation for new police recruits (Toronto Star)
The new class brings a wealth of knowledge and diversity to the force. Many speak at least one other language in addition to English and have policing or military experience. Alson Tulloch, who grew up in Jamaica, received his Canadian citizenship on his second day of training. Wayne Mac Donald graduated top of his class, with an average of 96.7 per cent.–sombre-graduation-for-new-police-recruits

The Career Mentorship Symposium (ERIEC)
ERIEC will be hosting our inaugural Career Mentorship Symposium on January 31st, 2010. With a primary focus on the banking sector, the objective of this full day symposium is to provide a dynamic venue where newcomer members of Edmonton’s global talent pool gain valuable professional development advice that they can apply to effectively navigate the labor market. By means of the symposium Edmonton based financial institutions will demonstrate their individual commitment to diversity and Alberta’s commitment toward ‘Building and Educating Tomorrow’s Workforce’.


Spacing Toronto Friday Headlines
A round-up of mainstream media Toronto headlines related to City Council, GTA Politics, Transit, Crime & Police, Target, Streetscape, Building and Other News.


Pension reform proposals overlook thousands, mostly women (Vancouver Sun)
If the goal of the pension reform is to ensure Canadian workers have a decent retirement — and why else would policy-makers get involved? —then their efforts are doomed unless they find ways to cover manner of workers. So would-be reformers need to sit up and take notice when the Caledon Institute, a think-tank that specializes in social policy, points out that one large group has not been considered in the debate to date. It’s caregivers — those people, most of them women, who step aside from the workforce, often for years at a time, to care for a disabled or ailing loved one.

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Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

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