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Maytree Opinion – Settlement Funding Cuts: Short-term Vision, Long-term Pain
It may be good news that immigrants are no longer just choosing Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto as their first destination in Canada. But it seems too early to cut funding to the traditional landing points without making sure that recent immigrants have access to services they still need. We know from past experience, that Toronto (along with Vancouver and Montreal) exercises a powerful pull on the imagination of immigrants, if not as the first destination, then as the second. And this is particularly true when the first job dries up.

You’re leaving already? (Maclean’s)
A recent internal report by the federal immigration department suggests more than six out of 10 of the coveted business-class immigrants who declared Quebec as their destination during the early 2000s quickly fled to other provinces, taking their investment dollars and entrepreneurship potential with them. The big winners? Ontario and the two westernmost provinces. B.C. saw a 22 per cent net gain in the number of business-class immigrants who called it home, due to migration from other provinces. Ontario enjoyed a 14.5 per cent bump while Alberta saw a 9.5 per cent increase.

Project will help make BC business more competitive (BCLocalNews)
Embracing Cultural Diversity in the B.C. workplace is a solutions-oriented initiative designed to make that happen. Both employers and potential employees can access the latest tips, strategies and research at They can base future diversity policies on a new workplace guidebook. And a series of training sessions in the Lower Mainland will provide training to both employers and new immigrants.

Diversity needs imagination: Clarkson (The Concordian)
The former governor general spoke last Thursday evening about the power to overcome our differences and grow more accepting and tolerant of others. In front of over 250 people in the Hall auditorium, Clarkson praised the nation’s diverse society in slowly breaking down the barriers that so clearly divided us in the past.

Guelph immigrants to lose ‘second home’ (Guelph Mercury)
The students had just learned that the private school where they take free English classes, Naylor-Macleod Group Ltd., would be forced to shut down after losing 90 per cent of its funding. School owner Ruth Naylor got the final word in a meeting Friday with a group of bureaucrats representing her main funding source, Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Feds err in cuts to support immigrants (Guelph Mercury)
Where is the evidence these cuts make sense here? There’s a sad and troubling anxiety among those receiving such support locally today over what will happen when these federal cuts go through at the end of March. Many speak of a fear of failing to succeed in Canada without this programming.

Feds’ cuts squeeze ESL tutors (Metro Ottawa)
The executive director of an Ottawa organization that helps newcomers integrate into Canadian society said a recent government $71,000 funding cutback will mean it will have to turn away some clients.–feds-cuts-squeeze-esl-tutors

Settlement agencies shocked by gag order (Toronto Star)
Immigrant service agencies were horrified when they got a government email last week banning them from discussing recent federal funding cuts that may kill some of them — a memo Citizenship and Immigration Canada now says was all a big mistake.–settlement-agencies-shocked-by-gag-order

Practice Your Language (CBC Metromorning)
Matt Galloway spoke with Beth MacLeod. She studies linguistics at the University of Toronto, and is also the founder and organizer of TorontoBabel.

Filmmakers off to China to capture immigrant experience (Edmonton Journal)
Edmonton filmmaker Kenda Gee will head to China next week for work on a documentary about the Chinese immigrant experience, in which he uses his own local family as a means to tell the tale.

Financial gap for immigrants often tied to language skills (Vancouver Sun)
There are lessons for all Canadians in a new study revealing a big financial gap among recent immigrants. University research shows that immigrants at the lower edge of the spectrum have experienced wage drops of 30 per cent in recent decades, worse than other Canadians at the bottom end. University of B.C. economist Thomas Lemieux teamed up with Brahim Boudarbat of Universite de Montreal to produce the report, which a federal department of human resources publication titled: The Poor Got Poorer.

Gap between rich-poor immigrants has lessons for all Canadians (Vancouver Sun)
There are lessons for all Canadians in a new study revealing a big financial gap among recent immigrants.
University research shows that immigrants at the lower edge of the spectrum have experienced wage drops of 30 per cent in recent decades, worse than other Canadians at the bottom end.

Questions raised about diversity in leadership campaigns of both the Liberals and the NDP (Vancouver Sun)
With 12 candidates now confirmed — six for each the Liberals and NDP — and no more big names expected to enter either race, some are questioning if the group from which B.C.’s next premier and opposition leader will be chosen adequately reflects the diversity of British Columbia as a whole.

Vancouver’s diasporas promote development around the world (Vancouver Observer)
As residents of this pluralistic metropolis we can easily recognize the contribution that the diaspora­­ have made to our city’s development. What is less obvious, however, is the contribution that members of the diaspora make to development around the world. One of the objectives of Engaging Diasporas in Development Project is to identify and highlight diaspora involvement with international development. This effort is already turning up some remarkable stories.

Adrian MacNair: Cultural violence can’t be talked into disappearing (National Post)
Rather than entice immigrants to partake in government-administered reeducation programs at taxpayer expense, why not have immigrants sign a contract as part of their application for landed status? Any immigrant who lands in Canada is required to promise to uphold and observe the egalitarian values of our country. Should a person or group be found to actively promote the notion of honour violence, that immigrant or group of immigrants can have their permanent residency status revoked and preparations made for their deportation.

Multiculturalism is at Crossroads- says Canadian Professor Shinder Purewal (Punjab News)
“Multiculturalism that has been valued policy programme of Western liberal democracies for long is facing very serious challenges in the contemporary times, as a result to which the commitment of liberal democracies to such an agenda has been put to test,” said Dr. Shinder Purewal, Professor of Political Science at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Surrey, Canada here.

Stories of local immigrant successes in Peterborough, Ontario (PPCII – Peterborough Partnership Council on Immigrant Integration)
Despite only arriving in Peterborough eight months ago, Alberto has obtained a cleaning job and a factory job, while his wife is volunteering with an organization where she can use her teaching skills. Their most memorable experience was waiting for the hearing, “… when the people say do not worry, you are safe …Welcome to Canada!”

Sikhs carrying daggers denied entry at Quebec legislature (Toronto Star)
Several Sikhs were denied entry into the Quebec legislature Tuesday amid a heated debate over multiculturalism and where to draw the line when it comes to tolerating cultural practices.–sikhs-carrying-daggers-denied-entry-at-quebec-legislature?bn=1

Invited to Quebec legislature, Sikhs then barred for carrying kirpans (Globe and Mail)
They came to the National Assembly to support a woman’s religious right to wear a niqab in Quebec but four members of the World Sikh Organization of Canada were turned away because of another religious flashpoint – the kirpans they were carrying.

Pan Am contracts push diversity (Toronto Star)
As lucrative contracts are being tendered for the 2015 Pan Am Games, officials are breaking new ground by widening the net for potential bidders. Toronto 2015 has adopted a diversity policy to encourage opportunities for visible minorities, aboriginals, people with disabilities, and women in non-traditional or under-represented roles. As well, small- and medium-sized businesses are being targeted.–pan-am-contracts-push-diversity


The price of poverty and pain (Ottawa Citizen)
There are worse things than being poor, of course. Haggett is those things, too. Disabled, lonely, in extremely poor health, without a family doctor, in debt. And, damn, if he doesn’t possess a positive attitude.

City endorses poverty-free plan (Cambridge Times)
The initiative stems from a report, Building Resilient Communities, which calls for “development of a co-ordinated, collaborative and integrated strategic plan for poverty reduction across the region and in partnership with citizens, clients, non-profit sector agencies…businesses and other levels of government.”–city-endorses-poverty-free-plan

Food bank reliance ‘sad’ (Belleville Intelligencer)
Addressing poverty means tackling issues such as social housing, supplemental incomes and health care, says the Leader of the Official Opposition. Michael Ignatieff, leader of the Federal Liberal Party, told reporters he finds it “sad” that people have to rely on food banks to feed their families and his party will work toward fixing this social problem. Ignatieff made the comments inside the Gleaners Food Bank warehouse following a brief tour of the facility. The Liberal leader was in Belleville Monday evening as part of his 20-riding tour across Canada.


Minister Kenney Makes it Easier for Haitians in Canada to Work (Canada Newswire)
Haitians in Canada temporarily can now apply for work permits more easily.

Canadian experience, over-qualification, and improvement of soft skills recurring topics at IEP Conference: PART ONE (LEAP’s blog)
The 8th Annual IEP (Internationally Educated Professional) Conference took place on Friday, January 14th and was bustling with IEP hopefuls, participating in workshops, networking with employers and hearing advice and insight from panelist and keynote speakers. Conference delegates were welcomed from the first step they took into the North tower of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, and were guided through an entire day of both general and industry-specific IEP information and activities.

Korean-born Jeffrey Min expands Galleria grocery chain, creating 120 jobs, wins New Pioneer Award (Yonge Street Media)
Korean-born busniessman Jeffrey B.H. Min founded his first Galleria Korean supermarket in North York in 2003, which now (moved a block north into Vaughan) employs 120 people, and in November of last year opened a second location at Don Mills and York Mills, which created 120 new jobs. Between those milestones, Min has earned plenty of recognition: Grocer of the Year awards from the Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers in 2009 and 2010, a Business Leader of Character Community Award in 2007 and the Ontario Newcomer Champion Award in 2008.


Spacing Toronto Wednesday Headlines
A round-up of mainstream media Toronto headlines related to City Council, Transit & Roads, Streetscape, Building, Police and Other News.

Duly Quoted: Steve Munro (Torontoist)
“We have a very serious, structural problem with transit funding in Toronto… We fiddle around the edges, we agonize over arcane questions of accounting and inter-agency responsibility, we keep every consulting engineer in southern Ontario…but we don’t ever commit to actually spending money on infrastructure and service.”

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Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

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