Maytree News Headlines – January 4, 2010


Muslim leader hopes free copies of Qur’an sent home with students fosters understanding (
A Muslim leader says that sending free copies of the Qur’an home with Grade 5 students will create better understanding between people of different faiths.–muslim-leader-hopes-free-copies-of-qur-an-sent-home-with-students-fosters-understanding


City preps for immigrants (Metro Calgary)
Rolling out the appropriate welcome mat for newcomers is policy long overdue, says a city immigrants advocate. The policy, to be discussed today at a meeting of the Community and Protective Services committee, outlines a direction that business units within the City of Calgary will take over the next four years to meet the needs of immigrants to the city.–city-preps-for-immigrants

Province facing problems as boomers start turning 65 (Daily Gleaner)
Immigration seems the most likely solution to the shortage of young people. International migration accounted for about two-thirds of Canada’s growth last year. Of the 270,500 people who moved to the country in 2009-10, 1,400 settled in New Brunswick. By comparison, 700 people moved to the province from elsewhere in Canada, while natural increase accounted for only 300 new residents. Halpin said universities can play a key role in attracting prospective residents to the province.


Mentoring program in Toronto helps skilled immigrants (LEAP’s blog)
Coming to Canada as a Foreign Trained Professional (FTP) and finding employment is a challenge faced by thousands of immigrants every year. To succeed in attaining meaningful employment, professional networking and using community resources are a MUST. As the Globe and Mail reports, TRIEC has helped over 5,300 skilled immigrants establish professional networks specific to their occupation through mentoring in 2010.

The “No Canadian Experience Myth” Part One (LEAP’s blog)
Often, newcomers in Canada blame the fact they have no previous Canadian work experience on their job search woes. There are many factors that affect the foreign trained professionals’ (FTP) success in the job market in Canada, but is it indeed a myth that lack of Canadian work experience is what stands in the way of meaningful employment for immigrants? Is participation in integration programs including workplace ESL training, enough to combat the forces working against the skilled newcomer?

Canadian families and elderly wait for Jason Kenney’s next vicious move (Oye! Times)
The reason many families choose to hire a foreign caregiver is that they are unable to find somebody already in Canada or a Canadian citizen to fill the position.
However, after paying all the recruitment fees, airfare, and medical insurance etc. which is in the range of thousands of dollars, the foreign caregiver has no legal obligation to work for that family, who has basically given them a free ride into Canada by providing a job offer. It is well known within the industry that some caregivers simply use Canadian families as a ticket to Canada, without any long term interest in working for them. Now that the Canadian Government has made it even easier for foreign caregivers, e.g. four years instead of three to apply for Permanent residence, it is becoming common knowledge among overseas caregivers that they can easily ?job hop? once they get to Canada. And all of this with a nice big stamp of approval from Jason Kenney and his department as he touts his significant improvements to the LCP.


‘No. 1 on our agenda is improving transit’ (Toronto Star)
Toronto Board of Trade CEO Carol Wilding sat down with the Star for an interview, and identified transit and transportation as the No. 1 issue facing Toronto in 2011. In a wide-ranging chat, Wilding, who was recently named one of Canada’s 100 most powerful women, also touched on the growing income gap between Toronto’s neighbourhoods, holding political candidates’ feet to the fire, and helping immigrants integrate into the Canadian economy:–no-1-on-our-agenda-is-improving-transit

Spacing Toronto Tuesday Headlines
A round-up of mainstream media Toronto headlines related to Transit, Yonge & Gould Fire, City Buildings, Police and Other News.

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Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

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