Maytree News Headlines – January 7, 2010 (apologies for today’s late delivery)


Ratna Omidvar to give Martin Luther King Lecture in Germany (Körber-Stiftung)
(machine translation) “I have a dream”: with the famous phrase coined by the Nobel Peace Prize is a global movement for human and civil rights. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. worked to ensure that the rights guaranteed in the American constitutional rights to liberty and equality apply to everyone. This use in 1968 he paid with his life. But his struggle is far from being fought, many people carry in his spirit continues to this day. One of them is our guest for the second Martin Luther King Lecture of the Körber Foundation: Ratna Omidvar, president of the Maytree Foundation in Toronto.
English translation

Webinar Recording and Resources: All Eyes on the Ball: The Role of Sport in Integration (Cities of Migration)
The webinar includes presentations and Q&A about integration and sport.

PM on Ramadan apology: Law should apply every day (Toronto Sun)
Prime Minister Stephen Harper says regardless of the religious holiday, he expects the law to be enforced. The PM’s comments Thursday came in reaction to a QMI Agency story about officers from the RCMP and Ottawa Police apologizing to Muslims in Ottawa for arresting three suspected Muslim terrorists during Ramadan.

Afghanistan’s ‘voices of the war’ now settled in Canada (Toronto Star)
Noori is one of about 28 interpreters now settled in Canada, more than a year after the federal government launched a program to help Afghans working with the Canadian mission in Kandahar immigrate to Canada.–afghanistan-s-voices-of-the-war-now-settled-in-canada

Three arrested in immigration scam (Toronto Sun)
A Mississauga man and a Quebec couple were arrested by the RCMP in a scheme where identities of more than 250 residents from the Middle East were used to obtain status in Canada and $500,000 in tax benefits.

RCMP busts large citizenship and tax fraud ring (Toronto Star)
A Mississauga man, along with a husband and wife from Quebec are to appear in court on Friday after police broke up an elaborate tax and citizenship scam involving hundreds of foreign nationals. Investigators say Canadian citizenship and travel documents were fraudulently obtained on behalf of people who werent even in the country.–rcmp-busts-large-citizenship-and-tax-fraud-ring

Lali takes aim at equity quotas in declaring candidacy for NDP leader (Globe and Mail)
Veteran MLA Harry Lali declared himself the tribune of older white males as he entered the race to lead B.C.s New Democrats with a promise to hold the line against gender-equity policies that he said cost the party seats in the last election. Launching his campaign in Merritt on Thursday, the Indian-born Mr. Lali dubbed equity quotas an affront to democracy, and said he would welcome back older, white males into our NDP family if he becomes party leader when New Democrats vote on April 17.

Feds cut immigrant settlement funding for Windsor (Windsor Star)
The federal government is cutting funding for immigrant settlement services in Windsor by eight per cent. Immigrant settlement organizations don’t know exactly how much money they’ll get in April or how the cuts will affect them, but several officials said they don’t fear the reductions.

Local immigrant services face funding cuts (Guelph Mercury)
Ruth Naylor faces the prospect of shutting down an 18-year-old business of teaching newcomers English. Ninety-percent of Naylor-McLeod Group Ltd.s programming has been slashed by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, and Naylor is waiting until a Jan. 14 meeting with government officials to determine whether the doors of her Guelph business will remain open.

Tougher checks on same-sex sponsorships (
A recent demand for same-sex sponsorships to come to Canada has led to tougher checks being conducted at embassies abroad. Canadian diplomats at visa offices abroad must now make sure same-sex marriages conducted at the embassies or consulates of other countries are legal before the partners are considered for landed immigration status in Canada.


Colombians in Ontario fear deportation (Toronto Sun)
For more than a decade, London has been the go-to spot for Colombian refugee claimants who have enriched the city they coined “Londombia” with their language, culture and food. But suddenly the fate of Londombia has been thrown into question after a spate of rejections by Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board that has left at least 48 Colombian families in London facing deportation.


Social Inclusion Consultation Workbook – PDF (Caledon Institute)
The Caledon Institute of Social Policy has been asked by the Community Services Department of the City of Hamilton to prepare a Social Inclusion Vision in respect of their role as co-host of the 2015 Pan-Am Games. A draft Consultation Workbook was prepared to help kick start the community conversations about social inclusion. The Workbook is divided into ten main categories or themes, each of which begins with a statement of principle. A series of possible measures is then proposed to help translate the ideal into concrete action. Each theme also has a blank space to allow participants to write notes and submit a written reply. The Workbook can also be used with students who can do artwork or take photos that represent their understanding of the various concepts.

Peoples Review Panel: Getting the Ontario Social Assistance Review issues straight from people with lived experiences of poverty – PDF (Caledon Institute)
A Peoples Review Panel composed of 18 members from across Ontario will provide input into Ontarios Social Assistance Review. People with lived experience of poverty are working with Voices from the Street and Daily Bread Food Bank to record, analyze and summarize the policy barriers which currently impede them.

Do comprehensive, collaborative place-based initiatives to reduce poverty work? (Wellesley Institute)
This was the question posed by the Tamarack Institute, Vibrant Communities Canada, and The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation at a very productive Strategic Dialogue held May 10-11, 2010. The Wellesley Institute was commissioned to review research and experience in this field. Our backgrounder Comprehensive Community Initiatives: Lessons Learned, Potential and Opportunities Moving Forward, was distributed to participants beforehand and discussed at the sessions. Bob Gardner presented highlights and strategic issues moving forward for Canadian initiatives, along with Anne Kubisch of the Aspen Institute on international experience. The backgrounders, presentations and reflections on the day are all available on the Tamarack site.

Inequality is bad for everyone including the health of children in Torontos schools (Wellesley Institute)
Fully 26% of the children in Torontos public schools in poor neighbourhoods dont have access to Canadas public health care system which means that they arent getting good primary health care. Lack of access to good basic health care means important health concerns are being neglected in children, and are almost certain to grow worse. And it means that when kids are sick, they may not be able to get the health care that they need.

Opinion: Schools must do better for weakest 10% of students (Vancouver Sun)
As well, there are some worrisome demographic patterns that emerge from the data. The dropout rate remains above the norm in rural areas, as well as among certain, but by no means all, immigrant groups, and among Aboriginals, especially those who live on reserve.

Goar: Why you should care about inequality (Toronto Star)
Barring an unexpected economic surge, Canada isnt going to create enough jobs to lift struggling families onto solid ground in 2011. Barring an unlikely change of priorities in Ottawa or at Queens Park, the poor arent going to get much help from government. And barring a sudden outbreak of public generosity, charities arent going to be able to take care of the countrys most vulnerable citizens. So who will keep Canada from becoming a callous, ever more inequitable nation? You could.–goar-why-you-should-care-about-inequality

Support the call for a Poverty Free Waterloo Region! (Exchange Morning Post)
The Regional Social Services Staff recently produced a report called Building Resilient Communities: Understanding the Role of the Regional Municipality of Waterloo in Poverty Reduction. In this report, staff recommend the creation of a multi-sectoral, collaboratively-built strategic plan to address poverty in our region. On January 25th, interested organizations will register as delegations to the Community Services Committee to express support for this recommendation, and ask Council to commit to an investment of resources that can ensure that the plan can be established and implemented.

Fiorito: Poverty makes us sick; it ought to make us angry (Toronto Star)
Countries that have low poverty rates are countries that give things like child care, tuition, decent social assistance. These are countries where surprise, surprise peoples health is generally better. But in countries like ours, where there is a good chance of being poor, you dont get those things you dont get universal child care; you dont get good, solid employment insurance. Funny how we say we cant afford first-rate social programs, and yet many of our neighbours havent got the money they need to be healthy. The dots ought to be easy to connect.–fiorito-poverty-makes-us-sick-it-ought-to-make-us-angry


Analytical Report 15: What are immigrants’ experiences of the accreditation process in different occupations? PDF (TIEDI)
How does an immigrants intended occupation in Canada affect their experiences with accreditation,
in terms of whether of not they have their credentials checked?


Spacing Toronto Friday Headlines
A round-up of mainstream media Toronto headlines related to City Council, Heritage Buildings, Transporation, Health Board, Police & Crime, Neighbourhoods & Communities and Other News.


Provincial/Territorial Policy Updates, December 2010 – PDF (Calendon Institute)
The Caledon Institute of Social Policy regularly scans provincial
and territorial government websites in order to follow policy developments related to our
core work and interests. This tracking is intended to inform our analysis of policy trends.

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Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

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