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Women’s shelters no longer off-limits to immigration officers (Toronto Sun)
Effective Friday, a new policy allows Canada Border Services Agency immigration officers to enter shelters, if warranted and approved by the agency’s top brass, to pick up illegal immigrants avoiding deportation. The directive outlines in detail under what circumstances and how CBSA officers are to enter a shelter, and how to seek appropriate approvals before hand.

Ottawa immigration centre braces for cuts (CBC)
Ontario immigration organizations are bracing for $53 million in cuts by the federal government, just as one Ottawa group says demand is increasing. Federal Immigration Minister Jason Kenney announced the cuts on Dec. 21, saying the money would be re-directed from Ontario and spread more evenly across the country. But Sharon Kan, head of the Ottawa Chinese Centre, said the cuts come just as demand for her programs is increasing.

Toronto MPs fight against immigration settlement cuts (Montreal Gazette)
An immigration committee supported Chow’s motion to rescind the government’s decision to cut funding, and the motion will be introduced in Parliament next week, the MPs told reporters

Tories face Commons motion after committee vote (
Conservative MPs lost a vote at a parliamentary committee Thursday after they were accused by the opposition of turning their backs on immigrants who settle in Ontario. NDP and Liberal MPs passed a motion on the citizenship and immigration committee demanding the government restore $43 million in cuts to agencies that look after immigrants settling primarily in Toronto. The Conservatives, who now face a similar vote in the House of Commons next week, say the $600 million in national funding for immigration services must follow the shifting settlement patterns of newcomers.

New Muslim immigration policy would fix past failures, says Surrey CHP candidate (Surrey Now)
“It is naive to think that all cultures are compatible with Canadian values,” Shouten said. “Take the freedom of conscience, the freedom to practice, or not practice, the religion of our choice as an example. Sharia requires that those who renounce Islam be put to death by the faithful. It is never just, never lawful in Canada for a group to abridge the rights and freedoms of any other Canadian, regardless of their current or former relationship to that group, for instance apostate Muslims.”

‘Naive to think all cultures compatible with Canadian values’ (BC Local News)
The Christian Heritage Party of Canada has released an immigration policy calling for tighter eligibility controls for immigrants – particularly those coming from Muslim countries and cultures that have embraced radical Islamic beliefs. In an open letter to South Surrey-White Rock-Cloverdale MP Russ Hiebert, released Wednesday, Mike Schouten, CHP candidate in the riding, has called for a tougher government position on immigrants whose beliefs are inimical to the Canadian Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Immigration ‘fast track’ not so fast (Montreal Gazette)
The program also promised to expedite temporary visas for Haitians coming to Canada. On its website, the ministry notes that it had issued more than 3,100 temporary visas and permits to Haitians in 2010. Asked how that compared with 2009, the ministry said the number was down from 4,400 that year, explaining that its commitment to family reunification after the earthquake bumped temporary visas to “a secondary priority.”

Global debate on Cameron’s multiculturalism speech (BBC)
When David Cameron said he wanted to see the end of “state multiculturalism” the media firestorm it provoked in the UK soon blew itself out – but it is a different story in other parts of the world.

Assembly vote creates ‘big issues’ (Montreal Gazette)
“Comparing me and the rest of my team to a mass murderer is somewhat misleading, I would suggest,” Singh said. Two of the four Sikhs were lawyers and Singh noted this confers the status and responsibilities of “officer of the court.” This is not a small decision that the National Assembly has made to support this motion. It creates big issues.


‘You know the price for snitching’ (Maclean’s)
Jason Kenney: should Reeves be deported to Liberia, as your department has recommended, and should he be murdered, as appears likely, you will not be able to claim you were unaware of the risks.

Informant owed a chance to stay (Star Phoenix)
The board believes, with some evidence, that Mr. Reeves, whose sister married Mr. Taylor, “aided and abetted” in the commission of those crimes. The problem is that the international community is in debt to Mr. Reeves. Apparently disgusted by the enslavement of African people, mutilation and rape of women and children and destruction of neighbouring countries, Mr. Reeves began to collect evidence against of his brother-in-law.


Health Equity Impact Assessme (Wellesley Institute)
To drive health equity into action we need to understand the needs of health disadvantaged populations, identify barriers to equitable access to quality care, and build equity into priority setting, resource allocation and performance management. Health Equity Impact Assessment is a practical and effective planning tool that analyzes the potential impact of service, program or policy changes on health disparities and/or health disadvantaged populations. It can help to plan new services or initiatives or assess and re-align existing programs; and using it has proven valuable to building awareness of and embedding equity within organizations. This is an overview primer that introduces the potential and practice of HEIA.

Tim Brodhead – Stepping Away as McConnell Foundation CEO (Al Etmanski)
Tim deserves a lengthy period of tribute, acknowledgement and gratitude. If you care about the health of the arts in Canada, particularly in our schools; the role of people with disabilities as contributing citizens; infusing progressive ideas into our education systems; cultivating our underlying societal values ; preserving our forests; the financial well being of the social sector; nurturing youth leadership; the role of universities in our communities; unleashing the creativity of Canadians; supporting family care givers; reducing poverty; or attending to those who are vulnerable to stereotypes, low expectations, and neglect then you have been touched by Tim’s leadership at McConnell.

Ontario’s school for low-income students (Vancouver Sun)
Plans to open Canada’s first school for students from low-income families have been revised. The District School Board of Niagara has decided it would be inappropriate to ask families for evidence that they are living at or below the poverty line, although they still hope to enrol students whose parents have never attended college of university, says a Postmedia News story.

Start counting: census workers needed (Riverview ThisWeek)
As you are probably already aware, the long-form census has been controversially dropped from the 2011 census, something of great concern to the countless organizations that use the information for planning everything from business opportunities to government funding to community planning. However, it has been replaced by what’s now called the National Household Survey, which asks 55 questions that are essentially the same as the old long-form census. The only real difference from the long forms of the past is it is no longer legally mandatory to fill it out, the way it is for the census short form.

Residential Long-Term Care for Canadian Seniors: Nonprofit, For-Profit or Does It Matter? PDF (IRPP)
In spite of US and Canadian research finding a link between for-profit ownership and inferior quality in residential long-term care for seniors, and the fact that vulnerable seniors are more likely to receive the quality of care they require in nonprofit facilities, the for-profit sector in Canada is expanding at the expense of the nonprofit sector.


Skills, motivation and commitment (Chatham Daily News)
Employers looking for highly educated, motivated workers have a new tool to help connect them to candidates. Skills International, a recruitment tool aimed at helping employers link with internationally trained professionals, was launched in Chatham-Kent Thursday.


Civic Action 5 (CBC Metromorning)
Matt Galloway spoke with Olivia Nuamah. She is the Executive Director of the Atkinson Foundation, and will be part of a panel discussion this afternoon at the Civic Action Summit called “Forward Thinking: Civic Leadership for the Toronto Region”.

A successful city (Belonging Community: Being at home in an urban neighbourhood)
So how then to move towards success? Long-terms goals are not achieved without short-term behavioural changes. Colleta outlined three steps:
1. Have a measurable goal. It drives behaviour;
2. Have an achievable goal. It gets buy-in; and
3. Have a short-term goal. That drives short-term behaviour.
All of this, Coletta explained, is propelled by a final element: quality of leadership. She left the crowd with a final question, “Does Toronto have the leadership in place to make this happen?”

Hume: ‘Canada’s mayor’ sees the city positively (Toronto Star)
Thanks to Naheed Nenshi, Calgary’s mayor is now Canada’s mayor. Though he has scrupulously avoided the obvious comparison during his triumphant Toronto homecoming this week, in these parts Nenshi can only be seen as everything this city’s current mayor is not, i.e. articulate, urban, informed, and best of all, optimistic.–hume-canada-s-mayor-sees-the-city-positively

Mintz: We’re the city people love to hate — and visit (Toronto Star)
The great strength of this city — its diversity — makes it hard to market. “Our greatest challenge is that we’re not one thing,” says Weir.–mintz-we-re-the-city-people-love-to-hate-and-visit

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Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

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