Maytree News Headlines – March 8, 2011


What Cities Said: March 2011 (Cities of Migration)
In Conversation with Germanys Cem Özdemir
TenSquared: Maslaha celebrates 100 years of international Womens Day
The vote is in! Political inclusion for all!
On the Trail of Good Ideas: Mobilizing from LA to Copenhagen
Toronto: The City goes Big with the CivicAction Summit
and more.

From Integration to Inclusion: A new approach to belonging – PDF (Queen’s University)
Ratna’s lecture at Queen’s (March 17). Newsletter launched (Settlement AtWork)
The site has launched a newsletter, which could be of use for settlement workers to stay up-to-date about news for newcomer youth.

The voting phase of the Top 25 Canadian Immigrants of 2011 is open (Canadian Immigrant)
We’ve received hundreds of nominations from across Canada and we’re proud to present our 75 finalists for the third annual peoples choice awards for immigrants. Now, its up to Canada to decide on who should make it to our Top 25 Canadian Immigrants of 2011 list. Its quick and easy to do, simply follow the 3 steps below and youll be automatically entered for a chance to WIN one of ten $100 Visa® Gift Cards issued by RBC®.

Census Data Drove Conservative Partys Outreach Strategy to Cultural Communities (Pundits’ Guide to Canadian Federal Elections)
Documents sent to Conservative MPs asking their riding associations for money to finance a pre-election ad buy in Chinese and South Asian language media, clearly used Long Form Census data both for estimating target population sizes, and determining the party’s vote strength in those cultural communities.

Multicultural vs. intercultural: a superficial exercise in branding (Edmonton Journal)
Does the Canadian policy of multiculturalism impede immigrant integration? Not according to a 2011 international study sponsored by the European Commission, where Canada ranked third among 29 countries for the strength of its integration policies. Courtois insists that Canadas multicultural policy is seen as weakening Quebecs message of integration. However, he provides no evidence in support of that claim other than a poll published in La Presse on Feb. 14 that found that 79 per cent of Quebecers approve of Bill 101 and 66 per cent see multiculturalism as a threat to the future of French in Quebec. The survey merely reminds us that many francophones believe that the ethnic and linguistic diversity of the population is a threat to the French language. Federal multicultural policy and the Canadian Charters article on multiculturalism have not affected either the objective or implementation of Bill 101.

A passing of the torch at immigrant awards (Standard Freeholder)
It was a bittersweet ending to a 18-year-long grassroots organization as the Cornwall and District Immigrant Services Agency (CDISA) celebrated their sixth annual Multicultural Trailblazer Awards.

Kenney faces new accusation of partisanship (Toronto Star)
Stephan Reichold, director of a refugee and immigrant umbrella group called TCRI, said he hasnt seen such partisan discourse from an immigration minister in 10 to 15 years. Its disturbing, he said. Citizenship and Immigration Canada often addressed us on content, but never from a partisan point of view like that. Kennedy said he didnt see any problem, adding that the note criticizing the Bloc had been sent from a parliamentary email account.–kenney-faces-new-accusation-of-partisanship?bn=1

Diversity bids will win the day at Ivor Wynne (Hamilton Spectator)
Renovating Ivor Wynne stadium for the 2015 Pan Am Games will be done under a new diversity policy created by game organizers. TO2015 has announced the creation of the policy and the holding of its first network meeting to bring businesses with diverse staff together with three shortlisted bidders for the Athletes Village in Toronto.–diversity-bids-will-win-the-day-at-ivor-wynne

Immigrants in isolation (Canadian Immigrant)
Shaheda is not alone. Women immigrants and newcomers living in seclusion is common, particularly for those with young children. They live within the confines of their homes, leaving only to tend to very basic life necessities for themselves and their children; this can go on for months and in some cases years.

Canada’s Citizenship Award: Open for Nominations (CIC)
This prestigious award pays tribute to Canadians who have made an important contribution in promoting the rights and responsibilities of Canadian citizenship. It also honours Canadians who have made outstanding contributions in assisting newcomers in integrating into Canadian society.


Guelph student reflects on life as refugee (Guelph Mercury)
Deng spoke as part of a panel addressing the hardships of everyday life in the worlds ever-expanding archipelago of refugee camps. Refugees didnt choose to live like this, he told students in the atrium of the University of Guelph student centre, which is lined with pubs and fast food joints. At one point, Deng pointed out the money many students spend on lunch each day could feed a refugee family for more than a week. The talk kicked off Refugee Campus, a weeklong campaign to spread awareness about the plight of the worlds 11 million refugees.–guelph-student-reflects-on-life-as-refugee


Investment in poor women, and good health, pays off (Vancouver Sun)
This economic reality -not just a donor’s instinct to try to redress a gross imbalance of wealth and power -explains why women are the focus of so much international development work today. Simply put, they most often turn out to be a better investment than men.

Harper government won’t act on anti-poverty plan (Toronto Star)
The federal government has no plans to act on an exhaustive House of Commons plan to fight poverty. The Commons human resources committee took three years to assemble 58 recommendations that would have given Ottawa a key role in efforts to help the poor. The report called for a new federal transfer payment to complement provincial anti-poverty programs. It also pushed for a national housing strategy.–harper-government-won-t-act-on-anti-poverty-plan

Feds say no to social program takeover (Toronto Sun)
The federal government is rejecting much of a sweeping report from opposition MPs calling for the federal takeover of provincial social programs aimed at dealing with poverty. The Commons human resources committee had called for a federal strategy to deal with homelessness, to give Canadians with disabilities a basic income, and for the creation of a national child-care system. But the Constitution mandates the provinces are responsible for social services, meaning the federal government cannot spend money directly in those areas or run programs without provincial approval.

Homefullness for all of Canada: Presentation to Dignity for All national summit (Wellesley Institute)
Dignity for All the national campaign for a poverty-free Canada held a national summit in Ottawa on March 3, 2011. The Wellesley Institutes Michael Shapcott delivered a presentation on housing and homelessness that underlined the many costs of deep and persistent housing insecurity and the impact of the eroding federal investments, and set out a five-point agenda for action – drawn from the Wellesley Institutes Precarious Housing in Canada report.


Tuesdays Headlines (Spacing Toronto)
A round-up of mainstream media Toronto headlines related to City Council, Transit, Streets, Housing and Other News.

Why Toronto should welcome an organized voice for the right (Globe and Mail)
There is another merit to Mr. Kouvaliss idea. It could get more voters involved in the political process. Ordinary folks, especially in the suburbs, have tended to shy away from getting into city politics. Mr. Fords election campaign woke a lot of them up. If they get active through Respect for Taxpayers, it could bring a whole new perspective to the stagnant pool of civic discussion, with its endlessly rehashed debates and roster of usual suspects.


Sean Moore’s Double Double (Al Etmanski)
Sean Moore, Canada’s public policy walrus is re-doubling his efforts. He’s launching two new products: Advocacy School and a major article on public policy in the Canadian Journal of Philanthropy.

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Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

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