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Maytree’s election insights (Maytree blog)
Are issues around immigration, refugee and family reunification important to you? We’ve compiled some information and links to federal party platforms that speak to immigration issues.

Discontinue the occupation list in the Federal Skilled Worker Program (Maytree blog)
Although the human-capital points system is more effective than previous occupation-based models, there are some additional ways that it could be enhanced.

Prayas: Indian theatre in English for all New Zealanders (Cities of Migration)
Just as Bollywood movies are increasingly reaching more diverse audiences, the Prayas Theatre Group in Auckland, New Zealand, is sharing the work of Indian playwrights with a broader audience.

Immigrant groups vie for attention in Ottawa (CBC)
As federal parties campaign with an eye towards ethnic communities across Ottawa, some communities are likewise trying to capture the attention of the parties.

Difficulty for Immigrants in Scarborough to Integrate Into the Labour Market (Marketwire)
A Statistics Canada report addresses that recent immigrants who have been in Canada five years or less, had the most difficulty integrating into the labour market, even though they were more likely than the Canadian-born population to have a post secondary education. Scarborough has a population of over 593,000 with more than half of whom were born outside of Canada, and therefore have an increased difficulty to obtain a respectable career. To alleviate the stresses on immigrants, triOS College opens its ninth campus location in Scarborough.

Change Is Coming – Ethnic Groups of Canada By The Numbers (Wealth blog)
As demographics continue to change, Canada will experience major shifts to our culture and sense of identity. We have already seen this in business and politics, but there is likely much more is in store.

Canada among countries debating niqab bans (Global Toronto)
In a survey conducted by Ispos Reid for Global News, 85 per cent of Quebec respondents said they support Bill 94, which calls for a ban on full face veils in government service buildings, hospitals, daycare centres and other public spaces in Quebec. Sixty-seven per cent of the respondents said they strongly support the bill and 18 per cent said they support it somewhat. This negative attitude to face veils can be attributed to Quebecers’ cultural values and recent history, says Jack Jedwab, executive director of the Association for Canadian Studies.

Immigrant vote hard to predict in multicultural Vancouver Kingsway (Vancouver Sun)
Running an election campaign in a heavily immigrant riding like Vancouver Kingsway poses its own set of challenges. Like what languages to put on your campaign brochures. English and Chinese covers off about 80 per cent of the riding’s residents. But it leaves out the significant number of voters who speak Punjabi or Vietnamese. Try to put all four languages on a single brochure, though, and you’ve barely got enough space to say anything at all.

Video satirizes Canadian politicians’ targeting of “ethnic vote” in federal election (
A music video posted on YouTube humorously derides Canadian politicians’ targeting of the so-called ethnic vote. Adapted from Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” and “Weird Al” Yankovic’s “Eat It”, the video was put up by the Ontario-based Colour of Poverty Campaign.

Tasha Kheiriddin: Stephen Harper: the federal Rob Ford? (National Post)
For any normal politician, in any normal election, these sorts of revelations should have been the kiss of death. But they weren’t, and Ford won a decisive victory, thanks to two key blocks of voters: those who were fed up with big government, and immigrants. Fast forward to the federal election, 2011. Stephen Harper’s government not only stands accused of a slew of ethical transgressions, but was found in contempt of Parliament.


First refugees from Libya arriving in city tonight (Winnipeg Free Press)
All were originally refugees from Eritrea who escaped to Libya from the oppression in their home country, according to a news release from the two local sponsoring agencies, the Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council and Hospitality House Refugee Ministry.

Florida fugitive claims refugee status in Canada (Star Phoenix)
Details of the case aside, Veeman said a 30-year sentence is grounds for a refugee claim. It’s not a “classic” claim under the United Nations convention that usually pertains to political prisoners from Third World dictatorships. He acknowledged a refugee claim from an American might seem unusual, but it is valid nonetheless.
“Thirty years is too high. It’s way out of whack. I think there is merit to her (refugee) claim,” Veeman said.


Poverty group urges action on ‘living wage’ (Metro Canada – Ottawa)
City council is dragging its feet on implementing a proposal to restrict municipal contracts only to those employers who agree to pay their workers a “living wage,” say members of an anti-poverty lobby group.–poverty-group-urges-action-on-living-wage

Homelessness alliance likes city’s budget (Ottawa Citizen)
The Alliance to End Homelessness has been doing an annual report card for Ottawa for years, but chair Marion Wright says this year is different: “a time of hope.” With one F and no mark above C+, this year’s report card doesn’t look so good on the surface. There has been one solid gain, though, Wright said Monday in presenting the report: Ottawa had 334 new units of affordable housing in 2010, far better than the 88 units added a year earlier. Her target remains 1,000 new units a year.

Seniors: parties not addressing poverty among the elderly (News1130)
BC’s seniors say they want to hear more about how political parties would lift elderly people out of poverty.–seniors-parties-not-addressing-poverty-among-the-elderly

Government of the 1 per cent, for the 1 per cent, by the 1 per cent (rabble)
The growing concentration of income, wealth and power is not inevitable. But it is coming to be viewed as normal. More importantly, like climate change, it is not sustainable. Ignore it if you will, but it will only grow more problematic.


Webinar recording: Best Employers for New Canadians 2011: Best practices in recruiting and integrating skilled immigrants (
This webinar highlights best practices from two winners of the 2011 Canada’s Best Employers for New Canadians, with Richard and Kristina looking at trends in recruitment and integration of skilled immigrants.


Tuesday’s Headlines (Spacing Toronto)
A round-up of mainstream media Toronto headlines related to Transportation, Architecture & Development, Roads, Streets, Neighbourhoods, Urban Green and Other News.

Five things Torontonians should look for in the federal election debates (Toronto Life)
3. We will continue to pretend that cities are unimportant
So far this election has been about health care and energy supplements for seniors, education, and Facebook. It’s all been amusing to various degrees, but nowhere are we seeing a recognition (in policy or politics) of the fact that 80 per cent of Canadians lives in cities, and cities are hurting badly. Saying it’s a provincial responsibility only goes so far—so are hospitals and schools, and that hasn’t stopped these leaders from discussing them.

“Not an Anti-Ford Rally” Unites Thousands (Torontoist)
“We don’t often see all the groups together,” said Debbie Douglas, the executive director of the Ontario Council for Agencies Serving Immigrants. “But it’s true, we are a city of neighbourhoods, and we do need to get together to speak in solidarity. It serves to bring people together to see there is a common vision.”

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Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

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