Maytree News headlines – April 18, 2011


ALLIÉS Montréal launches mentoring program (McConneel Foundation)
ALLIÉS Montréal, an organization that aims to integrate skilled immigrants into the workforce, recently launched its mentoring program. The April 7 launch event included nearly one hundred businesses and organizations and featured a speech by Foundation Chief Operating Officer Stephen Huddart, where he emphasized the value of cross-sectoral collaboration to support continuous social innovation.

TOK: Writing the New Toronto, Book 6 (Generally About Books)
On April 20, nineteen writers from different neighbourhoods in Toronto will celebrate their writing in TOK: Writing the New Toronto, Book 6 at their book launch in the Gladstone Hotel Ballroom. For many of the writers, this anthology of new Toronto-set short stories and poetry is their first publication the result of participating in Diaspora Dialogues annual free-of-charge mentoring and commissioning program.

Offering the ethnic media an outlet to reach political leaders (Globe and Mail)
For decades, Mr. Saras has hounded political leaders, insisting the small papers he represents be given a seat at the table with other mainstream media outlets. He finally feels his efforts have paid off: Ethnic media outlets are being granted exclusive one-on-ones and invited to take part in roundtable sessions, such as the one the Afghan Post participated in during the first week of the campaign along with editors of other ethnic publications and several television stations.

Canada needs more Skilled Immigrants (The Maple Three)
To think that Canada has chance of nearly doubling its current fertility rate of 1.6 — and that is what it would take — is pie in the sky nonsense. Moreover, far from making things better a massive baby boom would only increase an already mushrooming dependency rate for a good number of years. There is something perverse about wanting Canada to become a country of the very old and very young supported by taxes on a rapidly shrinking working population. Canada has no option but to continue with a high rate of immigration.

Guelph trucker seeks to make immigration an election issue (Guelph Mercury)
All four local mainstream party candidates are distancing themselves from a local man spending his own money in an attempt to make immigration an election issue. Truck driver Ed Wesselius, a 63-year-old Guelph resident, is the man behind Canada4Canadians, a website dedicated to immigration reform. Wesselius said the treatment of new Canadians is political correctness run amok and wants the next federal government to change that.–guelph-trucker-seeks-to-make-immigration-an-election-issue

Konstantinakos a no-show at immigrant issues debate (Centretown News)
Despite confirming his attendance, Conservative candidate Damian Konstantinakos was a no-show at Sundays Ottawa-Centre all-candidates debate on immigration and issues facing new Canadians. Debate organizer Gary Epton said he was disappointed in the absence, adding it could have been because of the questions candidates received in advance.

Persichilli: Could foreign voters swing the election? (Toronto Star)
According to Canadian law, only people with Canadian citizenship can cast a ballot, but Elections Canada has no mandate to make sure that all those going to the polls are Canadian citizens. That leaves the door wide open to consistent and repeated electoral fraud, mostly perpetrated by unscrupulous political organizers exploiting the good faith of new immigrants.–persichilli-could-foreign-voters-swing-the-election

Harper’s global religious freedom plan (Victoria Times Colonist)
Inwardly, a lot of us may be seething, but we’re better than most at being nice to the ethnic minorities, immigrants, gays and lesbians among us, the OECD says. Now, the government led by Mr. Congeniality himself proposes to make Canada a force for tolerance in the world, and has chosen to focus on religious tolerance. Prime Minister Stephen Harper pledges, if re-elected, to open an office in the Department of Foreign Affairs to promote religious freedom around the world.

Taking Stock of a Turbulent Decade and Looking Ahead: Immigration to North America 2000-2010 (Apr. 28 – 30, 2011 -London, Ontario) (Western Centre for Research on Migration & Ethnic Relations)
The Western Centre for Research on Migration and Ethnic Relations1, in partnership with the Canada-U.S. Institute2, is hosting the conference “Taking Stock of a Turbulent Decade and Looking Ahead: Immigration to North America 2000-2010” this April 28-30, 2011, at the Ivey Spencer Leadership Centre3. This will be the first in a series of conferences hosted by the Western Centre for Research on Migration and Ethnic Relations as part of their Western Migration Conference Series. This is an inter-disciplinary and international event with Canadian and American expert panelists speaking on five related themes, poster presentations showcasing recent findings in the area, and two keynote addresses sponsored by the Harold Crabtree Foundation Award in Public Policy.

Immigrant Services Society of BC Recognized as a Great Place to Work (Great Place to Work)
Immigrant Services Society of BC is recognized as one of the “Best Workplaces in Canada” by Great Place to Work Institute Canada. Great Place to Work® Institute Canada is pleased to present the 2011 list of Best Workplaces in Canada. The list was published as a Special National Report in The Globe and Mail on April 12, 2011.

Deportation could kill son, mom says (Montreal Gazette)
A long-standing struggle over land in Honduras could claim the life of Dany Villanueva if he is deported back to his native country, his mother told an immigration appeal tribunal on Friday.

Immigration, clean train among key issues at federal riding debate (
York South-Weston is one of the most ethnically diverse ridings in the country and as such the Greenhills Community Association wanted to know from candidates running in the May 2 federal election how they would address Canada’s current refugee and immigration laws at an all-candidates meeting on Wednesday evening.–immigration-clean-train-among-key-issues-at-federal-riding-debate

Family reunification: Still waiting for mom and dad (CBC)
Harper said that his government has been increasing immigration targets across all categories, including the family class. Then he added, “in terms of family class, there will be as many family class admitted this year as in the previous year. That’s the government’s plan. That’s how we keep a strong system of immigration.” Who’s right? So here’s the reality check. Ignatieff was referring to parents and grandparents, a subset of the family reunification class that is actually diminishing.

Ont. newcomer training program renewed (Canadian Immigrant)
The feds are giving money to Ontario to help immigrants find jobs. The Bridge Training program provides $22 million over 2011-2013 to assist newcomers in finding employment similar to their education and skills. The money goes towards regional projects in the province for newcomers to get a Canadian licence in a regulated profession or do the training to get a job.


Detained Tamils case exposes Canada’s brutal refugee policy – Peter Showler (Ottawa Citizen)
The federal government’s rhetoric about the evils of human smuggling has crashed into the twin barriers of unyielding detention policies and common sense.

Migrant’s lawyer challenges definition of smuggling (Globe and Mail)
Its not human smuggling if youre essentially trying to get caught, says a lawyer for one of the MV Sun Sea migrants. Rod Holloway addressed the Immigration and Refugee Board on Friday during an admissibility hearing for a man accused of being a smuggler. The man, who cant be identified because of a publication ban, has admitted he worked on the ship, but denied have anything to do with organizing the voyage.

Lawyer tells hearing Sun Sea Tamils weren’t smuggled into Canada (Vancouver Sun)
Contrary to the government’s repeated assertions, the arrival last summer of 492 Tamils aboard the MV Sun Sea was not part of a human smuggling operation, a lawyer for one of the migrants said Friday. In a rare appearance before the Immigration and Refugee Board, Rod Holloway, managing lawyer of appeals at the Legal Services Society of BC, said smuggling is defined, in part, as “clandestine entry” into a country. Holloway agreed that the Sun Sea’s arrival was part of a complex, well-organized and likely profitable operation, but “the intention appears to have been to bring the ship to Canada and report to a port of entry, not to enter Canada clandestinely.”

Group seeks to rescue persecuted homosexuals (Winnipeg Free Press)
David Pepper and other gay folks his age spent the last 25 years winning the right to be treated equally, to marry and to live in peace in Canada. Now they’re trying to rescue people persecuted for their sexual orientation around the world. This week in Winnipeg, Pepper launched the North Star Triangle Project to encourage groups of five to sponsor refugees who’ve had to flee their country because of their homosexuality.

Harper highlights human smuggling as a campaign issue (Toronto Sun)
Conservative Leader Stephen Harper is making a tough stance on human smuggling one of the main planks of his British Columbia campaign in bid to woo the regions key immigrant vote. The fairness of this system rests on equal treatment of applicants, Harper said at a Sunday morning campaign stop in the ethnically diverse Richmond riding.

Harper courts immigrant vote with promise to get tough on human smugglers (CP)
Stephen Harper courted immigrant voters and tough-on-crime supporters in one final sweep through the Vancouver area Sunday before heading north to Yellowknife. The prime minister talked up his promised Tory crackdown on human smugglers, using the scenic British Columbia backdrop to once again paint Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff and the other opposition parties as soft on Asian “snakeheads” and other international criminals.

Harper, Ignatieff campaign in swing ridings (Vancouver Sun)
Harper emphasized that legal immigrants have built Canada, but that immigrants who try to jump the queue “shortchange the new Canadians who have played by the rules.”

Refugee mother, son reunited after 8 years (Winnipeg Free Press)
LEFT parentless, she and her siblings walked around corpses to get out of war-torn Sierra Leone when she was just 14. Once they got to safety, she was raped and gave birth to a baby at 15. She was told to keep it to herself or it would hurt her chances of getting to Canada. She got bad advice. When Memunah Marah and her three siblings were accepted as privately sponsored refugees, the 16-year-old girl wasn’t allowed to bring her baby boy to Canada because he wasn’t included in her original application.


Election 2011: Fighting poverty the party platforms (CPJ)
How we treat our most vulnerable citizens says a lot about our country
and its values. The same is true of governments. Citizens for Public
Justice, along with our partners in the Dignity for All campaign, have
long called for vigorous and sustained action by the federal government
to combat poverty in Canada. (…) So how do the political parties
currently vying for our votes specifically plan to address poverty in

Shannen’s dream: equal schooling for native kids (Chronicle Herald)
Like Shannen, we believe education is a basic human right. Reserve schools receive on average $2,000 less in annual funding per student than provincial schools, according to a study from the Caledon Institute of Social Policy. A fixed funding model covers the basics: teacher salaries and administration. Unlike provincial schools, theres no money allocated for libraries, science or technology labs, athletic facilities or special education.

Jean Swanson – Standing Up to Poor Bashing (Eleventh in Poverty Series) (Al Etmanski)
In her book, Poor-Bashing : The Politics of Exclusion, she introduced us to a form of injustice and discrimination as destructive and debilitating as sexism and racism – poor bashing. In Jean’s words, “poor bashing is when people who are poor are humiliated, stereotyped, discriminated against, threatened, shunned, despised, pitied, patronized, ignored, blamed, and falsely accused of being lazy, drunk, stupid, uneducated, having large families and not looking for work.”


They went undercover for workers’ rights (Toronto Star)
Secret video captures potential employers breaking Ontario laws. DEENA LADD comments.!images/media/undercover-star-3-2011.jpg

BMO Opens its Doors to Help New Canadians Find Employment (Marketwire)
New Canadians seeking to build a better life in Canada descended upon BMO Financial Group’s new Customer Contact Centre in Mississauga, Ontario, today, hoping that the bank’s creative approach to recruitment will help them overcome the traditional bias and misperceptions that have prevented employers in the past from recognizing their true skills and capabilities. BMO has partnered with ACCES Employment to host an innovative Speed Mentoring event, a series of rapid-fire mentoring sessions that connect job seekers with professionals and managers in their field of interest who will talk with candidates about their skills, experience and career aspirations and provide them with advice about everything from networking strategies, resume preparation, and job opportunities within the bank, all in a tightly-timed series of back-to-back-to-back conversations that will each last 10 minutes.


Monday’s Headlines (Spacing Toronto)
A round-up of mainstream media Toronto headlines related to City Council, Federal Election, Transportation, Architecture & Development, Urban Green, Culture and Other News.

Citizens Engaged at Toronto’s First Park Summit (Torontoist)
Held at the Evergreen Brick Works this Saturday, the Park Summit brought together city councillors and parks staff with community organizers and engaged citizensand then threw them all together in a room to see what happened. What happened was that people began to talk to each other about parks.


Will ‘Real Men’ Make a Difference? (The Mark News)
Demi and Ashton’s anti-sex trafficking campaign is a good start, but it’s hardly enough. Demi and Ashton’s Message is Too Narrow.

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Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

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