Maytree News headlines – April 5, 2011


Police Take Community Outreach to City Hall (Cities of Migration)
As Police began to consult regularly with local Hispanic leaders, they found themselves reporting back on other issues the community was facing, such as difficulties accessing city services such as health care or housing related to information and language barriers. Newly informed, the City Manager realized that most city agencies were unaware that there was a problem and recognized an important opportunity to improve city services.

Becoming a social entrepreneur: 2010 DiverseCity Fellows help enterprising young leaders build skills (DiverseCity blog)
In January 2011, 2010 DiverseCity Fellows Karen Kun and Farheen Khan organized “Becoming a Social Entrepreneur in the City”, a weekend workshop for enterprising young leaders in Toronto. Special guests included Amanuel Melles, Director of Capacity Building Unit at United Way Toronto, Mark Simpson, George Brown College’s Centre for Business and Coordinator of The Institute, and Gavin Sheppard, Founder of I.C. Visions and founding Executive Director of the Remix Project.

Webinar – How Diversity is Changing Canada’s Fundraising Sector – April 14 (Artez Interactive)
Raising money in today’s diverse communities is a growing challenge for fundraisers that requires innovative strategies, successful collaborations, and a respectful understanding of people’s differences. This session will explore the impact of diversity on the behaviour of charities, fundraisers and on philanthropy as a whole. Participants will learn how to incorporate and embrace diversity as a way to enhance fundraising results.

Cohn: Ethnic politics pits Ottawa against Queen’s Park (Toronto Star)
Federal Immigration Minister Jason Kenney’s smooth rhetoric turns tough when discussing his Ontario counterpart, Citizenship Minister Eric Hoskins, who is equally hard line. The two politicians waged a diplomatic war for a year before negotiations broke down last month. Now, Canada’s two biggest governments are worlds apart. A five-year-old agreement has lapsed, dissolving the fledgling partnership between Queen’s Park and Ottawa. Settlement agencies are confused and recent arrivals are in the lurch.–cohn-ethnic-politics-pits-ottawa-against-queen-s-park

Tories’ talk on human smuggling annoys immigrant voters (Toronto Star)
Thind said the Conservatives’ frequent talk about cracking down on human smugglers is a message that has angered many in the South Asian community. Reducing the number of people in India eligible for family reunification with relatives in Canada from 15,000 to 11,000 per year is the major immigration issue for the community, Thind said. Reunification now takes an average of 13 years, he said, instead of the two to four years it took less than a decade ago. For many South Asian families, that decade-plus long wait means a permanent separation, according to Thind, from parents and grandparents.–tories-talk-on-human-smuggling-annoys-immigrant-voters

Controversial Toronto production draws concern from Polish group (Globe and Mail)
A Toronto theatre company has rebuffed a request from the Canadian Polish Congress that it hand out a CPC-drafted “fact sheet” to audiences attending the company’s presentation of a controversial play about Polish-Jewish relations during the Second World War. Joel Greenberg, artistic director of Studio 180, said in an e-mail sent Monday to the CPC that his company will be including its own background information and study guide in the printed program audiences will receive during the North American premiere run of Our Class, which began Monday and continues through April 30 at Toronto’s Berkeley Stage Theatre.

Immigration by the numbers (Montreal Gazette)
A “Harper’s Index” approach to Canadian immigration statistics.

National Film Board of Canada wins Digital Emmy (CTV)
The National Film Board of Canada has won an International Digital Emmy Award for the online interactive documentary “HIGHRISE: Out My Window.” The digital program features 49 stories from within apartment buildings in 13 cities, and told in 13 different languages

Capping nominee program will hurt – city (Daily Gleaner)
Atlantic Canada should be exempt from a federal cap on immigrants coming here through provincial nominee programs, says Fredericton deputy mayor Dan Keenan. “That’s a key issue for us. There’s a cap that’s been assigned based on historical levels of immigration and it’s absolutely imperative that somehow Atlantic Canada gets an exemption from those caps because we’re dealing with population decline which is something you don’t see in the rest of the country,” Keenan said Monday night at a council in committee meeting.

OPINION | Looking to Canada (Yale Daily News)
While the American discourse surrounding immigration is becoming more defensive and insular, Canadian policymaking is becoming more innovative and expansive. It already allows for such liberties as the private sponsorship of refugees and an expedited application process for spouses of new permanent residents. Soon, it may streamline the process for parents of Canadian residents as well. In the meantime, it is still accepting masses of economic immigrants with no prior connection to Canada. But let’s not get carried away with praise for the Canadians. After all, their enthusiastic support of new immigration is driven partially by a need for labor that doesn’t exist in the United States. The birthrate in Canada is on the decline and if it is to support its hefty social welfare programs, it must maintain a steady influx of fresh hands. Accordingly, it is boosting not only the number of permanent residents, but also the number of temporary workers. The latter group will help it precisely control the size of the labor force at the expense of the workers’ chances for better long term prospects. Which begs the question: is the opportunity to lead a safe and comfortable life an olive branch that is extended only in times of economic need?

Pulling together (The Aurora)
The Multicultural Council of Labrador West is encouraging everyone to lend a hand. Members of the community should commit to doing one job at one event in order to make Labrador West a more diverse and welcoming place for newcomers, explained Roy Hobbson at the council’s potluck and AGM held at Labrador City on March 27.

Multilingual Guide for Newcomers to PEI (PEI Association for Newcomers to Canada)
A new Guide for Newcomers to Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada is available. In the Guide you will find basic information about everyday living in Canada and on the Island and more. This newcomer guide is available in many languages.

Major Changes to Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program (Gowlings)
On April 1, 2011 major changes to Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program become law. Amendments to the Regulations of Canada’s Immigration & Refugee Protection Act will affect the ability of employers to hire and retain foreign workers, and will place greater emphasis on employer compliance. The Labour Market Opinion application requirements and form have also changed. To ensure that businesses comply with the new rules, it is imperative that employers and HR professionals understand the changes and adopt strategies to deal with the new regime.

Regulatory Changes to Temporary Foreign Worker Program (OCASI)
Regulatory changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFW) were implemented on April 1, 2011. The Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI) is deeply concerned that the changes will do little to reduce the vulnerability of migrant workers and give them effective protection from exploitation and abuse.

Diversity in Corporate Canada – April 18 (Asians Without Borders)
There will be a panel of high caliber speakers from Bank of Montreal, Government of Ontario, TD Bank, and Price Waterhouse Cooper to discuss
A) The commitment that these corporations have on diversity
B) The preparation that you need in order to benefit from these corporate diversity initiatives.


Tuesday’s Headlines (Spacing Toronto)
A round-up of mainstream media Toronto headlines related to City Council, Transit, Utilities, TCHC and Other News.


Social Entrepreneurs: Remaking the World (Ontario Business Report)
Social entrepreneurs are agents of change. These are individuals who look out at the world, see major societal ills such as poverty or homelessness or environmental degradation and are not content to sit back and leave the resolution to others. Instead, they say, “I can do something about this”. And using business principles, they create a venture to address it. The impact, in many cases, is breathtaking.

Big Society or small society loosely joined? (CSI blog)
Building community, civil society and social enterprise take time. They also take a sense of ownership. Community emerges out of the profoundly local. It is intimate. It is meaningful. For me, the magic of community is how it connects with the profoundly personal. It is the connection between the individual self-interest and the common good.

Social Enterprise with Stacey Corriveau – April 11 (Ontario Nonprofit Network)
A two hour workshop for charities, nonprofits and individuals considering social enterprise. Is social enterprise right for your organization? What does it take to start social enterprise?

The ONN Unconference (ONN)
Come to the Unconference and find out what the partnership project means for you and how your organization can make the most of it! The Unconference is the largest gathering in Ontario for members of the nonprofit sector. And it’s the best place to learn first hand about key issues facing our sector, share ideas, and strategize. It is an essential meeting place for our community. Highlights include: Honorable Dr. Eric Hoskins, Helen Burstyn & Mowat Centre Director Matthew Mendelsohn.

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Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

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