Maytree News headlines – May 20, 2011


Think-tank report a cheap shot against immigrants (Chatham Daily News)
A note to people around the world looking to leave their country to come to Canada in search of their dream life, you had better have that dream planned out well in advance. That’s the word from the Fraser Institute, Canada’s leading extremely conservative think tank. What bung. There’s little doubt our immigration system can use a tune up, but the idea that immigrants need to have a legitimate job offer before trying to get into Canada is a stretch

Dr. Sun Yat-sen garden belongs to all (Vancouver Sun)
The idea of the garden arose in the 1970s and 1980s when the freeway debates and reform to Canada’s immigration laws brought unprecedented value to Chinatown and Chinese culture. Vancouver was changing from a provincial to a world city. The need to bridge the city’s ethnic divides was obvious.

Immigration isn’t as beneficial as politicians claim (Calgary Herald)
Immigration is a critical public policy issue. The kind of Canada we will be in the future depends on the policies we follow today. The dramatic changes in our demographic composition are being done without public knowledge or debate. This is wrong. There may be reasons why demographic change is desirable, or even inevitable, but if through mass immigration, the traditional society of a nation is in danger of becoming marginalized, then surely it should be done as a deliberate and open policy objective of government -and not driven by politicians competing desperately for ethnic votes.

Are we now mainstream? (South Asian Focus)
There’s no gainsaying that South Asian culinary delight, the samosa, has arrived into the Canadian mainstream. Have South Asians too arrived into this mainstream? Our communities would certainly like to think so – and the recent federal elections, where ‘ethnic’ and ‘very ethnic’ votes may have proved decisive in today’s majority Parliament, certainly lends credibility to that notion. But just as certainly, our communities are seen by the mainstream as penny-pinching, unwilling to pay, parsimonious folk who may have money but would rather do business within our ownâ?¦ and then not pay for the services.

Chambers want incentives for older workers (Lethbridge Herald)
The Lethbridge chamber co-sponsored a resolution to more fully utilize the skills and talents of immigrants to the province as an additional response to upcoming labour shortages. Among the resolution’s recommendations are providing more accurate information regarding career prospects to potential immigrants and developing a more flexible approach to recognizing credentials and experience while recognizing Canadian standards.

You’ve heard about the cultural mosiac. What about a cultural quilt? (CBC)
Now on view at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, the Quilt of Belonging is a 36 metre-long collaborative textile project made up of hexagonal fibre blocks that represent Canada’s 71 Aboriginal groups and 192 immigrant nationalities. For Esther Bryan, the Ontario-based artist who conceived the project and oversaw its planning and construction, the quilt embodies the belief that there’s a place for everyone in the fabric of Canadian society.

Editorial (with video): Get us good immigrants (Toronto Sun)
The most successful wooing of the immigrant vote–even if the losers playing the same game decry it as political pandering, not wooing–was obviously pulled off by the Harper Conservatives. Kudos to them. But now that Stephen Harper has secured his first majority as PM, thanks primarily to Jason Kenney’s marathon dance in the multicultural mosh pit, the time has come to get real with our immigration policies.

Career Bridge Program Alumnus featured in Canadian Immigrant (CEO blog)
At Career Edge Organization, one of our greatest measures of success is the success of our former interns. This is why we are continuously working to improve our connectivity and communication with those who have participated in our Career Edge, Ability Edge or Career Bridge paid internship programs folks we now fondly refer to as Alumni.

Metropolis 2011 (March 23-26, Vancouver): Presentations Now Available (Metropolis)
The 2011 National Metropolis Conference focused on the role of immigration in connecting Canada with the rest of the world. The conference included six plenary panels with distinguished speakers and over one hundred workshop and roundtable sessions on a wide variety of topics related to immigration and cultural diversity.

CIO provides insight into federal skilled worker processing (First Reference Talks blog)
During the recent Canadian Bar Association Citizenship and Immigration Conference in Gatineau, Quebec, representatives of the Central Intake Office (CIO) in Sydney, Nova Scotia, provided some helpful insight into its processing of Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) applications. The CIO screens all FSW applications in order to verify that submitted applications satisfy the Ministerial Instructions, which currently restrict who can apply under the FSW class.

St. Michaels Hospital is a trailblazer when it comes to integrating skilled (TRIEC)
St. Michaels Hospital is a trailblazer when it comes to integrating skilled immigrants. The hospital was the first to host immigrant interns through Career Edge Organizations Career Bridge program and to develop mentoring for newcomers through St. Michaels Making Connections: Newcomer Volunteer Program. Now theyre the first hospital to fuse mentoring with volunteering in partnership with TRIECs Mentoring Partnership program.


Friends and supporters demand residency status for queer artist (Rabble)
Queer community advocate Alvaro Orozco continues to fight for his release from detention and a stay on his deportation proceedings until his Humanitarian and Compassionate application has been heard. No deportation date has been set yet.


Parliamentary Commissioner for Future Generations (Al Etmanski)
For those worrying about the state of natural, spiritual and financial resources we will leave future generations, here is an idea from Hungary whose time has come – a Parliamentary Commissioner for Future Generations. The Hungarian Parliament established the position in 2007.

Goar: Why talented Canadians can’t find work (Toronto Star)
Three reports have been released in the past week warning that Canadas labour market is so badly broken that it creates more losers than winners and threatens the countrys economic vitality.–goar-why-talented-canadians-can-t-find-work


Update: Stop Wage Theft campaign launch (Workers’ Action Centre)
On May 12th, WAC held a Press Conference at Queens Park to publicly launch our Stop Wage Theft campaign and the release of our new research report Unpaid Wages, Unprotected Workers and a new Stop Wage theft video about repeat violations of the law by the painting company Com-Kote.

WAC Members launch Stop Wage Theft campaign (Workers’ Action Centre)
Congratulations to Workers Action Centre members for organizing an amazing campaign launch event as part of the Mayworks Festival on Friday May 13th! Following news coverage on our new report and campaign launch, this event was the highlight of an exciting week!


Thursday’s Headlines (Spacing Toronto)
A round-up of mainstream media Toronto headlines related to Trash Collection, City Hall, TDSB and Other News.

Fate of citizen advisory committees with Ford (Globe and Mail)
Council votes to refer the decision on whether to kill committees to the mayor?s office – with the exception of the Aboriginal Affairs Committee, which it voted to save.


What Does Money + Meaning = for (
The question for Social Capital Markets 2011 (SOCAP11) is: “What does Money + Meaning = ?”. SOCAP11 will be held Sept 6th -9th at Fort Mason in San Francisco to continue building the social capital market. However, this year were going a little deeper and asking our community to not just think about impact, return, problems and progress towards goals. Were asking you to do the math and tell us what you see for this markets future. At the intersection of money and meaning, what needs to be created, what needs to be put into action, what should the social capital market stand for?


Cops look for more victims of alleged pimp (Montreal Gazette)
Police are hoping the public can identify other potential victims of a man they allege exploited a woman for four years, forcing her to work in the sex industry while he reaped all the revenue. The man is also expected to face charges involving two other women. Curtis Hutchinson, 37 was arrested April 22 and charged with assault, procurement and human trafficking, police said in a statement issued Thursday.

Hamilton suspect in human trafficking ring arrested at airport (Hamilton Spectator)
The RCMP has arrested an alleged member of a Hamilton human trafficking ring attempting to flee the country with her daughter in Montreal. Police arrested Krisztina Csasar, who had been wanted December, as she tried to board a plane destined for Hungary with her daughter Wednesday.–hamilton-suspect-in-human-trafficking-ring-arrested-at-airport

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Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

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