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You dont have to be Indian to blog about Bollywood (Globe and Mail)
Although Ms. Costachescu, 30, grew up in Romania at a time when black-and-white Bollywood movies were shown on TV, she didnt begin to obsess over them until 2008, when she took a Bollywood dance class at the Harbourfront Centre Community Centre.

Blood agency faces barriers in ethnic donor search (CBC)
Canadian Blood Services is pushing for ethnic communities to roll up their sleeves despite obstacles that prevent some from giving the life-sustaining fluid. While visible minorities make up 20 per cent of the population, only seven per cent of blood donors identify themselves that way, the agency said.

Toronto to update anti-discrimination policy over Israeli Apartheid (JTA)
Toronto’s municipal council passed a motion to re-write and update its anti-discrimination policy so “Israeli Apartheid” and other terms would violate city standards. The June 15 vote came just weeks after the city’s executive committee voted to permit the funding of the Toronto Gay Pride Parade despite the participation of Queers Against Israeli Apartheid.

Irshad Manji: Reconciling faith and freedom (Montreal Gazette)
Arab Spring may have taken the world by surprise, but Irshad Manji saw it coming. Manji is the effortlessly eloquent and openly gay apostle of Muslim reform whose 2003 bestseller, The Trouble with Islam Today, brought her death threats and international fame. Now Manji is back with a new call to action. And as the former Vancouverite now director of the Moral Courage Project at New York Universitys Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service points out, her latest offering couldnt have come out at a better time.

Alberta community in shock after priest charged (CBC)
Members of a northeastern Alberta community are feeling betrayed and disappointed after a priest was charged with immigration fraud. “It’s hard to believe that it could have happened,” said Bonnyville-Cold Lake MLA Genia Leskiw. “And it’s hard to believe that my parish priest could’ve been involved in something like that.

Victims of immigration scam stuck in limbo (CBC)
Rolinger said many of the Polish workers don’t know if they can stay in Canada, while others have already left. “Their inability to know where they’re working, their actual status here and after a while it grinds on people and many went back home because they didn’t know if they had the ability to stay in the long haul.”

Legit Immigration Consultants Lobby Group To Go After Bogus Consultants (South Asian Link)
The recently instituted Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), which is set to shortly take over as the new regulatory body for immigration consultants or Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs), to give them their rightful name will inter alia go after ghost consultants, both inside and outside Canada, Interim President and CEO Phil Mooney told practitioners at a recent Town Hall in Brampton, reported Toronto-based South Asian Focus newspaper

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt Me: Diversity, Accommodation, and Citizenship Education in Canada (Canadian Education Association)
Questions and issues related to ethnic diversity are part of the everyday experiences in Canadian classrooms. Most scholars and educators in the field assume a progression from knowledge of diversity, through to acceptance, respect, and justice. Knowledge about difference is not enough, but it is the starting point for both respect and justice. And yet, there is almost no research on how young people or teachers understand ethnic diversity. If we do not understand what makes us similar and what makes us different, the decisions we make (in the classroom, on the playground) are based on assumptions, not knowledge and what you dont know can hurt me.

Persichilli: Parizeau imprisoned in history (Toronto Star)
Of course it is, but the problem is he believes that same right is not important for others. When he was defeated in the 1995 referendum, he tried to remove any political significance from the outcome by saying it was obtained as a result of the ethnic vote. In doing so, he questioned the right to vote of all Canadian citizens who were not pure laine francophones. It was an ironic twist of political events: While he was hoping to remove the Canadian passport from the ethnics, the ethnics imposed the Canadian passport on him. The difference is that while we deserve it, he doesnt.–persichilli-parizeau-imprisoned-in-history

Parks Canada pitches camping (Time Colonist)
To celebrate the centennial, in collaboration with Mountain Equipment Co-op, urban and new Canadians were invited to the weekend venture. The event was promoted through the Inter-Cultural Society of Greater Victoria and the Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Centre Society.

New immigrants camping for 1st time in Canada (CBC)
There are 115 immigrants new to Canada that will head out for their first Canadian camping experience this weekend. The Learn to Camp project is being sponsored by Parks Canada and Mountain Equipment Co-op and coincides with Parks Canada’s centennial celebrations.

Diversity Day on Sunday, June 26 (The Northern View)
Canadian Multiculturalism Day, which is held every June 27th, gives Canadians a chance to celebrate the diversity of the country, and to appreciate the contributions of the variety of multicultural groups and communities in our society. The day of recognition was first established in 2002, and was first celebrated on June 27, 2003. Canadian Multiculturalism Day is one of four “Celebrate Canada Days”, the other being National Aboriginal Day, St. Jean Baptise Day and Canada Day.

Immigration plan would attract and support newcomers to Ottawa (Ottawa Citizen)
The Ottawa Immigration Strategy is the brainchild of some 200 local groups, covering a sweeping cross-section of the city that includes not only immigration help centres, community organizations and social-service agencies, but also provincial health-care officials, city staff, all four school boards, police officials and business leaders.

Immigration integration focus of new program (CBC)
The City of Ottawa will unveil a new plan on Monday to attract immigrants and better integrate those who are already here. The plan brings together a dozen immigration and settlement agencies, as well as employers, social service providers and others.

Thirty years in Canada, but forever a Ugandan (Daily Monitor)
Thirty years later, my thoughts have returned to the two strange women who are now part of my history. Their behaviour was symbolic of the way the rulers of their native lands treated me and my fellow citizens one harsh, the other hospitable; one forever threatening to punish citizens who exercised or demanded their rights, the other offering freedom and security as a matter of right. The contrast would have been enough to propel me to renounce my Ugandan citizenship. Yet the thought never occurred to me – not even for a second. I was born a Ugandan, and a Ugandan I would remain, for better or worse. The more Ugandan rulers became ruthless towards her citizens, the more passionate I became about the land that had made it possible for me to succeed in Canada. The more successful I became in my professional career in Canada and the more freedom and security I enjoyed in this blessed land, the more desirous I became of seeing my Ugandan brothers and sisters freed from our history of injustice.

Agencies’ funding rejected despite passing marks (Toronto Star)
Two Toronto immigrant agencies were given passing marks on their grant applications by two out of three assessors, but still lost their federal funding, documents obtained by the Star show. The South Asian Womens Centre, established in 1982, lost its bid for $693,000 the majority of its overall funding from Ottawa on April 1 and has been forced to cut services and close satellite offices. It served 14,000 clients in 2010. The Davenport-Perth Neighbourhood Centre, a multi-service agency in existence since 1985, was denied $426,000 it sought for family settlement services.–agencies-funding-rejected-despite-passing-marks

And the Applause Goes to Immigrants! (I Love Toronto)
Canada is famous for its multiculturalism (which is even stated in the constitution), and the United States is enviously looking across the border to observe what seems to be perfectly effective immigration policy. Less than one third of Canadians in a recent poll view immigration as a problem more than an opportunity a substantially lower proportion than in any other country featured in the survey. Not being a native Canadian doesnt seem to be a major obstacle in a career or education, as the society recognizes the potential of its young and qualified labour force. Where does such a favourable public opinion come from?

Canadian minister urges UN to drop Durban III parley (Jerusalem Post)
In a series of interviews with The Jerusalem Post at last weeks Conservative Party convention in Ottawa, leading politicians from the newly reelected Conservative government discussed support for Israel and Western values, and opposition to the scheduled Durban III conference within Prime Minister Stephen Harpers administration. When asked about Harpers government taking the lead in rejecting the UN Durban Review Conference in Geneva (Durban II) in 2009 and the Durban III event slated to take place in New York City on September 21, Jason Kenney, the minister of citizenship, immigration and multiculturalism, said: Under the previous liberal government, Canada participated at Durban I [in 2001], and I think there was a pretty broad recognition after the fact that it was mistake for Canada to lend its good name to that circus of hatred at Durban I.

‘Diversity of cultures’ comes together in Midland (Catholic Register)
Since opening in 1925, the Martyrs Shrine has been a home for the universal Church. From the Shrines very beginnings when 13,000 gathered to celebrate its opening Mass pilgrims of all cultural backgrounds have come to pray, reflect and search for God. This year, more than 100,000 pilgrims from 27 different cultures are expected at the Shrine, which marks the location where St. Jean de Brébeuf and seven other Jesuit saints lived, worked, and were martyred. Brébeuf and the martyrs worked as missionaries among the Hurons in the 17th century, converting thousands of indigenous people.

This community rallied together to effect change (Times and Transcript)
It is impossible to list the vast multitude of people and organizations to thank for supporting the Maengs’ cause in a brief column. It is not impossible, however, for a community to come together and create change, to alter a dismal future into one that is bright. It was, for lack of a better word, incredible to view an entire city back and help a family of their own in need. Everyone who proclaimed to be a proud Monctonian rallied behind the Maengs, shedding what barriers they may have had to work together in ensuring such a fine family could remain in the Hub City for years to come.

A Journey to Diversity in Conservation: A Toronto and Region Conservation Case Study (Sustainability Network)
Presentation slides outlining:
Diversity Within TRCA
Diversity Initiatives at TRCA
Environmental Volunteer Program
PAIE Program
M2P Program
Testimony of Program participants

Windsor teacher honored by her peers (Canada Newswire)
For many years, Micheline Duguay-Lévesque has enriched the life of her students and colleagues at school by organizing many activities which aim to develop a sense of belonging and cultural pride. She has done pioneer work in the field of immigrant integration, allowing many students to better adapt to their new life in Canada. Her dedication has led her to direct a workshop on welcoming immigrants for the Ministry of Education.

Refugee, Aboriginal, Francophone, Multicultural = Canadian. The Celebration days of summer are here (
June 20 is World Refugee Rights Day.
June 21 is National Aboriginal Day
June 24 is Saint-Jean-Baptiste ou fête nationale
June 27 is Canadian Multiculturalism Day
July 1 is Canada Day.
Enjoy. Bonne Fete. Sto lat.

“Braving the Odds for the Dignity of All Women” Event Tour (Settlement AtWork)
The Sexual Assault/ Rape Crisis Centre of Peel in collaboration with the Council for the Advancement of Muslim Professionals Network Canada presents: Mississauga: June 19, 2011 June 29, 2011 “Braving the Odds for the Dignity of All Women” Event Tour featuring Member of Provincial Parliament, Pakistan, Journalist and Human Rights Activist Ms. Humaira Awais Shahid.

Settlement Roadmap (Canadian Newcomer Magazine)
Canada has a strong network of non-profit agencies dedicated to helping newcomers settle and integrate into Canadian society. These agencies provide information, encouragement and advice on every aspect of the settlement process: helping you find a place to live, teaching you the language of the marketplace (English or French), letting you know which forms to fill out and helping you do it, informing you about the Canadian workplace and helping you find suitable employment. The site also features selected how-to stories from Canadian Newcomer, about subjects ranging from Canadian customs to housing, jobhunting and language skills; as well as dealing with unexpected barriers and setbacks. New, helpful features will be added on a regular basis in order to help you in any aspect of your settlement process.

Buckle up, Toronto. Bollywood is coming (Globe and Mail)
If the hype is anywhere close to accurate, the royal wedding will seem like a staid little gathering, the Cannes Film Festival a lacklustre photo op, once the International Indian Film Academy awards come to Toronto this week with a show full of ecstatic, gyrating Bollywood song and dance.

National Capital Region Defence Visible Minority Advisory Group (Ottawa Asian Heritage Month Society)
VISION: The National Capital Region (NCR) Defence Visible Minority Advisory Group (DVMAG) will be a leader in influencing the transformation of the Department of National Defence / Canadian Forces into a fully inclusive and diverse workforce.


Celebrating world refugee day (Chatham Daily News)
Magdiel Hoste, settlement services co-ordinator at the centre, said the event is aimed at bringing newcomers together to celebrate their diversity and mark world refugee day, which falls on June 20. “We work with people from 20 to 30 different countries around the world,” she said. “Many of them are refugees. We are recognizing that there are people here coming from really difficult situations. In a lot of cases they are running from something.”

Canada: Rejected Human Smuggling Bill Reintroduced (Pacific Free Press)
Public Safety Minister Vic Toews and Minister of Censorship and Deportation Jason Kenney have announced that they are re-introducing Human Smuggling Bill C4 (previously Bill C49). This is despite previous Bill C49 being rejected by all opposition parties and hundreds of community, legal, health, human rights, and migrant justice groups. This is a bill modeled after Australias internationally condemned policies of mandatory detention and human rights abuses against asylum-seekers.

The human smuggling bill is back, and so is the controversy (Ottawa Citizen)
The Tories say they have a strong mandate to prevent people from abusing the immigration system. But critics counter that the party’s plan to do that -Bill C-49 -is a blatant attack on refugee rights. Louisa TayloR looks at the debate.

Student Refugee Program expands (University of Calgary Gauntlet)
Without the program I wouldn’t have come to Canada. I really appreciate it,” said Tuyisenge Celestin in a Gauntlet interview last year. Celestin arrived in Canada last fall thanks to sponsorship by the Student Refugee Program­– a collaboration between the University of Calgary and Students’ Union club World University Services of Canada.

Deported to torture (Toronto Star)
The memories arent all good. The country the Benhmudas love is also the country that rejected them as refugees. In 2008, the Canadian government deported the family back to Libya even though the two youngest boys, Adam and Omar, are Canadian citizens by birth. For the boys father, it meant being deported to torture. Adel Benhmuda, now 43, says he was detained on arrival at Tripolis airport and taken to the notorious Ain Zara prison on the outskirts of the Libyan capital. For a total of six months, during two separate periods of detention, he says he was repeatedly beaten.–deported-to-torture

Fleeing the drug war, but finding doors closed in Canada (Toronto Star)
They call it Mexicos culture of impunity, and it is a source of mounting concern among activists in this country. They worry that changes to Canadas refugee system will further imperil genuine asylum-seekers from Mexico, an increasingly beleaguered republic where narco-dollars, firearms, and brash young men with nothing to lose are gradually replacing the authority of the state. The legal system is being corrupted by drug traffickers, says Judith Teichman of the Munk School for Global Affairs at the University of Toronto. Particularly in northern Mexico, but throughout the country, when the drug gangs become ensconced, the first thing they do is go after the police force with bribes. It is affecting all of their institutions.–fleeing-the-drug-war-but-finding-doors-closed-in-canada

Don’t target the victims (Toronto Star)
It was ill-considered when the Conservatives first tried it and its no better the second time around. The new law they propose to stop human smuggling into Canada will only hurt desperate refugees seeking sanctuary and wont stop the flow of people hungering for freedom here.–don-t-target-the-victims

Refugees find safer life in Canada (Waterloo Record)
Htoo and her family came to Kitchener and landed at Reception House, a temporary home for government-sponsored refugees. They now live in a townhouse in Kitchener and Htoos husband Be Be works as a machine operator supporting the family. In my country we are not free. We dont have enough food, she said. We are free here and my children go to school and they are free. Fauzia Mazhar, organizer of todays event, said World Refugee Day is a day to raise awareness about the refugees living in our community.–refugees-find-safer-life-in-canada

Justice For Dianne Pearce: American Environmentalist Seeking Refugee Protection in Canada From Political Persecution (OpEdNews)
American Environmentalist Dianne Pearce is seeking refugee protection in Canada from years of persecution orchestrated by Maryland Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler and his associates.

Poor countries bear the brunt of refugees (Sydney Morning Herald)
The US is by far the most generous country when it comes to outright resettlement, explaining its relatively low refugee figure of just 3,025. Last year alone, the US took in 71,362 refugees from elsewhere for resettlement. This was followed by Canada and Australia, with about 12,000 and 8,500 resettlements, respectively.

Grim prospects for asylum-seekers (Sunday Observer)
On June 14, news reports from Ottawa, said that the Canadian Government is poised to re-introduce anti human-smuggling legislation that would include measures to punish asylum-seekers who pay smugglers to take them into Canada. The news came into limelight with the arrest of four men in Toronto by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in connection with the MV Ocean Lady, the freighter that brought 76 illegal immigrants to Canadas West Coast over an year-and-a-half ago. The arrests are the first stemming from RCMP investigations into human smuggling networks in Southeast Asia that have brought hundreds of Sri Lankan refuge seekers to Canada, aboard two freighters.


Ontario poverty rate up since last election (Toronto Star)
Almost 300,000 more Ontarians sunk into poverty since the McGuinty government was elected in 2007 on a pledge to fight the problem, according to the latest Statistics Canada income data from 2009 released this week.–ontario-poverty-rate-up-since-last-election

BC Liberals Continue To Preside Over Worst Child Poverty Rate (South Asian Link)
Statistics Canada numbers reveal this week that the B.C. Liberals have done little to improve the lives of B.C.s poorest citizens for over a decade, say the New Democrats. Statistics Canada numbers released Wednesday show that B.C. continues to hold the highest rate of child poverty in the nation for the eighth year in a row, with B.C.s overall poverty numbers the highest in Canada for 11 years.

Open season on Canada’s middle class (The Telegram)
Because make no mistake, the Harper government has just declared war on Canadas middle class. Last weeks federal budget was the first step in transforming not just the federal government, but our nation. You cant make the kind of massive spending cuts from federal government departments, programs and services that are currently planned by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his axe-man Tony Clement without there being a fundamental shift in the kind of government Canadians get.

Rural Communities in Decline (Canada and the World)
Places like Gabriola Island (left) in British Columbia are among the countrys most appealing communities. The lush vegetation, easy-going lifestyle, and warm climate have attracted several thousand residents to the island, which had only a few hundred people four decades ago. The small town of Bamfield (population 500) on the southwest coast of Vancouver Island has survived for different reasons… As the Caledon Institute of Social Policy explains in its 2004 report on Bamfield, The trail was the beginning of the West Coast Trail – now prized as a recreational and ecological jewel.

Signs of hope for native people (Toronto Star)
The federal government and the Assembly of First Nations say theyre on track to reverse the decades of failure, poverty and dysfunction that plague Canadas reserves. Its hard to avoid the temptations of cynicism when it comes to aboriginal affairs, but several factors give modest cause for hope. The two sides are developing concrete goals on education, economic development and governance that will be spelled out next winter. Canadians have heard this talk before and it almost always involved unilateral demands by First Nations for more money and more autonomy on how it was spent.–signs-of-hope-for-native-people

Finding Daycare Space (CBC Metro Morning)
Guest host Kevin Sylvester spoke with new mother Erin George, and with Jane Mercer. She is the executive coordinator of the Toronto Coalition for Better Child Care.


Highly educated female immigrants say Canada isn’t on their side (Vancouver Observer)
After seven stressful years of looking for work in her own field here in Canada, Shrivastava is only now coming to terms with the realization that her dream of contributing to the sciences in Canada has diminished… One possible remedy to eliminate the barriers that immigrant women may experience is a mentor program. Pejic feels that “mentors with other women in the same field would help these newcomers understand the step by step process here in Canada and discover hidden opportunities in the industry.”

Study: Rebuilding professional lives: Immigrant professionals working in the Ontario settlement sector (Settlement AtWork)
Unable to become employed in their field, internationally trained immigrants are finding satisfaction in helping other newcomers to navigate their way through their new life in Canada, according to a report to be released on Monday June 20, 2011. The report, “Rebuilding Professional Lives: Immigrant Professionals Working in the Ontario Settlement Sector”, looks at the experience of internationally trained immigrants who found employment in the field of immigrant settlement services.

Labour crunch could be worse this time around (
And workers in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the Atlantic region are staying to work in their increasingly busy home provinces. On top of that, a “terrible” new federal policy that forces people who immigrate under Canada’s temporary foreign worker program to leave the country after four years, then wait four more years before they can reapply, Walker says. “We’ve got to make it easier for people to want to come here to work,” he says. “We want them to come and move here. We can’t make it where they’re only going to be coming for a short time. We want a future for them. Where else are they going to be investing in building in the next 10 years in North America? It’s going to be in Alberta.

The Business Case for Employee Volunteering – Case #1 (Realized Worth)
Many companies have employee volunteer programs, but for many companies in Europe, Canada and the US these programs are underfunded, underdeveloped and underutilized. This blog series is meant to offer a number of compelling reasons why your business needs to invest (a bit more) in employee volunteering.

Gaping holes in our knowledge of the labour market (Globe and Mail)
That miscalculation illustrates both how difficult it is to predict future labour market needs and why its so important to get it right. Its not just skilled immigrants whose livelihoods and futures can be hurt by a mistake. It can also hit students who are lured into one area of postsecondary study, like teaching, only to see opportunities dry up by the time they graduate. It can also strike older workers who retrain for other professions but still cant land a job.

Nuances of Brain Drain (Inside Higer Ed)
Wisdom J. Tettey, a professor at the University of Calgary who studies globalization and African higher education, said he worried about the trends’ impact on Africa and other parts of the developing world. “Some of what’s called ‘internationalization’ is really just grabbing talent,” he said. Tettey said that he is not suggesting that Western universities stop recruiting talent in Africa or elsewhere. But, he said, “the ethical context is not being interrogated enough.”

A Strategy for the Harper Years in Kingston (Socialist Project)
Other employment spaces in the Kingston area that need to be targeted are those industries that rely on precarious, non-unionized workers. There are currently large numbers of people working in big box stores, telemarketing and service industries forced into part-time status, although the actual flows of work can range from 60 hours a week to just a few hours at minimum wage, thanks to prior Conservative labour law reform. Many are young people and new immigrants, as new labour market entrants dominate in this precarious work. But many are also older workers who would be retired by now if they had decent pension plans; for example, currently a buy-out of Zellars by Target is sending people with 30 years of work into unemployment without even severance pay.

Upgrading to Canadian job standards takes time and effort (Waterloo Record)
Newcomers to Canada made the tremendous decision to leave their home country with, if not a dream, then at least a feeling that they will have a chance to do better. As a skilled worker, I never realistically expected to land in the same professional position I had left behind. I was nevertheless confident, as a minimum, that I would find an entry level position matching my background. During my first two months in Canada my degree of confidence dropped. During job interviews I was always reminded that I was missing Canadian experience and Canadian references. My network consisted only of the people in my close neighbourhood and two couples of other immigrants.–upgrading-to-canadian-job-standards-takes-time-and-effort


Monday’s headlines (Spacing Toronto)
A round-up of mainstream media Toronto headlines related to City Hall, TTC, Development, TCHC, Arts & Culture and Other News.

Rob Ford, Mayor of Fun? (Toronto Star)
Yoga teacher Emma ONeill wanted to organize an event aimed at raising funds to combat human trafficking in India. I was really hoping to bring Yoga Stops Traffick here. But I quickly learned the city makes it very difficult to hold events like these, she said. There would be portable washroom requirements. She would need a noise exemption. Street permits. There would be special insurance issues. And expensive paid duty police obligations. By the time we finished paying the city, thered be no money left for the charity. Toronto: The Town of No Fun. The City of Rules. Well, that might be changing thanks to Rob Ford, Mayor of Fun, as Councillor Michael Thompson jokingly dubbed him during a recent interview.–rob-ford-mayor-of-fun

How to improve the TCHC (Toronto Star)
Jehad Aliweiwi, executive director of Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office, wants to see TCHC residents encouraged toward home ownership. Social housing is not a place where people should feel stuck. Whether its a place where people feel they can start and build and grow and move on to ownership, or other forms of housing such as long-term rental … that provide dignity and pride, he said. We have an opportunity to reimagine social housing as not only a means to provide emergency housing and shelter for desperate people, but also long-term housing solutions.–how-to-improve-the-tchc


B Corporations: What do they mean for nonprofits? (Socialbrite)
A new type of corporation has come along that makes money and does good for society and the environment. Theyre called B Corporations, for benefit corporations. Nonprofits can smile about these dual-focused companies because they make great like-minded partners, and they may help fund and support their social good goals.


Meet an Abolitionist: Saskia Wishart (Sex Trafficking Must End – Hope for the Sold)
There arent many things that excite me as much as interviewing people who have devoted their lives to fight for freedom. Saskia Wishart began abolition work in 2008. She has been the regional director for the Not for Sale campaign in South Africa and is soon starting a new chapter in their European office. Many of my conversations with abolitionists have resulted in them saying, What, you havent met Saskia?! Shes amazing.

Prostitution Poses a Fundamental Threat to Women’s Security the Solution: Decriminalize Women and Criminalize the Demand (Canadian Association of Sexual Assault Centres)
For the Coalition and the women we represent (Aboriginal women, racialized women, women in prison, women who have been or are still being prostituted, women who have been sexually assaulted, battered women, women living in poverty, etc.), it is both illogical and counter to the principles of fundamental justice to decriminalize the men who exploit the prostitution of others under the pretext of protecting prostituted women from these same men.

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Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

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