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Ontario’s immigration debate isn’t getting the respect it deserves (Globe and Mail)
Make no mistake, the global and national war for top talent is heating up and we ignore it at our peril. Ontario’s highly educated and diverse population is a significant competitive advantage but one that we will have to work hard to maintain. We will continue to be a magnet for the highly qualified newcomers we need if we have strong leadership on jobs, transportation and housing. Quality immigration has been a huge blessing for Ontario and a huge contributor to our prosperity. We must continue to treat it that way and not allow it to become one more divisive political football. We have too many of those already.

The politics of division (Nick Noorani)
The Canadian Immigrant magazine was not just any entrepreneurial venture; for me, it was a way to reduce the time it takes for an immigrant to succeed in Canada, and make them productive tax payers! There was never a situation of two sides. Canada needs immigrants and their success has a direct impact upon Canada’s economy. So while the UK, Germany, France and Australia questioned and denounced multiculturalism, we Canadians didn’t think we would have that problem – after all, poll after poll kept showing Canadians supported immigration. Alas, it was only a matter of time before the virus came to our idyllic shores.

Nonprofits and charities are SMEs too – participate in a new Conference Board of Canada survey (Maytree blog)
The Conference Board of Canada is conducting a survey of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to find out about hiring practices and to better understand the types of programs, services and informational products that help hire and retain the right employees. We strongly encourage Canadian nonprofits and charities to also complete this survey, as you are predominantly small or medium sized enterprises. Your input will be valuable for the Conference Board. At the same time, we encourage you to share this survey widely with businesses and other enterprises you work with. While the entire survey focuses on hiring practices and general HR practices, a portion near the end asks specific questions about hiring skilled immigrants, to get a sense of how receptive SMEs would be to particular HR interventions and services. There is much value in finding out this information from SMEs, as it can help tailor services and policies to encourage and facilitate their hiring and retention of skilled immigrants.

Hudak tells Cornwall crowd McGuinty’s ‘affirmative action subsidy’ won’t fly (Ottawa Citizen)
A week after dropping references to “foreign workers” from his speech, provincial Tory leader Tim Hudak offered a less incendiary version of the same topic in a speech Monday to a partisan crowd in Cornwall. “No matter if you’ve lived in Ontario for one year, 10 years, or you were born and raised here, everybody should have a shot at a job,” Hudak said in a speech to some 230 supporters attending a campaign rally on behalf of Jim MacDonnell, the Progressive Conservative candidate in Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry.

P.E.I. Tories deny involvement in immigration program allegations (Vancouver Sun)
P.E.I. Progressive Conservative Leader Olive Crane says she had no involvement whatsoever in the release of allegations of fraud and bribery linked to a controversial provincial immigration program the governing Liberals say was orchestrated by the Tories in the midst of the provincial election campaign. Crane held a news conference Monday to voice support for a full investigation by the privacy commissioner into the release of private, personal information by the provincial government through the Liberal party.

P.E.I. privacy czar mulls inquiry over emails (Metro London)
Prince Edward Island’s privacy commissioner is considering an investigation after the Liberal party released emails from a former government employee that were sent to a cabinet minister. Maria MacDonald said Monday she became concerned after reading media reports last week that the governing Liberals had released two emails sent by Svetlana Tenetko to Innovation Minister Allan Campbell.–p-e-i-privacy-czar-mulls-inquiry-over-emails

Roll out the red carpet for foreign students (Vancouver Sun)
Canada has demonstrated significant growth in international education, doubling the number of students during the last decade, yet we trail the major players – the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Australia. But Canada has distinct advantages: We boast a deserved reputation for being open and safe; are home to large immigrant communities; our universities rank among the world’s best; and we have well-established economic and cultural links to Asia-Pacific countries, a rapidly growing source of international students. It is time for a national, coordinated strategy for international student recruitment.

Our student stumbles a warning to Canada (The Australian)
In the journal Canadian Diversity, former politician turned policy analyst Naomi Alboim says Canada’s recent decision to target international students as skilled migrants offers many benefits for campus, labour market and national budgets. But Alboim, a fellow at Queen’s University in Canada, says there are dangers and cites the Australian experience. “Early experiences in Australia and Canada indicate that some private vocational schools may target international students to increase profits while providing little educational benefit,” she says.

IMPACT 11 Festival in Kitchener Sept. 21-25 presents theatre for immigrants and United Empire Loyalists (Digital Journal)
Kitchener-born Peng was nominated for best actor with his performance in Bashir Lazhar at the 2011 Edinburgh Fringe Festival from among 2,000 other plays. The play tells the story of an Algerian immigrant struggling with life as a subsitute teacher in a Montreal classroom. It is one of more than a dozen intercultural plays and showcases at IMPACT 11.

Familiar Patterns of Minority Exclusion Follow Mainstream Media Online (Nieman Reports)
Legacy news organizations have struggled for decades to widen their coverage to include people of color in all aspects of their lives. There are the ubiquitous A-list celebrities, of course, and the crossover musicians and the athletes, and those stories with an emotional punch that transcend the usual norms, but neither print nor broadcast media have consistently portrayed minorities in all facets of American life and culture.

The face of Ontario is changing…and so are the faces of the people in ads (CBC Fresh Air)
CBC Radio’s Age of Persuasion host Terry O’Reilly joined Mary Ito to talk about the expanding role of multiculturalism in the field of advertising.

Downtown vs. Suburbs: Yes, It’s An Ethnic Thing (The Ethnic Aisle)
When people talk about the Great Downtown/Suburb Divide, they are also talking about ethnicity. Don’t agree? Educate yourself on the GTA’s demographics with this extremely handy page from the blog Pundit’s Guide, which cross references long-census data with federal political ridings.

Canada becomes first country to sign the Ottawa Protocol (CIC)
Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney and Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird today signed the Ottawa Protocol on Combating Antisemitism. The Protocol is an action plan developed during the second annual conference of the Inter-parliamentary Coalition for Combating Antisemitism (ICCA) which took place in Ottawa in November, 2010. Signing it demonstrates the Government of Canada’s support for it and a commitment to its goals.

Speaking notes for The Honourable Jason Kenney, P.C., M.P. Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism (CIC)
While Canada is generally a tolerant and peaceful country, we cannot overlook the rise of this most pernicious form of racism. Vandalism and graffiti have defaced synagogues and Jewish community centres. And even our university campuses experience anti-Semitic bullying. Although Jews make up only about one percent of Canada’s population, they are the main target of hate crimes, with almost two-thirds of hate crimes targeting this religious group. Any failure to acknowledge and address a rise in anti-Semitic actions – should we be so complacent – would be the same as condoning these hateful crimes.

Police and Diversity (Canadian Police College Library)
A listing of books, articles, videos, and websites focused on diversity education and diversity issues for police and policing.

Immigration Fraud Involving Canadian Embassy In Turkey Alleged (Digital Journal)
Turkish press reported today the uncovering of an immigration fraud scheme that allegedly involved an embassy official, and a minor diplomatic incident between Canada and Turkey about a rejected wiretapping request by Turkish police. According to the Turkish dailies Vatan and Cumhuriyet, a Turkish citizen is under arrest warrant for defrauding immigration applicants of about $280,000. A Mr. Bahtiyar T. allegedly worked with an unnamed Embassy official to collect 500,000 liras in local currency on promises of obtaining immigration visas from otherwise unqualified applicants.


IRB adjudicator rebuked by court for refusing man who failed Catholic ‘trivia’ (National Post)
The task of separating the devout from the fraudsters among those claiming refugee status in Canada for religious persecution cannot be divined by peppering someone with “trivia” questions, the Federal Court has ruled. The judicial chastising of the way an Immigration and Refugee Board adjudicator tried to ferret out bogus refugees stems from the case of a man who fled China saying he fears persecution for being a Roman Catholic. He was refused because of his answers to questions about Catholic tradition. The Federal Court of Canada expressed dismay at the level of knowledge expected from the recent convert, who knew Mary was the mother of Jesus but didn’t know Jesus’ grandmother’s name; and who knew Jesus was baptized by John but didn’t know John’s mother’s name.

Deportation set for today (Montreal Gazette)
A 31-year-old mother of two has been told to leave Canada first thing on Tuesday morning after a request to halt deportation proceedings against her was rejected Monday. After listening to arguments at a hearing that lasted for much of the day, a federal court judge ruled that deportation proceedings against Paola Ortiz would go ahead as planned.


The Inequality Trap: A Meaner Canada (Ales Himelfarb)
The Conference Board of Canada is the latest to sound the alarm. Inequality in Canada is growing at a rate even faster than in the U.S. The wealthy are capturing an ever-increasing share of our economic growth. We see inequality growing. We see and feel its consequences. We know that inequality, if allowed to just keep growing, gradually erodes trust, divides us, dampens aspirations. Yet – or more accurately, for these very reasons – we seem unable to reverse course. And the longer we wait the further we fall into this inequality trap.


Exploiting immigrants (Calgary Herald)
My concern with the temporary foreign worker program is not that they are taking Canadian jobs, as stated in the article. I am concerned that we may be potentially exploiting them. The enforcement mechanisms for Albertans are inadequate with regards to occupational health and safety, employment standards and workers’ compensation. Compound that reality with people who may have limited skills in English, who are not given any information on their rights in Canada, or told who to contact if they need help. We are creating a category of people who are tethered to their employer and cannot work for anyone else, unless they apply for a new work permit. If they are fired or laid off, they have to go home and find a new employer who will go through the process of hiring a temporary foreign worker. It is serfdom for the modern age.

MARPAC opens doors to immigrants (Lookout Newspaper)
Each year, thousands of immigrants arrive on Canadian soil via land, sea, and air in search of a new start and a better life. Starting this month, Maritime Forces Pacific (MARPAC) is providing valuable Canadian work experience as a stepping-stone in the right direction. MARPAC is participating in the Federal Internship for Newcomers program. The program, which Citizenship Immigration Canada (CIC) ran last year internally, takes qualified, pre-screened newcomers and matches them with federal managers, who will benefit from having a skilled employee for a three-month casual employment. The new immigrant gains federal work experience, interviewing skills and networking possibilities.


Tuesday’s Headines (Spacing Toronto)
A round-up of mainstream media Toronto headlines related to City Hall, Budget Cutbacks, Transit & TTC, Missisauge By-Election and Other News.


Human Trafficking Online (USC Annenberg Center on Communication Leadership & Policy)
According to evidence gathered for this report, online classifieds and social networking sites are used as conduits for human trafficking. “Human trafficking” and “trafficking in persons” are terms commonly used to describe a form of modern-day slavery wherein victims are forced or otherwise coerced into labor or sex both across and within state and international borders. The number of trafficking victims around the world is a topic of debate, with recent estimates ranging from 12 million to 27 million victims worldwide. Due to myriad methodological difficulties, this report refrains from estimating the number of trafficking cases online; however, it will demonstrate that traffickers are indeed employing 21st century communication tools to support human slavery.

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Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

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