Immigration & Diversity news headlines – January 16, 2012


The Milton Wong Multimedia Interactive Website
Dynamic community leader, philanthropist and successful financier Milton K. Wong created a legacy of public service and social responsibility that continues to inspire generations of Canadians. Milton’s multidisciplinary, creative thinking has brought individuals together to build healthier communities with a vision of making a better world. Milton’s incredible gift of connecting with people means that he will live on in the hearts of many. In honor of Milton, the Wong Family invite you to enjoy the Milton Wong interactive multimedia website where you can flip through pictures, read stories about Milton, or share your own favourite memories and photographs.

Video – Allan Gregg in Conversation: Jeffrey Reitz on Immigration (TVO)
Immigration expert Jeffrey Reitz talks about several aspects of immigration; that immigrants are still settling in the large cities and often form ethnic enclaves which may result in residents not fully integrating into Canadian life and feeling isolated; the pluses and minuses of the “points” system is assessing immigrants and the legalities of temporary workers; that immigrants still feel a sense of discrimination; that Canada’s multicultural policies have been successful in integrating newcomers.

Vandalism evokes strong reaction from Muslim groups (Muslim Link)
Local and national Muslim groups are demanding swift action against vandals who attacked two west Quebec mosques. These are clearly hate crimes and authorities should act with speed and determination to catch the culprits so that they face the full force of the law, Mohammad Zakaria Khan, president of the Muslim Coordinating Council (MCC-NCR), a local umbrella group said in a statement on Jan. 9.

Muslim faith in Canada’s pluralism unshaken (Mohammed A. Ali Khan,
The Gatineau mosque serves 5,000 Muslims. It received nearly $30,000 in 2010 to strengthen its security. The government is helping nonprofit organizations to improve their security systems against hate-related crimes. Royal Canadian Mounted Police has sent out reminders that organizations can apply for grants of up to $100,000 till next month. Fortunately, such incidents are relatively few. Though the crime rate is low, Statistics Canada reports that hate crimes are rising.

Spreading a message of tolerance (Sabrina Burrell For the Sentinel-Review)
They came to bring a message of peace, educate the curious and clear up misconceptions about a religion that is misunderstood across the western world. They were met with intolerance and resistance. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association of Canada (AMYA), an auxiliary branch of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, brought the teachings and message of their religion to the Norwich Library on Saturday, Jan. 14, to meet with interested members of the community.

Muslim group reaching out to community with presentation (Kathryn Burnham, Standard Freeholder)
Rizwan Rabbani has seen his religion painted in a negative light through the actions of extremists, and is hoping the series of information events he organizes as the national executive director of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association of Canada will present a more positive view.

Media Talkback | Chinese-only signs aren’t good for Canada? (Alden E. Habacon, Schema Mag)
There’s a provocative op-ed by Vancouver Sun columnist Douglas Todd published today called Why Chinese-only signs aren’t good for Canada… There are a few issues I have with the main arguments Todd makes in this article.

Canada’s tightening immigration policy may be felt in U.S. (Kim Murphy, Los Angeles Times)
For years, Canada has had one of the most generous immigration policies in the world, welcoming tens of thousands of asylum applicants who claim to be fleeing persecution in their homelands. But Canada’s Conservative government has begun rolling up the welcome mat, stepping up efforts to track down and deport thousands of asylum-seekers whose applications have been denied.,0,4032232.story

Shen Yun an Introduction to Chinese Diversity, Says Toronto Councillor (Matthew Little, Epoch Times)
Shen Yun Performing Arts opened a window to classical Chinese dance and the diversity of an ancient culture, said Toronto City Councillor Ana Bailão. Its great, got great music, great performances, great energy. Inspirational. It really teaches a little bit about the Chines culture, the varied areas of China, she said during the intermission of Saturday nights performance at Sony Centre for the Performing Arts. I am learning a lot and I strongly recommend it.

Parks Canada hires firm to boost brand awareness (Steve Rennie, Globe and Mail)
The agency wants a 10-per-cent increase in the number of visits to its parks and historic sites by 2015. To do that, Parks Canada plans to target urban and new Canadians in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. The degree of knowledge is very low in these three cities, particularly among young Canadians and immigrants, says the statement of work.

New council will help immigrants and refugees integrate in fabric of Canadian society (Liz Monteiro, The Record)
A local group of service providers, health care representatives, business people and politicians have come together to create the Immigration Partnership Council to help immigrants and refugees integrate into Canadian society. For two years, the group met to talk about how to better assist new immigrants become part of the community. And on Friday, the group launched its beginning at the Tannery in Kitchener. The organization hopes to help immigrants settle, work and belong to the community.–new-council-will-help-immigrants-and-refugees-integrate-in-fabric-of-canadian-society

Ottawa uses DNA to stop child smuggling (Peter O’Neil, Vancouver Sun)
The federal government is using DNA testing to block attempts to sneak Chinese children through Canada’s immigration system using phoney documents, an official said Friday. The DNA initiative was one of several measures undertaken after an investigation of the estimated 275 applications for children filed annually through Canada’s Beijing immigration office under the family class program found fake or altered birth certificates.

Why You Should Love Diaspora Dialogues (Humber College)
First, Diaspora Dialogues is out doing good work in the community, pairing up immigrant writers with experienced ones so newcomers and oldcomers can get their stories out and enrich the Canadian literary experience (and I do mean literary. No heartfelt banality is permitted). They have an excellent annual anthology called TOK.

U of G holding 90th birthday party for Lincoln Alexander (Guelph Mercury)
Alexander, a former lieutenant-governor of Ontario, was appointed U of G chancellor in 1991. In 2007, he was named chancellor emeritus to recognize his years of dedication to the university. Alexander was first elected a member of Parliament for Hamilton West in 1968. He was Canadas first black MP, the first black chair of the Workers Compensation Board and the first member of a visible minority to hold the post of Ontario lieutenant-governor.–university-of-guelph-holding-birthday-party-for-lincoln-alexander

Embracing roots (Lance Holdforth, Barrie Examiner)
As Black History Month kicks off in February, Barrie residents are invited to the 14th annual celebrations at the Mady Centre for the Performing Arts. In honour of African-Canadian history, keynote speaker and author Janie Cooper-Wilson will give a presentation about the county’s black history and its early colonies.

Time right to look at immigrants, their legacies (Margo Goodhand, Winnipeg Free Press)
The Free Press newsroom has been working for the past few months on an ambitious editorial project. We’ve been talking to Africans in Manitoba (and Manitobans in Africa) for a special All-Africa edition of the paper, which you’ll see Wednesday, Jan. 18, and online (at Ambitious is a nice way to describe it, actually. Quixotic might be more accurate.

Canada urged to conceal fetal sex over abortion fears (Capital FM News)
An editorial in a major Canadian medical journal Monday urges doctors to conceal the gender of a fetus from all pregnant women until 30 weeks to prevent sex-selective abortion by Asian immigrants. A separate article in the same issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal warns that Canada has become a haven for parents who would terminate female fetuses in favor of having sons due to advanced prenatal testing and easy access to abortion.

Indian Award (CBC Metro Morning)
Matt Galloway spoke with Satish Thakkar. He is the president of the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce in Toronto.


Mugesera to ask to be released while he fights to stay in Canada (Montreal Gazette)
Léon Mugesera is expected to ask the Immigration and Refugee Board on Monday to allow him to return home while he fights to stay in Canada. On Saturday, the Canada Border Services Agency arrested and detained Mugesera, alleged to have incited the 1994 Rwandan genocide, after he was released from a Quebec City hospital, the CBSA said in a statement Saturday.

Comments on notice of intent changes to the Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program January 2012 (CCR)
The following comments are made in response to the notice published by Citizenship andImmigration Canada in the Canada Gazette, Part I, Vol. 145, No. 50, on December 10, 2011. Thenotice invited comments on a proposed regulatory amendment that will affect the PrivateSponsorship of Refugees Program.

Government changes will hurt gay refugees (Dale Smith, Xtra!)
The Canadian Council of Refugees (CCR) is worried proposed government changes to Canadas refugee regulations could mean refugees who have been persecuted for being gay will not be allowed to apply.
Janet Dench, executive director of CCR, says the new rules would mean gay claimants and other marginalized refugees would be excluded or face much bigger hurdles.


The hypocrisy grows (Lana Payne, The Telegram)
Sadly, 2012 started out as 2011 ended with more tales of economic inequality and injustice. And more government indifference. One tale involved two groups of workers in Alma, Que. and London, Ont. who were locked out by their multinational (and profitable) bosses as some were just ushering in the New Year. Those bosses are demanding massive concessions from their unionized employees. The other tale was one of the one per cent, to use language made famous by the Occupy movement.

Inside Canada’s battered EI system (Louise Elliott, CBC)
Like many Canadians, Marie Ferguson struggled to get her employment insurance after she was laid off last August. But unlike many Canadians, Ferguson knew what to do about it. That’s because for nearly four years she worked in the Kingston EI processing centre of Service Canada. It’s the branch of the federal Human Resources department that’s supposed to help Canadians get their entitlements. When Ferguson applied for employment insurance herself, she ran in to some of the same frustrations it had been her job to try to fix.

The Other Side of the Story (Karen Foster, Behind the Numbers)
The latest Labour Force Survey summary tables released by Statistics Canada contain something salient and troubling. Its not the unemployment rate. Its the fact that more and more prime-age workers are finding themselves working part-time hours simply because they cant find full-time hours. Its a fact, but its not getting much play.

Youre Invited: Discussion on Race, Racism and Canadians Health (Wellesley Institute)
Tuesday, February 7, 2012 from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM Join us for a conversation on the relationship between race, racism and health with Dr. Camara Jones and Dr. Sheryl Nestel. Dr. Jones, from the National Centres for Disease Control, will bring her knowledge and expertise on the impacts of racism on health and well-being. Dr. Jones works on social determinants of health and equity within the Epidemiology and Analysis Program Office at CDC.


Province-wide Employer Consultations Kick-off in Fort St. John (IECBC)
Employer consultations have started across the province, driven by an Immigrant Employment Council of BC (IEC-BC) initiative to obtain the views and advice of BC employers on their needs and requirements in attracting, hiring and retaining skilled immigrant talent. The first of 14 regional and sector-specific focus groups was held today in Fort St. John, inviting businesses in the district to discuss what’s working for them and where improvements can be made.

BC Liberals Put Immigration Taskforce To Work But For What (The Link)
MLA John Yap chaired the immigration task forces first consultation Thursday, meeting with local stakeholders and industry experts in Prince George. The 10-member group is comprised of business and community leaders who will make recommendations about how to increase the number of skilled immigrants and investors in British Columbia.

Video: Cost-Effective Ways to Recruit Skilled Immigrants (
Lisa Harrison, Vice-President and Delivery Partner at Autodata Solutions, says the medium-sized automotive software and data provider based in London, Ont., connects with skilled immigrant talent in four, cost-effective ways.

Event Jan 18: A Mentor/Preceptor Workshop for Practitioners who Mentor Internationally Educated Professionals (Settlement AtWork)
This workshop is for people who are mentors or thinking of becoming mentors to internationally educated professionals who are trying to become licensed in a regulated profession.

Parents protest wage rise for B.C. nannies (Stanley Tromp Vancouver Courier)
After B.C. raised its minimum wage last year, many parents protested that they would no longer be able to hire nannies to care for their children. Due to this rise and other factors, there was a huge decrease in the number of nannies working through B.C. referral agencies last year, said Manuela Gruber Hersch, president of the Association of Caregivers and Nanny Agencies Canada. She told the Courier she is much worried for the future of the industry.


Friday’s headlines (Spacing Toronto)
A round up of mainstream media coverage including City Hall, Budget Cuts, Transit, Pan Am Games and Other News.

“People Changed The Budget” (CBC Metro Morning)
Matt Galloway spoke with Jaye Robinson. She is a city councillor, and a member of the Executive Commitee.

Rob Ford, this docs for you (Lisa Rochon, Globe and Mail)
Organizing an epic dinner party is how New York filmmaker Gary Hustwit first conceived of his enlightening and sumptuous film Urbanized, which premiered last fall at the Toronto International Film Festival, and which returns (in a newly re-edited version) to the TIFF Bell Lightbox this weekend along with the other films in Hustwits trilogy of design documentaries, Helvetica (2007) and Objectified (2009). Naturally, every politician in Canada should attend, especially Rob Ford, who runs the nations largest city as if it were a dollar store.


Allyson Hewitt – What Am I Skating Towards? Ambiguity and Vulnerability (Al Etmanski)
Delicious ambiguity indeed: the ambiguity of not knowing where you are heading but that in accepting that the there is here. Im skating on the canal (homage to my hometown of Ottawa), on the journey with other players as we uncover new ways to create opportunities for social change or simply to live. Ive skated that canal many times on my own. It is a great time to think and reflect. It offers freedom while still requiring you to watch out for cracks but it is a better journey with others.

Being Good at Doing Good 2012: Safeguarding Yourself and Your Charity in a Complex World (Charity Law Information Program)
This two-day conference is designed to provide key information on governance, financial management, and compliance for your charity

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Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

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