Immigration & Diversity news headlines – March 16, 2012


So, tell me your story (Maija Kappler, The McGill Daily)
When people ask me where Im from, I have this pause I say, this is going to be a long story. With these words, Palestinian-born writer and community activist Rania Arabi may as well have been speaking for many of the more than 500 immigrant Montrealers who are part of We Are Here, a new multimedia exhibit at the Centre dHistoire de Montréal. Using footage of video interviews with over 500 Montrealers who have been displaced from their original homes due to war, genocide, and other human rights violations, the exhibit allows them to tell their life histories in their own voice shedding a dramatic new light on the city and its residents.

Minister Kenney goes Hill-Billy on Ruby Dhalla — Live-in Caregiver Program (Marlon Rizal, Agora Cosmopolitan)
Jason Kenney, Canada’s Immigration Minister, made yet another Ruby Dhalla joke in the HOC on November 14, 2011. This is typical Kenney to bleed this subject to the bitter end. This is typical Kenney, nothing more than a hill-billy attempt to hide the fact that the Live-in Caregiver Program, with a number of other Immigration Programs under the Conservatives, is riddled with problems. Let me explain: Jason Kenney and the Conservative party would like to make the Filipino community believe that they are great supporters of us. The Conservatives were smart, they took their quest to convince the most vulnerable group, Filipino Caregivers, and worked them as hard as they could. Kenney showed up at beauty pageants, was crowned “Monarch of Multiculturalism” etc.
Source: The Canadian (!shash=31477cc3ec67aa70879b4bde72acf454

Recent immigrants a ‘huge burden’ on taxpayers (Jessica Murphy, Winnipeg Sun)
A researcher for a conservative think-tank says recent immigrants to Canada are a drain on the country’s economy – and stand in the way of a robot revolution. A new report from the Fraser Institute suggests immigrants who arrived in Canada between 1987 and 2004 received about $6,000 more in government services per person annually than they paid in taxes – costing taxpayers between $16 and $23 billion a year. For a host of reasons, immigrants “are not doing as well economically” now as earlier waves of newcomers and often struggle to find high paying jobs.

Immigrants stuck in low-wage trap: Report (Ian Robertson, Toronto Sun)
Canadas welfare state mentality is creating generations of new immigrants stuck in a low-wage income trap, a controversial new conservative think-tank study found. And unless all federal parties tighten the belt on immigrants by cutting the current 250,000 admitted each year with no job guarantees, the Fraser Institute authors warn of newcomers facing worse prospects. Immigrants from 1987 to 2004 are not doing as well economically as those who came earlier, said Fraser Institute senior fellow Herbert Grubel, a Simon Fraser economics professor emeritus who co-wrote Fiscal Transfers to Immigrants in Canada: Responding to Critics and a Revised Estimate.

Canada looking to up ante in immigration visa-for-cash program (Tobi Cohen, National Post)
Canada is planning to overhaul its popular Immigrant Investor Program that is so attractive to millionaire newcomers that some chartered private planes last year to be first to submit their application. Within 30 minutes, the program which essentially fast-tracks permanent residency for those who can afford it had reached its annual quota of 700 applicants. In an interview this week, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said the $800,000 minimum investment required under the current system is simply too low and that its time to consider making it a permanent contribution to the Canadian economy rather than just a loan.

Father encouraged by support in fight to have autistic son remain in Canada (Carmela Fragomeni, Hamilton Spectator)
Sungsoo Kim is encouraged by an outpouring of support after his family was refused residency in Canada because of potentially excessive costs to health care and social services to meet his 12-year-old autistic sons needs. People in my office personally came to me and asked, How can I help? Kim said of co-workers at Pattison Outdoor Advertising.–father-encouraged-by-support-in-fight-to-have-autistic-son-remain-in-canada

‘There is nothing called freedom’ for journalists working in ethnic media (Belinda Alzner, Canadian Journalism Project)
Balancing extremists’ threats and unbalanced coverage from mainstream media: It’s all in a day’s work for a journalist at an ethnic publication. Sahar Fatima explains the difficulties ethnic media faces, according to Jagdish Grewal, editor and publisher of Canadian Punjabi Post, who spoke at last week’s Press Freedom in Canada conference.

Update: On new shores immigrant children conference (
The deadline for papers has been extended to March 30th for Dr. Susan Chuangs fifth On New Shores conference. It will be held October 25-26 in Toronto. From the call for papers: The goal of the conference is to bring together various stakeholders (academia, community, and governmental sectors) to collectively examine and discuss the various forms of social support (informal, formal) by families, communities, and governmental agencies to promote subjective and family well-being for immigrant and refugee children, youth, and families. Discussions of social capital and protective factors will also be addressed. Researchers from various disciplines (e.g., psychology, sociology, social work, education, anthropology, business) are welcomed. Community service providers and governmental agencies are encouraged to present work on research, effective programs, social issues, and challenges.

Does UBC have an equity gap? A look at the independence and integrity of the Equity Office (The Ubyssey)
The UBC Equity Offices independence and integrity has been questioned by a few faculty and staff who are trying to settle complaints of discriminationbut the offices proceedings are confidential. An upcoming BC Human Rights Tribunal hearing may give some answers.

China ‘wealth exodus’ underestimated (Zheng Yangpeng, China Daily)
New figures reveal the true cost of the country’s ‘investor emigration’. The scale of the exodus of wealth from China caused by investor immigration is much larger than previous estimated, according to China Daily’s interviews with emigration agents and experts. Last month, Legal Evening News, a Beijing metropolis daily, said 10 billion yuan ($1.57 billion) has found its way abroad annually since 2009. The figure was based on the investor emigration requirement and the number of investor emigrants publicized by the governments of the United States, Canada and Australia. Investor emigrants to those three countries are believed to account for 80 percent of the total number of Chinese emigres. However, emigration agents said the figure underestimates the real scale. That’s because many people will transfer more money to their new ‘home’ countries once they’ve obtained permanent residency.

Diversity & Inclusion: Unlocking Global Potential Global Diversity Rankings by Country, Sector and Occupation (Forbes)
This report provides a statistical look at worldwide workforce diversity data, a unique and first-of-its-kind ranking of employee diversity across 50 global economies, 14 industrial sectors and nine occupational categories. As a comprehensive atlas of corporate diversity and inclusion (D&I) efforts, the goal of this report is to learn from the varied and unique situations faced by countries and corporations around the globe: Which approaches work best? How can companies continue to increase diversity and effectively translate this into business opportunities and higher productivity? This study also seeks to provide a benchmark, revealing how much progress has been made and where renewed effort is necessary.

Does Diversity Have a Downside? (Hugo Moreno, Forbes)
The answer depends on what, precisely, were talking about. Many people assume a diverse workforce entails equality of opportunitylaws, or some social mechanism, ensuring a healthy balance between men and women and preventing discrimination in the workplace by gender, age, ethnicity, class and so forth. But a study as globally ambitious as Forbes Insights Diversity & Inclusion: Unlocking Global PotentialGlobal Diversity Rankings by Country, Sector and Occupation necessarily introduces some complexities and trade-offs in what can be measured and compared among countries in a meaningful way. For example, of the 50 countries ranked, only the U.S. and the U.K. keep official statistics on ethnic diversity in the workplace. In many nations it is illegal to track such numberspolitical sensitivities are too tender and potentially volatile.


Human Rights Groups Protest Draconian Refugee Bill (Exchange Morning Post)
In response to Bill C-31 an act that would penalize refugees, undermine Canada’s refugee claim process, and could lead to the deportation of permanent residents several prominent human rights organizations have come together to call for the withdrawal of this bill. The newly formed Justice for Refugees and Immigrants Coalition comprises Amnesty International, the Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, and the Canadian Council for Refugees .

Video: Gay, lesbian refugees helped by Ottawa man (CBC)
An Ottawa man is making it his job to help gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual refugees live a life in Canada after persecution in their home country.


Liberals need smart strategies to tackle poverty (Luisa D’Amato, The Record)
Once upon a time, no one thought you could get a job if you were disabled. So the government would give you a pension to live on. It kept you in povertys darkest hole along with the people on welfare, but at least you didnt starve. Today, that whole idea is very outdated, said John Milloy, Kitchener Centre MPP and Ontarios minister of community and social services. It is very important to look at people with disabilities and their unbelievable willingness to be part of the workforce. We need to provide more support. Milloys words are an indication of how this government intends to manage the painful puzzle of high debt, looming austerity plan and anxious citizens living in poverty.–liberals-need-smart-strategies-to-tackle-poverty


FMC named one of Canadas best employers for new Canadians (Kendyl Sebesta, Canadian Lawyer & Law Times)
Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP has been named one of Canadas Best Employers for New Canadians in 2012. FMC was the only law firm in Ontario recognized this year and has been awarded in each of the previous three years of the program. The firm was recognized for its legal professional internship a six-month paid internship program that provides professional employment experience to foreign-trained lawyers seeking Canadian employment.

6 million reasons to stop wage theft. Reason #6: Working together we can stop wage theft – Karen’s story (Workers’ Action Centre)
Karen came to Steel City Solidarity after being fired by Summer Sun Tanning in Jackson Square. After years of working for them as an employee, the company suddenly wanted to declare her an independent contractor, even though she was doing the exact same job as before. She refused to accept this. For months she was pressured while the company stopped giving her regular pay stubs, T4 slips, and stopped making mandatory deductions such as CPP and EI. When she kept insisting she was an employee and not an independent contractor according to the labour code, she was let go. But not before Karen had carefully documented all of this and filed with Revenue Canada and the Ministry of Labour (MOL).


Friday’s Headlines (Spacing Toronto)
A daily round up of mainstream media news on City Hall, Transit and Other News.


Canada Tops the Forbes List of Best Countries For Business: Transcend Consultants (Digital Journal)
According to Transcend, Forbes ranking has reinforced what Canadians and most of the world has known for many years now. This, along with excellent standard of living and strong social support, is among the top reasons why Canada remains the destination of choice for over 2 billion people from across the world. Immigration of Canada has one more reason to celebrate!

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Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

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