Immigration & Diversity news headlines – April 1, 2013


Video: Five Good Ideas about Power of Diversity (Maytree)
We are in an era of tremendous change, where everything is being disrupted: governments, institutions, personal lives and the workplace. Innovation expert John Seely Brown calls it the Cambrian Moment. Things are thrown up but they eventually settle down. It is during that time of settling when small moves smartly and intentionally made can make a big difference. Hamlin Grange believes this is the Cambrian Moment of diversity and inclusion. We need to rethink our positions and attitudes about old concepts and approaches to create more inclusive workplaces, livable and workable cities and productive and relevant institutions. Its a time when we need to stop asking old questions to new audiences. Leaders must be more inclusive, individuals must get out of their comfort zones, and we all must become more interculturally competent.

Reflecting the City: Employment Equity at Work (Cities of Migration)
Once faced with a declining population, today Saskatoon is Canadas fastest growing city. Thanks to a booming provincial economy and an influx of immigrants targeting the city through government of Saskatchewan-led immigration programs, the number of visible minorities has more than doubled in less than a decade, up to almost 8% from 3% in a population of 260,000. For the City of Saskatoon this presents not only economic opportunities but also a new civic responsibility to ensure its government reflects the population it serves.

Making Connections (Cities of Migration)
Most highly skilled newcomers face a common challenge when looking for work a lack of local connections and networks. How can a city help its newcomers quickly leap over this hurdle? By keeping it simple. The Connector Program in Halifax, Nova Scotia starts from a simple premise: connect established community, business and government leaders with new talent and help them build professional networks.

Canada’s new Start-Up Visa aims at entrepreneurs seeking status (Digital Journal)
The program’s objective is to attract the “world’s best and brightest entrepreneurs from around the world” to bring innovative business ventures to Canada. The catch is that they must find financial backing from Canadian investors. “Canada is open for business to the worlds start-up entrepreneurs. Innovation and entrepreneurship are essential drivers of the Canadian economy. That is why we are actively recruiting foreign entrepreneurs – those who can build companies here in Canada that will create new jobs, spur economic growth and compete on a global scale – with our new start-up visa.–Minister Jason Kenney, Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Backgrounder Canadian Investor Groups Ready and Eager to Drive Economic Growth through the new Start-Up Visa (CIC)
The new start-up visa will link innovative entrepreneurs with private sector organizations in Canada that have experience working with start-ups and can provide entrepreneurs with essential resources. As a way to help these in-demand entrepreneurs fulfil their potential and maximize their impact on the Canadian labour market, they will require the support of a Canadian angel investor group or venture capital fund before they can apply for a start-up visa. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) worked with industry umbrella groups, namely Canadas Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (CVCA) and the National Angel Capital Organization (NACO), to identify eligible private sector organizations to partner in this program. The umbrella organizations relied on specific criteria to determine which of their members are eligible to participate in the Start-Up Visa Program.

So you want to move to Canada, eh? (Tazeen Inam, Express Tribune)
I didnt know anyone in Toronto and I had no social or professional base here. There were hurdles on the way as she set out on a rigorous job search, sending out two dozen job applications per day and making cold calls at various offices to drop off her resume. As someone who had served as an Assistant Vice President (AVP) in corporate banking back home, she would constantly find herself being offered entry-level positions in Canada. I was told that I will have to complete some Canadian accreditation course or else start from a bank teller position. Eventually her hard work paid off and after being interviewed by a senior manager at the Royal Bank of Canada, she was offered a role in business development at the bank. Now when I look back and hear other peoples stories, I feel very fortunate.

Apologize to illegal immigrants recorded by Border Security reality program, then cancel show, lawyer says (Steve Mertl, Yahoo! News)
As Canada deports the illegal immigrants scooped up in the now notorious Vancouver raid recorded by a reality TV show crew, critics continue to slam the government for allowing in the cameras. The Tyee news web site reports Tulio Renan Aviles Hernandez was put on a late-night flight back to his native Honduras this week without being allowed to say goodbye to his Canadian family. He’s the latest in a group of eight illegals arrested when Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) officers descended on a Vancouver construction site earlier this month to be sent home.

Israeli centre sees parallels with Canadian experience (CJNews)
In 2007, Ruppin became Israels first and only institution to put into place a masters degree program in immigration and social integration, a field with special significance in Israel as well as in Quebec and the rest of Canada. In that context, Ruppin collaborates on a continuing basis with the ACS. The issue of identity in Israel, the extent to which immigrants grow to feel attached to Israel Canada has the same parallel issues, said Amit, academic committee co-ordinator at Ruppins Institute for Immigration & Social Integration that houses the MA program. We study immigrants from the U.S., Canada and elsewhere, and ask how being an immigrant to Israel affects their feelings of identity as Jews, as Israelis.

Blackface street show by the Vancouver Morris Men stuns African-American resident (Jessica Barrett, Vancouver Sun)
Cecily Walker couldnt believe her eyes when she walked out of her Olympic Village apartment on a recent weekend afternoon to find a group of street performers entertaining at the neighbourhood plaza. The surprise was not a pleasant one. An African-American who immigrated to Canada several years ago, Walker said she was stunned to find the Vancouver Morris Men dancers performing traditional English song and dance in blackface. I was just thinking am I really seeing that?, she recalled.

Whites to become minority in Metro Vancouver by 2031 (Douglas Todd, Montreal Gazette)
Whites will be a distinct visible minority in Metro Vancouver in less than two decades, according to a new report. After being an overwhelming majority in Metro Vancouver up until the 1980s, whites will make up only two out of five residents by the year 2031, according to projections done for Citizenship and Immigration Canada. University of British Columbia geographer Daniel Hiebert also predicts that ethnic groups in Metro will increasingly concentrate in neighbourhood enclaves, creating a degree of racial segregation paralleled only by blacks and whites in major U.S. cities.

Are you Ready to Become a Minority? (The United Frontline)
As reported in the Vancouver sun Whites WILL BE A MINORITY BY 2031 in the metro Vancouver area are you ready for this? This is not just the story in Vancouver or Toronto this is happening across Canada by designee to wipe the White Man of the face of the Earth it is World Wide by the flood of Immigrants in all white Nations and the promotion of Race mixing. This is why United Front was formed because we can see with our own eyes what are corrupt government is doing to are Nation and our People. If you are tired off this like we are PLEASE support United Front and join us in defending our People this may be the only chance we have until its too late.

Video: King Kwong (CBC The National)
Reg Sherren profiles Larry Kwong, a Chinese-Canadian from B.C. whose brief NHL career helped change the game of hockey forever.

New Whitecap Aminu Abdallah happier in Vancouver (Marc Weber, The Province)
Among the reasons Aminu Abdallah is enjoying life in Vancouver: hes playing with his countryman, Gershon Koffie, and he can come to training and reserve games without worrying about racial abuse. Abdallah, a 19-year-old Whitecaps midfielder from Ghana, was on trials in the Netherlands, Italy, Sweden and Russia before landing a deal in Vancouver, where hell soon be announced as part of the Caps MLS roster. Russia, where he spent time with CSKA Moscow, was by far his worst experience. I was not happy being there, Abdallah, a lanky, left-footed midfielder, said after Tuesdays practice at UBC. The first day I showed up for training, there were (fans) being very racist.

Nanaimo Daily News publisher apologizes for racist letter (CTV)
The publisher of the Nanaimo Daily News apologized to a group of protesters Thursday for printing a shockingly racist letter that characterized all First Nations people as unable to take care of themselves. Hugh Nicholson stood before a crowd of dozens of insulted or otherwise outraged demonstrators who gathered outside the papers office at noon and admitted that running the letter was a mistake. The letter ran as part of a letters to the editor. Its unfortunate. We apologize that the letter ran, it should not have ran, Nicholson said over cries and yells.

Danica Denomme: Racist Nanaimo Newspaper Letter Rebuttal: Educate Canadians To Be Knowledgeable Citizens (ANG Newswire)
This article is a response to the letter to the editor published on March 27, 2013, by the Nanaimo Daily News, written by Don Olsen, which has since been removed from their website. An apology was issued by the newspaper after the racist letter sparked outrage and a protest.

Ottawa Muslims Address Youth Issues (Muneeb Nasir, OnIslam)
Muslims will come together in Canadas capital city of Ottawa on Saturday, March 16, to address problems facing Muslim youth and enhance their identity and spirituality. This conference is unique in the sense that 17 different Muslim organizations are coming together for the first time in the history of Ottawa-Gatineau to address the issues of the Muslim community, Lubna Javed, Secretary of the I.LEAD Conference, told OnIslam. These organizations include 10 different Mosques and 7 different youth organizations. The I.LEAD conference will be held at the Ernst & Young Center, close to Ottawas airport.

‘Cafe Daughter’ Chronicles Canadian Insitutionalized Racism in the Mid-20th Century (Indian Country Today Media Network)
Ninety minutes of compelling story, an astounding performance of 12 characters by one amazing actress, great script and art direction, many painful truths and a pile of tear-soaked tissues. Thats what youll get investing your time, energy, emotions, and ticket price in Gwaandak Theatres production of Café Daughter. Written by Cree playwright Kenneth T. Williams, Café Daughter tells the story of Yvette Wong, a Chinese-Cree girl growing up in rural Saskatchewan in the 1950s and 60s. The play in effect, a one-woman show — was presented at the Talking Stick Festival in Vancouver, British Columbia, with actress PJ Prudat portraying Yvette and another 11 characters. Café Daughter was directed by Yvette Nolan.

Exhibit recalls Jewish refugees and Nazi prisoners held together in Canadian prisons (Jessica Bushey, St Louis Jewish Light)
When Austrian and German Jews escaped Nazism by fleeing to Britain during the 1930s, the last thing they expected was to find themselves prisoners in Canada, interred in camps with some of the same Nazis they had tried to escape back home. But that’s what happened to some 7,000 European Jews and Category A prisoners — the most dangerous prisoners of war — who arrived on Canadian shores in 1940. Fearing a German invasion, Britain had asked its colonies to take some German prisoners and enemy spies. But the boats included many refugees, including religious Jews and university students. Though Britain alerted Canada to the mistake, it would take three years for all the refugees to be freed.

Local Filipino Canadian magazine editor resigns, citing potential Tory influence on magazine (Democracy Astray)
The former editor of English-language magazine Filipino Canadian magazine Living Today, resigned last week over his publisher’s membership in the Conservative Party. Editor and investigative reporter Yul Baritugo said that his publisher’s membership in the Conservative Party would no longer make the magazine an impartial and non-partisan medium. In the ‘Publisher’s Note’ on the magazine’s third page, Reyfort Media Group CEO Reyfort Fortaleza explains his membership in his piece, titled: Why I joined the Conservative Party.

Local Filipino Canadian magazine editor resigns, citing Tory influence on magazine (Jenney Uechi, Vancouver Observer)
The glossy magazine’s cover features a smiling Prime Minister Stephen Harper, with the sell line, Harper: Canada stronger than ever. Well-known for his inaccessibility to the media, Harper grants a generously long interview to the Living Today publisher, talking about the Conservative Party’s accomplishments over the years and his admiration for the Filipino Canadian work ethic. The story includes photographs of Harper with his family, a profile and a sidebar featuring the Prime Minister’s hobbies and interests (he loves cats and plays piano, for example). It’s not unusual for the magazine, which has published similar profiles on BC NDP leader Adrian Dix and BC Premier Christy Clark.

Adapting: Whats Your Name Again? (Sandra Fletcher, Nexus Canada)
One day last month a memo came from Human Resources: Your employee, Chung Ming Min, needs to complete this form… No problem… with one exception who was Chung Ming Min? There were several employees in my division with the last name of Min and several more had Chung or Ming in their names. Who was I looking for? Turned out it was Jenny Min. It took me a whole day to figure it out and it was only by looking through half a dozen old employee files that I managed to come up with the solution. Changing or adopting new names in order to more easily assimilate to another culture has been going on for generations. A century ago, when Irish orphans arrived in Quebec they were asked to adopt French Canadian names. It was thought, at the time, that having names that were similar to the other citizens would make it easier for the children to blend in. Most did change their names but some refused, and to this day you will often hear Irish names still used in Quebec.

The two Haitian mayors of Quebec’s hinterland (Andy Blatchford, Metro News)
Theyre a long way from the Haitian campus where they dreamed of life abroad at a time when their homeland was under Papa Docs despotic grip. Former schoolmates Ulrick Cherubin and Michel Adrien, however, could have never imagined how far the future would actually take them. Today, the men, who separately fled the Duvalier regime to Canada four decades ago, are popular mayors of their respective cities in a pocket of Quebecs hinterland. The last time an outlying Quebec town made headlines on the subject of integrating minorities, it was Herouxvilles story of controversy and discord.

Of Hockey and Hijab: Reflections of a Canadian Muslim Woman
In 2002, The Globe and Mail asked columnist Sheema Khan to share her personal insights on Islam and Muslim life in the wake of 9/11. Of Hockey and Hijab: Reflections of a Canadian Muslim Woman Book Review | Canadian Hockey Literature by Jason Blake; Now is. dealt with in her book.. ‘Women wearing niqab have to talk about it’

Canada Border Services raid highlights risks for undocumented migrants (rabble)
There are thousands of undocumented workers in Canada. Their stories are mostly hidden from view. But a recent raid on a construction site in Vancouver put migrant workers in the spotlight. The raid has sparked outrage after it was revealed that it was filmed for a U.S. reality TV show about the work of the Canada Border Services Agency. Byron Cruz is with Sanctuary Health, an organization that was created after Canadas new immigration laws came into effect last year. Byron Cruz speaks with Redeye host Jane Williams.

The Perils Of Working Illegally In Canada (Asian Pacific Post)
The topic of illegal workers has been featured prominently in the news recently with Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) in Vancouver conducting raids on several construction sites with television cameras in tow. This has drawn considerable media attention and has resulted in the BC Civil Liberties Association filing a formal complaint with the Privacy Commissioner against CBSA for filming migrant workers for a reality television series. Putting aside the concern about CBSA and television cameras, the real issue is about illegal workers. Nobody questions that working illegally is improper, but who is responsible for this? The worker, the employer, or both? Regulation 196 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) clearly states: A foreign national must not work in Canada unless authorized to do so by a work permit or these Regulations.

To be taken seriously on racism, Stephen Harper needs to work on his cabinet (Stephen Hui,
Harper has a lot of work to do if such pronouncements are to be taken seriously. For one thing, just check out his cabinet. And, no, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Jason Kenney’s frequent campaigning in ethnic communities doesn’t make him an honorary person of colour.

Jails shouldn’t be ‘racial ghettos’ (Winnipeg Free Press editorial)
The country’s corrections investigator, Howard Sapers, has found Correctional Service Canada is not fulfilling its statutory duty to keep aboriginal offenders from bouncing back into the system. Too few programs are aimed specifically to rehabilitate native offenders, and the rate at which they are filling Canada’s jails is rising. Manitoba’s Stony Mountain, in effect, is an aboriginal prison with a native population exceeding 60 per cent. The populations in provincial Prairie jails are higher, Mr. Sapers noted in his report, Spirit Matters. This is as a result of a failure on many levels, but the correctional service has not done enough to divert native prisoners into programs that are better at turning them into productive citizens who stay out of the courts. For example, there are only four First Nations healing lodges, three in Western Canada. The lodges get less funding than healing facilities operated by CSC, their workers are paid far less and are in constant turnover.

B.C. Bollywood awards gala faces racism allegations (CTV)
A spokesperson for a Bollywood awards ceremony to be held next month in Vancouver is apologizing after organizers were accused of racism, saying they did not want “brown” drivers and security guards working at the three-day event. Organizers for the Times of India Film Awards apparently told local businesses they did not want staff of South Asian descent working at the highly-anticipated gala event, fearing they would be too “star-struck” by the Bollywood celebrities expected to attend, sources told CTV British Columbia. But event spokesperson Laura Ballance said the request was not meant to be a racist statement.

TRU researching immigration to communities across Canada (TRU)
Researchers at Thompson Rivers University are playing an important role in a federally-funded research network aimed at fostering welcoming communities and supporting the integration of immigrants into communities across Canada, including small and medium-sized centres.

Diversity Fatigue Can Be Overcome (Huffington Post)
A couple of weeks ago the 6th annual Canada’s Best Diversity Employer’s Awards were handed out at an elegant dinner in downtown Toronto. Our firm has been honoured to be the measurement partners on this worthy endeavor since its inception, along with Mediacorp who created the award as part of their Top 100 Employers competition and BMO Financial Group, the corporate sponsors that have supported the award since day one. Each year working on this competition gives us an unprecedented opportunity to get a national perspective on the state of diversity today by reviewing hundreds of applications for the final list of 50. We have had the privilege of reviewing programs focused on improving the work environment for women, people of colour, people with disabilities, LGBT, Boomers, Zoomers, GEN Y, Muslims, Christians, new fathers even SWAMS (straight white able bodied males). This year we saw impressive initiatives such as financial planning tools for same sex couples, paid leave for trans-sexual transition and technology enabled flexible work programs to confront face time concerns.

Changing Canadas immigration Rules (Pheel Braune)
On November 29th, 2008, Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Canada, take care Diane Finley announced changes to the way Federal Skilled Worker applications give be processed. The changes are in immediate effect and retroactively apply to all Federal Skilled Worker applications submitted on or after February 27th, 2008. Canadas population has grown by over five per cent since 2001, fuelled by the influx of 240 000 immigrants per year. In fact, the massive numbers of immigrants is changing the face of Canada, with one in five Canadians coming from visible minority groups, and over sextette million people living here who were born foreign Canada. In some slipway, Canada is the immigration capital of the world. However, being an immigrant-friendly democracy doesnt come without its challenges. Canada seems to be constantly searching for ways to improve the selection and treat of the numbers of new Canadians who get at the decision to come to our nation.

UBC hopes to enrol more international students by creating special college (Janet Steffenhagen, Vancouver Sun)
The University of B.C. plans to create a special college for international students who struggle with English in order to welcome many more fee-paying foreigners onto its Vancouver campus starting next year. Although its not yet received final approval, the proposal envisions a 12-month program for first-year students who did not graduate from an English-speaking high school and need extra help adjusting to western learning styles. During that time, the students would complete their first year of studies while benefiting from language instruction, small classes and extra assistance. At the conclusion of the program, successful students would transfer into the regular UBC stream for their second year as undergraduates.

Black families in crisis due to abuse, violence, educational gaps Jones (Chronicle Herald)
Historic abuse allegations at the Nova Scotia Home for Colored Children, high rates of crime and violence and difficulties within the educational system have left Nova Scotias black communities in crisis, says retired Halifax lawyer Burnley (Rocky) Jones. The issue of the home, because it has been so front and centre, it has exposed many schisms in the community, said Jones, a prominent civil rights advocate. And at the same time theres a certain joy in knowing that our community, in spite of these schisms, we havent imploded. We havent gone after each other. Were still looking to be able to talk to each other and resolve our issues. But we have to do it ourselves.

Cross Cultural Young Professionals Networking Event Series (Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce)
Normal is boring, limited seating and by registration only. The first event of our cross cultural young professionals networking event .

Canadian Mosque And Pakistani Church Share More Than 2013 Anniversary OpEd (Daood Hamdani, Albany Tribune)
When All Saints Church in Peshawar, Pakistan celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus on 31 March and the streets of the ancient city ring with a message of peace and hope, there will be nothing unusual about it. Easter processions are a tradition in this predominantly Muslim country. The All Saints Church marks its 130th anniversary, at the same time that Al-Rashid Mosque in Edmonton, Canada turns 75. The two institutions share more than an important anniversary year, celebrations will focus on the role these institutions have played in nurturing the religious and spiritual needs of their respective communities. And somewhat obscured yet more relevant in the current climate of religious distrust is the desire of the founders of these institutions to reach out to other communities.

Canada Immigration Backlog on Decline: Canada Explores Modern Ways for World Class Immigration System (Press Press Release)
Mr. Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration in the present Government, has brought in major changes in the matters of family reunification and refugee system. The present government has offered many compromises in both of these cases, but never letting loose the hard lines. Prime Minister Stephen Harper, in his speech in January in Davos, Switzerland, said that Canada is exploring the ways to modernize Canadas immigration system. The actual figure of Canadian immigration backlog was almost 3, 00,000 applications. It could take up to 2017 to clear such massive backlog.

Can Richmond proclaim that multiculturalism is alive and well in the city? (BC Local News)
In August 1971, the Parliament of Canada enacted a statute to enshrine multiculturalism in the country. The statute had as its genesis the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalismthe infamous B&B Commission. Canada was the first country in the world to adopt multiculturalism as an official policy; soon, others followed. It is worth noting that the statute states that Canadian multiculturalism is fundamental to our belief that all citizens are equal. Multiculturalism ensures that all citizens can keep their identities, can take pride in their ancestry and have a sense of belonging. Acceptance gives Canadians a feeling of security and self-confidence, making them more open to, and accepting of, diverse cultures. The Canadian experience has shown that multiculturalism encourages racial and ethnic harmony and cross-cultural understanding. Also confirmed in the statute were these words: Canadas two official languages.

Deported migrant workers seek apology over ‘dehumanizing’ filmed raids (David P. Ball, The Tyee)
What Diana Thompson and her eight-year-old daughter hoped could at least be a tearful goodbye turned to sobs of frustration as her husband was evicted from Canada late last night. One of eight undocumented workers rounded up in a Vancouver construction site earlier this month — all under the gaze of a television show crew — Tulio Renan Aviles Hernandez was deported to his native Honduras, unable to see his family at the airport. “It’s been very difficult watching my daughter have to deal with this,” Thompson said. Tears flowing down her cheeks as supporters offered hugs and condolences, and vowed to continue fighting the deportations and television show “Border Security.” “She seems very upset and confused at times.

Ex-immigration official gets prison time for taking bribes (Megan Gillis,
A “scheming” and “corrupt” former immigration department manager was led out sobbing Thursday after a judge sentenced her to four years in prison for taking bribes to give newcomers special treatment. Diane Serre’s crimes attack the heart of our country, Judge Catherine Aitken said.

Statistical portrait of English-speaking immigrants in Quebec (CIC)
This report provides a statistical portrait of immigrants in Quebec whose First Official Language Spoken (FOLS) is English. The portrait applies 2006 Census data results to a comparison of the demographic and socio-economic outcomes of immigrants in the two English-speaking FOLS categories (English FOLS and English-French FOLS) with the French-speaking category (French FOLS) within the Province of Quebec and in Quebec Economic Regions (ERs).

Harassment, discrimination make correctional service workplace ‘toxic’: survey (Will Campbell, Montreal Gazette)
An internal survey suggests the federal correctional service and the prisons it runs are a “toxic” place to work, with many respondents reporting acts of harassment or discrimination by co-workers and bosses. “Unhealthy work environment within CSC (Correctional Service Canada) is an area that needs attention,” the “ethical climate survey” report states. “All these practices create a toxic work environment and must be addressed on an ongoing basis.”


Refugee Rights Day 2013 – Toronto (OCASI)
Celebrate refugee rights in Canada on April 4! Refugee Rights Day is commemorated on April 4 every year in Canada to bring attention to the advances made in the protection of refugee rights in Canada as a result of the Supreme Court Singh decision in 1985. Join us this year to commemorate the 28th anniversary of the Singh Decision.

Refugees without health care caught between death and debts (Nicholas Keung, Toronto Star)
No one wants to see a patient suffer, but are we responsible for the health care of failed refugees and asylum seekers from so-called safe countries?

Jason Kenney: Health-care cuts for refugee claimants justified (Daniel Proussalidis, Sault Star)
Immigration lawyers have asked the Federal Court to declare “mean and callous” cuts to health coverage for refugee claimants in Canada unconstitutional, but the immigration minister says their case has no merit. “It’s just part of an ongoing ideological campaign,” Jason Kenney said Monday. Canadian Doctors for Refugee Care and the Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers (CARL) are angry the feds cut off taxpayer coverage of prescription drugs, glasses and dentist visits for most refugee claimants last July, leaving them only with the kind of coverage provincial health plans provide while their cases are processed.

Kenney defends taking Iran, Iraq refugees over Syrians on trip to Turkish camp (Mike Blanchfield, Ottawa Citizen)
The NDP and a Syrian Canadian group are questioning why Immigration Minister Jason Kenney chose to accept Iraqi and Iranian refugees when he visited fleeing Syrians in Turkey last month. They accuse Kenney of misleading the Canadian public by touting his visit as being in support of Syrian refugees, which currently number about 200,000 in Turkey, when Canada opted instead to take 5,000 Iraqis and Iranians. But Kenney’s office says there’s a perfectly good explanation for the decision: Turkey won’t let any fleeing Syrians leave the country until the United Nations officially declares them actual refugees.–4QpiTB3w6mwHLnBRlcQ

Peggy and New Democrats oppose cuts to refugee health (Peggy Nash)
On July 4th, Parkdale-High Park MP Peggy Nash joined with the Parkdale Community Health Centre to oppose the Conservatives’ recent changes to the Interim Federal Health Program for refugees. The cuts to the Interim Federal Health Program will effectively deny access to health care for many legitimate refugees or claimants who have limited or no financial means.

Canada should reflect on its human rights record (Bernie Farber, Ottawa Citizen)
Tuesday we begin the holiday of Passover. This festival commemorates freedom, speaks to issues of tolerance, equality and the manner in which we treat those less fortunate than ourselves. Jewish families will re-tell the Passover story as a means by which to remind ourselves of the need for vigilance to ensure freedom and tolerance. Thus now is a good time to ask, how far have we really travelled down the road of equality and acceptance? With little fanfare, Canada was scolded earlier this year by both the United Nations and Amnesty International over its human rights record. Yes you read this correctly Canada.

Sorry for anti-Roma rant? As It Happens interviewer demolishes Sun News VP (Alberta Diary)
Any listener could infer theyll be much worse after listening yesterday evening to CBC interviewer Carol Off demolish Sun News Network Vice-President Kory Teneyckes slippery attempt to defend the far-right networks commentator Ezra Levant for his racist diatribe against the Roma people six months ago. In a short segment on the CBCs As It Happens radio program last night, Mr. Teneycke, a former communications director for Prime Minister Stephen Harper, remained determinedly barricaded inside his message box, doing his best to sound contrite while refusing to acknowledge the patently racist intentions of Mr. Levants remarks on the Sept. 5, 2012, episode of his regular Sun News program.

Regional Focus: Europe (Forced Migration Current Awareness)
A service highlighting web research and information relating to refugees, asylum-seekers, internally displaced persons (IDPs), and other forced migrants; provided by Elisa Mason.

Thematic Focus: Health (Forced Migration Current Awareness)
A service highlighting web research and information relating to refugees, asylum-seekers, internally displaced persons (IDPs), and other forced migrants; provided by Elisa Mason.


Ontario should stop siphoning money from dental fund for poor: Editorial (Toronto Star)
The province of Ontario has been quietly taking money out of a dental fund for the poor and putting it into sport promotion programs. It should stop.

Harper government using ‘slash-and-burn tactics’ to reduce online information (Vincent Gogolek, rabble)
The B.C. Freedom of Information and Privacy Association (FIPA) had recently received leaked documents detailing a new federal government plan to make government websites a whole lot less informative. Since being tipped off to the plan, FIPA has attempted to obtain details under the Access to Information Act. Unfortunately, we keep running into roadblocks thrown up by the Treasury Board, the domain of — you guessed it — open government minister Tony Clement. First, Clement’s department demanded thousands of dollars in fees to process the request. Now they’re insisting on hundreds of days of delays to allow for unspecified “consultations.” Frustrating as this process has been, our leaked documents show it’s no surprise that the government is dragging things out.

Penalties rare for firms that hire illegal workers (Jessica Barrett, Vancouver Sun)
Companies that hire illegal migrant workers are seldom penalized for breaking the law, say immigration specialists. Under Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, employers who knowingly hire workers without proper documentation can face fines of up to $50,000 and two years in jail. “The problem is employer sanctions are rarely applied,” said Zool Suleman, an immigration lawyer with more than 20 years’ experience. “There’s a huge inequity in how this works.” Unless employers have been found to routinely hire illegal workers on a wide scale or engage in other egregious conduct – such as human trafficking – they are often not pursued by Canada Border Services or Immigration Canada, Suleman said.

Austerity Is Not Only A Dangerous Idea, Its Bad For Our Health (Jo Snyder, Wellesley Institute)
Austerity is bad for our health, and many, like Mark Blyth, say that its a dangerous idea. Mark Blyth, author of Austerity: The History of a Dangerous Idea, and faculty fellow at Brown University, shows us exactly how in this innovative and clearly illustrated video. Blyth challenges the misconception of austerity as a common sense approach to dealing with the economic fall-out of the world-wide recession. His work confirms what we know from research that is closer to home.


Video: Mentoring Program (OMNI TV)
Interview with Maytree’s Peter Paul about the recently released ALLIES mentoring report.,AAAAFOzDiwE~,6Yig_ZA7wquIAjVAZS1F6iSZMTpmTkW_&bclid=424690587001&bctid=2264664825001

Mentoring boosts salary, employment of immigrants (Canadian HR Reporter)
Many newcomers to Canada continue to face challenges in finding work commensurate with their education and professional experience. But mentoring is one of the most successful strategies to help skilled immigrants find suitable employment, according to a survey released by HR consulting firm Accenture and ALLIES (Assisting Local Leaders with Immigrant Employment Strategies), a project jointly funded by the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation and Maytree, a private foundation that promotes equity and prosperity through leadership building.

Mentorship (CBC Metro Morning)
Matt Galloway spoke about match-making skills, with Armine Yalnizyan. She is our business commentator on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

International conference on labour rights underway in Toronto (NUPGE)
More than 160 people are gathering in Toronto this week to discuss the critical role labour rights and unions play in reducing income inequality, advancing democracy, and promoting the social well-being of all Canadians. The three-day conference, “Labour Rights and Their Impact on Democracy, Economic Equality and Social Justice,” is organized by the Canadian Foundation for Labour Rights (CFLR) and sponsored by the National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE), the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW Canada) and the Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF).

Union Fights Mexican Consulate in Canada (Darryl Greer, Courthouse News Service)
A labor union fighting to keep farmworkers certified claims Mexico is not immune from unfair labor practice complaints for interfering with the constitutional rights of migrant laborers in British Columbia. The United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 1518 sued the United Mexican States in claims in B.C. Supreme Court. The union claims that the B.C. Labour Relations Board wrongly found that Mexico was protected by the State Immunity Act against the union’s complaints. The UFCW had to fight to certify a bargaining unit for migrants under the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program (SAWP) at a blueberry farm owned by nonparty Sidhu & Sons Nursery.

Employers worry caregiver program a front to enter Canada (CP24)
Caje Fernandes feels cheated by the system. The father of two preschoolers in Pickering, Ont., was left scrambling for alternatives after the live-in caregiver he sponsored into the country from Hong Kong walked out just three months into her two-year contract. It’s not so much the fact she left that irks Fernandes. It’s how she did it. “She came here with a motive,” he says, frustrated. “We were used.”


Torontos Urbanism Headlines: Friday (Spacing Toronto)
A daily round up of mainstream media news on Rob Ford, Sunshine List and Other News.

Newsstand: April 1, 2013 (Terri Coles, Torontoist)
None of these stories are April Fools’ jokes. They are all true. In the news: Ontario’s losing out on finances; police need the public’s help after another mall shooting; and teachers and the province are close to a deal.

Research fatigue and other lessons from Torontos Regent Park (Diane Dyson, Belonging Community)
Research Park er, I mean Regent Park It was a telling slip in one residents lament about the degree of academic surveillance taking place in Regent Park, the low-income Toronto neighbourhood where public housing has been torn down and is being rebuilt as a mixed income community. Thousands of new condo and townhouse owners will be living alongside the original low-income tenants in the next decade. It is a living lab, a natural social experiment that is too tempting for a city with three universities and several more within driving distance of it. Professors, grad students and undergrad class projects have taken their toll on Regent Park residents, creating a research fatigue, just as the second and largest phase of the redevelopment at Regent Park is underway.


Village Vibes (Charity Village)
An umbrella for the east coast
Nonprofit Hiring Tools: Sample Interview Questions
From the Vault: Six tips to keep your team motivated

Non-profit law: ONN asked. Government listened (Iler Campbell)
For some time now, Ontario Nonprofit Network has been highly critical of the as-yet unproclaimed Ontario Not-for-profit Corporations Act. The Ontario Government hadnt listened much. Until now.

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Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

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