Immigration & Diversity news headlines – July 17, 2013


Immigration advocates expect little will change (Carol Sanders, Winnipeg Free Press)
Advocates for Manitoba newcomers, critical of former immigration minister Jason Kenney’s “tumultuous reign,” aren’t expecting much difference under his replacement, former diplomat Chris Alexander. “I hope it doesn’t usher in any worsening of the situation,” said Dr. Mike Dillon, with Canadian Doctors for Refugee Health Care. The city physician helped organize rallies when the federal government last summer cut supplemental health benefits for privately sponsored refugees and refugee claimants.

Caribbean Carnival Preparations (CBC Metro Morning)
Helen spoke with Dexter Seusahai. He is living and breathing the costumes for the Tribal Knights band.

Manifesto gets $326,600 grant to bring Freshest Goods Market online (Yonge Street)
Manifesto, a Toronto nonprofit arts and culture youth organization, has received a $326,600 grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) to build the online version of their Freshest Goods Market. Working with both emerging and established artists, Manifesto regularly hosts dance contests, concerts, festivals, workshops, and arts projects across the city.

The Wedding Issue (Ethnic Aisle)
This week, we’re talking Weddings on the Ethnic Aisle. From what outfit to wear, to who to invite, to what do to about all of the parents’ demands and requests, for plenty of us its all got a cultural flava.

Legal aid clinics fight to save their budgets (Carol Goar, Toronto Star)
Avvy Go, director of the Metro Toronto Chinese and Southeast Asian Legal Aid Clinic, is sharper-tongued, probably because she’s used to fighting for clients who seem invisible to politicians. “We were completely blindsided,” she says. The only way she can downsize further is to move to a smaller office or lay off her Chinese-speaking staff. “For the first time in my career — and I’ve worked at legal aid clinics since I graduated — I’m seriously looking for another job. I can no longer serve my clients.”


Canadian Social Research Newsletter : July 14, 2013 (Canadian Social Research Links)
Canadian content
1. Impact Newsletter – Summer 2013 issue (Centre for Research on Educational and Community Services, University of Ottawa)
2. [Ontario] McMeekin says welfare report getting push back (Hamilton Spectator) – July 13
3. Exploring Employment Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities : Report of the Standing Committee on Human Resources, Skills and Social Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities – June 2013
4. What’s New in The Daily [Statistics Canada]:
— Police-reported hate crimes, 2011 – July 11
— Police-reported data on street gang crime, 2011 – July 11
— Financial information of universities and colleges, 2011/2012 – July 11
— Report on the Demographic Situation in Canada, 2008 to 2012 – July 9
— Spending on research and development in the higher education sector, 2011/2012 – July 5
5. What’s new from the Childcare Resource and Research Unit

OECD: Unemployment to remain high as Canada and the world fails to shake financial crisis (Julian Beltrame, Financial Post)
The federal government is being urged to provide targeted assistance for Canada’s long-term unemployed, a problem the OECD says remains unacceptably high despite the improving jobs picture. And in a new forecast released Tuesday morning, it projects Canada’s labour market advantage over the United States will all but vanish by the end of 2014, when both countries will post unemployment rates of 6.7%.

Albanese concerned about Canada Job Grant (Clark Kim, York Guardian)
A new grant proposed by the federal government to help Canadians get available jobs through skills training may leave the most vulnerable in the community behind, says a local MPP. York South-Weston MPP Laura Albanese expressed her concern over the Canada Job Grant, which was unveiled in the federal budget earlier this year, with how that funding would be provided.

Income levels need to improve for people in poverty (Windsor Star)
At first glance, it seems like applause should be in order for the provincial government’s commitment to their five-year poverty reduction plan. However, the government’s recent decision to only partially raise the Ontario Child Benefit is very disappointing for people living in poverty. In fact, even with a full funding increase, the poor population would still be in crisis. According to Deb O’Connor, an anti-poverty advocate, in spite of government measures like the Ontario Child Benefit, the poverty rate has stayed high over the last 25 years with child poverty increasing during this time period.


Removing the “Canadian experience” barrier (Ratna Omidvar, Maytree)
On July 15, Ratna Omidvar addressed the attendees at a launch event of the new policy, “Removing the ‘Canadian experience’ barrier,” by the Ontario Human Rights Organization. The policy addresses the issue of employers requiring “Canadian experience” which can create barriers for newcomers looking for jobs or professional accreditation.

The Canadian Experience (CBC Metro Morning)
One of the most persistent and frustrating barriers to employment for newcomers to Canada is the so-called Canadian experience requirement. Helen spoke to Ratna Omidvar President of Maytree.

Career Bridge Internships a Win-Win for St. Michael’s Hospital (hireimmigrants)
In December 2012, Mehmet Bahar, a Career Bridge intern at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, led a project to improve the quality of the hospital’s environmental service audits, which measure the cleanliness of patient rooms and other core hospital areas. Mr. Bahar, a recent immigrant from Turkey, redesigned the auditing process and improved communication between the supervisors performing the audits and the employees responsible for cleaning the different areas. In three short months, the average audit score increased by 15 per cent.

Hire Immigrants Upcoming Webinar – “Right in your Back Yard”: Sourcing Immigrant Talent Faster! (ERIEC)
We at ERIEC are pleased to promote the upcoming Hire Immigrants webinar which will highlight innovative practices in order to help employers access qualified internationally trained candidates. As a business, your hiring and retention practices are critical to your competitiveness as a company. Choosing the right person from a pool of qualified candidates depends on how and where you post job postings. One way to reach a broader talent pool is to market your job openings through organizations who work directly with skilled immigrants, such as the Edmonton Region Immigrant Employment Council.

Diversity Helps Make RBC One Of Canada’s Most Successful Companies (Cassandra Jowett, Talent Egg)
In order to feel truly comfortable at work, you need to know that differentiating factors, such as your ethnicity, gender, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, education or religion, will not hinder your success as a young professional – or the success of the organization you work for. Blair Crichlow, Manager of Diversity Recruitment at RBC, says the company has made diversity and inclusion a key priority not just because it’s the right thing to do, but also because it helps RBC succeed in the global marketplace.

Ontario Human Rights Commission releases policy on removing the “Canadian experience” barrier (Simon Heath, First Reference blog)
On July 15, 2013, the Ontario Human Rights Commission (“OHRC”) released its Policy on Removing the “Canadian Experience” Barrier (the “Policy”). The purpose of the Policy is to address the fact that new immigrants, with university educations and/or work experience, are denied opportunities for jobs or career advancement because they lack “Canadian Experience” (i.e. Canadian based work experience) and their foreign educational qualification or work experience are not recognized. The Policy arose because of academic studies and Statistics Canada results and the OHRC’s own survey which demonstrate, on an empirical basis, the obstacles immigrants face in securing employment because they lack Canadian based experience and this is arbitrarily used against them to deny them job opportunities and/or advancement.

TalentC® and MentorCity™ join resources to fuel the “power of mentoring” worldwide! (Shawn Mintz, Mentor City)
Human resources solution provider TalentC® and mentoring software innovator MentorCity have established a strategic alliance built on a mutual passion to leverage the power of mentoring to assist organizations and their members to grow personally and professionally. Both Canadian companies have been active in the global marketplace, promoting mentoring as a potent solution to the challenges faced by organizations, including: improving employee engagement and retention, identifying training needs, sustainable and ongoing skill development, strengthening teamwork and co-operation across departments and regions, and enhancing diversity at the leadership level.

End the call for ‘Canadian experience’ (Todd Humber, Canadian HR Reporter)
If your job posting calls for “Canadian experience,” it may now be discriminatory — at least in Ontario. The Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) unveiled its new Policy on Removing the ‘Canadian experience’ Barrier on July 15, and it came out swinging against employers who may not be giving immigrants a fair shake at job opportunities. “The OHRC’s position is that a strict requirement for ‘Canadian experience’ is prima facie discrimination (discrimination on its face) and can only be used in very limited circumstances,” it said in the 16-page policy. “The onus will be on employers and regulatory bodies to show that a requirement for prior work experience in Canada is a bona fide requirement, based on the legal test this policy sets out.”

Employer blacklist empty despite labour complaints from foreign workers (Rebecca Lindell, Global News)
More than 200 temporary foreign workers in Alberta have complained about payroll violations, but none of their employers have been publicly named by Ottawa. Canada has more than 330,000 temporary foreign workers, with 68,319 of them in Alberta to help stem the labour shortages caused by the resource boom. Last year, 218 temporary foreign workers in Alberta complained to the provincial government about labour standards violations, according to numbers released by the Alberta Federation of Labour. Of those investigated, 47 per cent were found to be legitimate contraventions.

Video: The Canadian Slave Trade: Temporary Foreign Workers (OperationMaple)


York launches new entrepreneurship institute (Yonge Street)
One thing that organizers are emphasizing with this program in particular is the social and cultural value entrepreneurship can contribute to a community. Accepted fellows will fall into two groups: 10 entrepreneurs will be on a for-profit track, and another 10 on a not-for-profit track. YEDInstitute is hoping to support growth in traditional businesses and in non-profits equally, and is accepting applicants with an a wide range of sectors, from health and wellness to agriculture to real estate. The goal, explains program director Dana Ayrapetyan, is to help the non-profit sector become more self-sufficient. “It is not as efficient as it could be,” she says, and developing a stronger entrepreneurial culture around socially-motivated ventures is important for that reason.

Announcing the 2013 Social Finance Awards! (
Although in its early stages, the impact-investing marketplace in Canada is already beginning to take shape, featuring a substantial number of high-impact collaborations, pioneering institutions and thought-leaders who are working to drive sectoral activity forward. Without these individuals, organizations and institutions, the social finance landscape in Canada would look significantly different.

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Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

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