Immigration & Diversity news headlines – Oct 31, 2013


New report looks at the diversity of the GTAs health care leaders (
On November 6, 2013, join Maytree, the Greater Toronto CivicAction Alliance (CivicAction) and Mount Sinai Hospital for the release of the latest DiverseCity Counts report A Snapshot of Diverse Leadership in the Health Care Sector. The eighth DiverseCity Counts report looks at health care institutions in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). In partnership with Mount Sinai Hospital, we examine leadership diversity in Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs), hospitals, and Community Care Access Centres (CCACs) in the GTA. While past Counts reports have focused solely on visible minorities, this edition broadens the scope of diversity to include sex/gender identity, visible minorities, disability, and sexual orientation.

Mosaics Ambassadors of Prosperity (
We dont have immigrants because we dont have immigrants; [but] when immigrants have a positive experience somewhere, they tell family and friends who are then more likely to come, too. – Jack Strauss, Saint Louis University. Attracting and retaining immigrants has become a key strategy in St. Louis mission to remain prosperous. In fact, the Greater St. Louis region wants to become the fastest growing U.S. metropolitan area for immigration by 2020.

Annual Report to Parliament on Immigration, 2013 (CIC)
The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) came into effect on June 28, 2002, replacing the Immigration Act of 1976. Under section 94 of the Act (see Annex), the Minister for Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is required to table an annual report in Parliament on the Departments immigration activities and initiatives. The report focuses on the selection of foreign nationals as permanent and temporary residents during the preceding calendar year. The legislation also requires an overview of federal-provincial/territorial agreements and joint initiatives, as well as a gender-based analysis of the impact of the Act. In addition, the report serves as a vehicle for announcing Canadas immigration plan for the upcoming calendar year.

Rexdale Civics 101 Youth-Led Multimedia Project (
The Urban Alliance on Race Relations, Rexdale Civic Engagement Project (Civics 101 Project) was a one-year initiative on Social Infrastructure, Civic Engagement, Human Rights and Relations in the Rexdale Community funded by the City of Toronto Access, Equity and Human Rights (AEHR) grant. The Civics 101 project was youth-focused and primarily youth directed with the goal of engaging young people to think critically around issues on employment, community safety and policing, affordable housing, food security, and public transit. The focus of the project was to investigate what were the potential methods that youth living in the Rexdale community under the age of 18 could be engaged with civic engagement. The project was successful in engaging diverse youth, residents, agencies and other community stakeholders in around issues on access, equity and inclusion.

We Must Tackle The Cultural Divide Now Or Polarization And Racism Will Continue To Haunt Us (Andrew Griffith, Multicultural Meanderings)
Ken Herar, of the South Asian community, on the need to break down the barriers between the South Asian and other communities in the lower BC mainland.

Quebec women’s council unveils 7 steps to stop ‘honour crimes’ (
More can be done to help prevent so-called “honour-based violence” in Canada, says the Quebec Council for the Status of Women. In 2011, the Quebec government mandated the council to study the phenomenon in light of the Shafia case. Mohammad Shafia, his wife Tooba Yahya and their son Hamed were convicted of murdering Shafia’s three teenage daughters and his first wife in January 2012.

Life on fringe bad for immigrants health, finds report (
They package our food, drive our taxis, clean our homes and mind our children, often for cash under the table. Many newcomers to Canada also face alarming health risks due to poor working conditions and high levels of poverty, according to a report from the Wellesley Institute, a nonprofit research and policy organization based in Toronto, Ontario. The report, Shadow Economies: Economic Survival Strategies of Toronto Immigrant Communities, states that almost a third of the 450 immigrants surveyed described their health as fair or poor three times the Canadian average. About a quarter of participants reported problems with sleep, stress, body pain or depression.

Immigrant nominee numbers increased for Saskatchewan (
Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall says the federal government is going to allow more people to move to the province under the Immigrant Nominee Program. The province will be allowed 4,725 immigrants in 2014 up from 4,450 this year. Wall who is in Ottawa for meetings with Prime Minister Stephen Harper and some federal cabinet ministers says the increase represents 18 per cent of the additional nominees allocated across Canada in 2014.

Osler launches new research program (Peter Criscione,
When it comes to hospitals, local health officials dont want you to solely think of them as places sick people go to get care. They should also be viewed as massive repositories of knowledge whereby information is harnessed to help hospitals function better and understand the communities they serve. Last month, William Osler Health System announced the appointment of Dr. Ronald Heslegrave as its new Chief Research Officer.

Gregory Urier named Champion of Francophone Immigration (Journal Pioneer)
Thanks to an initiative of the Société Nationale de lAcadie (SNA), each Atlantic province named a Champion of Francophone Immigration for the duration of National Francophone Immigration Week. In P.E.I., the champion was selected via a province-wide contest. The public was invited to nominate a newcomer who made a positive impact through his or her community involvement or integration or a Canadian who was personally invested in helping Francophone immigrants and deserved to be the spokesperson for the 2013 edition.

National Francophone Immigration Week to be celebrated on P.E.I. (
La Coopérative dintégration francophone de lÎle-du-Prince-Édouard (CIF) is participating in the very first National Francophone Immigration Week. The week is set for Nov. 3-9, and the theme is Limmigration francophone, une diversité qui nous unit (Francophone immigration, diversity that brings us together).

History months for everyone! (Tarek Fatah,
Did you know we’re just completing what Canada’s Parliament has declared as “Islamic History Month”? Yes, all Octobers in Canada shall be an opportunity for you infidels to learn from my people. Learn about our often bloody history of conquest and enlightenment, including how we Muslims slaughtered our own Prophet Mohammed’s family, right up to modern times when we committed genocides in Bangladesh and Darfur and tried to kill innocent school girls like Malala Yousafzai. It’s amazing how Canada is providing us Muslims the opportunity to reconcile the crimes and accomplishments of our forefathers, without us having to fear for our lives.

CBSA tears apart family with deportation order (Hugh Adami,
As Magill tells it, he stopped the boozing, found work and met Carol, whom he married in 1989. He became stepfather to her three children from a previous marriage, and the couple added a son to the brood in 1990. There are now nine grandchildren, and a great-granddaughter. Familys my life, he says. Magill has worked at various jobs over the years, paid taxes, and suffered a cancer scare a few years ago. He is now on leave from a part-time job as he fights a toe infection related to diabetes. If his big toe doesnt get better with the current batch of antibiotics he is taking, the toe and maybe even his foot might have to be amputated. And now, after spending more than half his life in Canada, the federal government has decided to deport him to the United Kingdom because of those two, 25-year-old convictions. As well, says Immigration, a Scottish court convicted Magill of malicious mischief in 1981, when he was 18. Magill says he was told last week by a Canada Border Services Agency officer that he will soon be informed of his departure date.

Story of a life in Canada has lessons about Harper’s new immigration policy (Rick Salutin,
On Monday the Harper government “unveiled” a “new stream to attract foreign entrepreneurs” called the “business incubator stream.” Sounds cuddly. It’s a typical Tory economic approach: get people with lots of money to promise to do stuff and give them permanent resident status in return. Ken and Julie brought only their appreciation to this country and contributed to its culture for 40 years. Their kids have too. They’re all in the arts: Corry’s a musician, Jane’s a film producer, John’s a sort of cultural entrepreneur — though they all mingle genres. None aimed at fame, wealth or Hollywood, and they’ve all made a go of it. Now there’s a third generation. Ken’s grandson, Julian, is the drummer in a ten-piece innovative, multidisciplinary band called theflow that has a horn section. A smart incubation program would aim at attracting that kind of immigrant, which doesn’t mean making a deal with them; it means being the kind of society they want to be part of and contribute to.

Video: Health of the Ethnic Press (TVO The Agenda)
With hundreds of newspapers and hundreds of thousands of readers across the Greater Toronto Area, the ethnic press appears to be thriving. But there are questions of journalistic balance and financial sustainability. The Agenda examines what is behind the front page.


Jose Figueroa deportation stayed (
A federal court judge in Vancouver has granted Salvadoran refugee Jose Figueroa a stay on his deportation order for three months. The father of three has been in sanctuary in a Langley church. His deportation was to take place on Thursday. Figueroa`s lawyer said the temporary stay until Jan. 15 is to give the family time to contest the deportation order on compassionate grounds.


TRIECs first Twitter chat: building immigrant-inclusive workplaces (TRIEC)
Read the digest of the first TRIECs Twitter chat and follow us on Twitter.

Networking: one of my strongest job search tools! (Eriecedmonton,
Networking has for centuries been used in various ways by individuals to grow their business as well as personal careers, and also to make all sorts of projects happen. Networking skills are not something you are born with, you can develop them. And it need not be a complex process. The great news is that anyone can improve their networking and influencing skills. The basic principle of networking is finding and building helpful relationships and connections with other people.

Churches in Canada urged to protect migrant workers (Rowena Papasin,
Churches have long been a sanctuary for the oppressed. But for the World Council of Churches, it’s time for this sanctuary to expose abuses against migrant workers. Surrey pastor Reverend Stuart Lyster said churches should be more pro-active in their defense of migrant workers. “There are other cases like what happened to Leticia where the church needs to be more than a sanctuary for people, it needs to speak out and have a prophetic voice,” said Lyster.


TD awarding $15,000 to applicants looking to improve their community (Charity Village)
Communities nationwide are encouraged to apply to receive matching grants of up to $15,000 from Tree Canada and TD Friends of the Environment Foundation (TD FEF) in order to manage and grow their urban forests. With $300,000 in grants available, Tree Canada and TD FEF are looking to support another round of innovative projects in 2014. As Tree Canada’s flagship program, TD Green Streets supports and encourages innovation in urban forestry. Since its inception in 1994, Green Streets has awarded funding to more than 500 recipients, and has helped change the landscape of local communities across Canada. The program is open to all Canadian municipalities and Aboriginal communities, as well as business improvement associations (BIA). The deadline to submit an application for a 2014 TD Green Streets grant is January 10, 2014. Recipients will be announced in March 2014.

2014 Nonprofit Workforce Practices Survey seeks participants (Charity Village)
On behalf of the Nonprofit HR, The Improve Group would like to invite you to participate in the 2014 Nonprofit Workforce Practices Survey. This survey is designed to address the lack of statistical information available on nonprofit human resources practices and trends, such as: staff size and projected growth; recruitment strategies and budgeting; staffing challenges; and staffing resource management. The survey should be completed by, or in coordination with, an organization executive with the knowledge to answer all questions accurately. The goal is to ensure that the data compiled from this survey is accurate and instrumental in key decision making within your organization and across the sector. Aggregate results will be reported to all survey participants; however, no specific information about your organizations employment plans or practices will be published or shared with other survey participants or any other third parties. The survey takes about 20 minutes to complete and should be completed by November 22, 2013.


Engage! : April 2013 (Tamarack)
A Collective Impact Case Study: Vibrant Communities
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Caledon’s Data Rescue Campaign: A Battle We Can Win
Lessons in Locally-led Change from Aotearoa New Zealand
Welcoming New Talent to the Tamarack Team
Updates from Tamarack’s Learning Communities
Tamarack Events

A peek into financial crusader Gail Vaz-Oxlade’s financial literacy tool kit (
Anyone who’s ever watched Gail Vaz-Oxlade whip people into financial shape on her reality TV shows may crave a little of her tough love. She’s done it on the shows ‘Til Debt Do Us Part, Money Moron, and Princess… And when it comes to criticizing the way people handle their finances, she tells them to wake up and smell the coffee – and reminds them how much it costs. On Friday, Gail Vaz-Oxlade hosts a special Project Money edition of The Current. She’ll also host a webchat today at 10 am Pacific, 1 pm Eastern to answer your personal finance questions. You can join her for the chat on our main page on our website.

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Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

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