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Cities of Migration November Newsletter
• Auckland’s Future: Super-Diverse City
• Elham Seyed Javad: Sports Hijab Takes Off
• Celle: Anonymous Job Applications Help Overcome Hiring Biases
• All Parisians, All Citizens
• Living Your Language
• Cologne: Youth Employment in the Multikulti City
• Good Ideas in the News

Edmonton police blunder on hijab (Farzana Hassan,
We seek to be “inclusive” of all cultures in Canada — even the ones that shun Canadian values and conspire to undermine its democracy and diversity.The Edmonton police service has announced its decision to design a hijab, the Muslim head covering, as part of a Muslim woman’s police uniform.

Canadians must know history of aboriginal peoples, says judge (The
Canadians and newcomers to this country must learn about the tragic history of aboriginal peoples in Canada in order to respect and understand each other.

How Quebec’s charter turned the Tories into ethnic champions (Inder Marwah and Phil Triadafilopoulos, Globe and Mail)
Ealier this month, the Parti Québécois tabled Bill 60, its proposed values charter, in the national assembly following two months of headline-grabbing controversy and public debate, both within and beyond the province. Within hours, federal Minister for Multiculturalism Jason Kenney vowed to challenge the legislation should it prove to violate the right to religious expression as guaranteed under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Quebec’s bald intolerance over covered heads (Globe and Mail)
What is wrong with this picture? Two child-care workers take six of their young charges out for a stroll on a chilly day.The answer, of course, is absolutely nothing. But when the two daycare workers in question are wearing niqabs, and the stroll is taking place on the streets of Verdun in Southwest Montreal, things can get ugly.

Quebec politics is interfering with my love life (Dan Delmar,
If you’ll excuse the vanity, I’d like to use this space to talk about my love life. Not because it’s particularly exciting, but because it could perhaps help illustrate the human impact of hysterical Parti Québécois policies and Quebec’s overall decline, which all political factions have contributed to. I suspect many others are in the same boat, particularly other young anglophones.

We can all learn more about race relations (Tracy Samra,
When Anisa White couldn’t find a group for her young twins that reflected the diversity she was accustomed to, she started her own grassroots initiative – she formed SoulMamas.

Video: Manitoba restaurant closing over racism (Globe and Mail)
Jeff Keele reports on Jamaican-born Alethea Morris saying she’s closing her restaurant in Morris, Man. due to racism

Bring on the Brown Man as the Sex Symbol: A Mom’s Response to the GAP Ad with Waris Ahluwalia (Reva Seth,
Skin color and kids is a funny thing. I have three boys who are 7, 4 and 15 months and while both my husband and I are fully South Asian, we look quite different. To be blunt, he looks more “Indian” since he has much darker skin than I do – something that my kids occasionally ask about, in the very straightforward why do girls pee sitting down, why is your skin different than Daddy type of way.


Refugee Update (FCJ Refugee Centre and the Canadian Council for Refugees)
-Begging the questions – a review of statistics from the IRB – Refugee Protection Division and Refugee Appeal Division
-Welcoming the Stranger: Affirmations for Faith Leaders
-Asylum, Refugee Status & Snowden
-The Syrian crisis -Participation at the UNHCR-NGOs Consultation Meeting
-Mark Persaud, once Refugee, now Queen’s Medal Winning Lawyer and Activist

Refugee Claimants arriving in Nova Scotia feels to jail (
The executive director of the Halifax Refugee Clinic says it’s time Nova Scotia stopped sending refugee Claimants to the large largest provincial jail while Their paperwork is processed Being.


TRIEC is moving! (
Starting December 2, 2013, TRIEC is located at its new offices at 603 – 250 Dundas St. West, Toronto, ON M5T 2Z5.
Our phone numbers will remain the same, and we’ll be back to work on December 2 afternoon. Check the Contact Us page to get in touch with our staff members.

Jobs, Skills and Opportunities: Strengthening Canada’s Human Capital Advantage (John Manley, President and CEO, Canadian Council of Chief Executives speaking at the Canadian Club Toronto)
Canada has long been home to one of the world’s most educated and highly qualified workforces. However, recent indicators suggest that our human capital advantage is slipping. What must educators, businesses and governments do to address growing skills gaps? How can we transform our labour market challenges into opportunities for current and future Canadian workers?

Fixing the Canada Job Grant program (Matthew Mendelsohn and Noah Zon, Toronto Star)
Turning the federal government’s job grant program into a tax credit may be the most effective way of ending a stalemate between Ottawa and the provinces.

The living wage: An idea whose time has come (Lynne Fernandez,
Minimum-wage workers are not just teenagers working at fast-food restaurants after school. According to the Manitoba Federation of Labour, 55 per cent of minimum wage earners in Manitoba are adults twenty years and older; 51 per cent of minimum-wage earners work for companies with 100 workers or more and 42 per cent work for companies with 500 or more employees. With approximately 38,600 Manitobans earning minimum wage ($10.45/hour) and fully 73,700 Manitobans making only 10 per cent more, we need to ask if the minimum wage provides sufficient income to raise a family.

KGH lands immigrant employment award (Ian MacAlpine, Kingston Whig-Standard)
Kingston General Hospital, for its support of immigrant employment, has won the third annual Kingston Immigration Partnership Employer Award. The award was presented at the annual Diversity Works conference at the Residence Inn by Marriott on Thursday. The symposium, also titled Connecting Global Talent With Local Opportunity, was organized along with the KEYS Job Centre.

Record number of Filipino caregivers in Canada to become permanent residents next year (
A record number of Filipino caregivers in Canada are expected to become permanent residents by 2014 after Ottawa reduced application backlogs and processing times for skilled workers, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) said on Friday.

Poverty and Prosperity in Nunavut (Ken Battle and Sherri Torjman,Caledon Institute of Social Policy)
The Caledon Institute of Social Policy was engaged by the Nunavut Anti-Poverty Secretariat, which provides oversight and leadership to support the Nunavut Roundtable for Poverty Reduction in the implementation of Nunavut’s poverty reduction strategy. We were asked to comment on Nunavut’s social safety net and to consider a ‘made-in-Nunavut’ social policy inspired by Nunavut’s unique history and values, and geared to its social, demographic, economic and political characteristics. The paper is intended to launch an exchange of ideas on a new social vision for Nunavut.

Social Capital with Milton Friesen (Tamarack – Seeking Community)
Milton Friesen is a member of the think tank Cardus and is considered one of Canada’s leading thinkers in the area of social capital and its impact on neighborhood development.For our recently-formed, Neighbours Community of Practice, Milton lead a discussion on social capital

City losing fight against homelessness (Chris Cobb,Ottawa Citizen)
This city is making little headway in finding stable, affordable housing for its homeless, who in turn are becoming increasingly reliant a limited number of available shelter beds, a community forum on homelessness was told Tuesday.

Social Planning Toronto: Special edition: City Budget 2014 Newsletter
-Toward a Poverty Elimination Strategy for the City of Toronto
-City of Toronto 2014 Budget released
-Join SPT Budget Forums happening today!
-Give a Budget Deputation
-Budget meetings in your ward?

Environics Newsletter
-New survey just released in lead-up to 10th anniversary Trudeau Foundation policy conference
-Do Canadians believe in climate change?
-Black Experience Project gearing up to launch Phase 2 research
-Focus Canada finds a new partner with the Centre for the Study of Democratic Citizenship
-New partnerships for upcoming research on Canada’s Aboriginal Peoples -Understanding youth mental health in Ontario-Update on Muslims in Canada Survey
-Environics Institute joins with Toronto Community Foundation on new research on social capital in Toronto

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Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

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