Immigration & Diversity news headlines – February 11, 2014


Put our immigrant roots on display: Ratna Omidvar’s Big Idea (Ratna Omidvar,
The Toronto Star declared 2014 the Year of the Idea and reached out to a diverse group of community leaders and big thinkers, academics, entrepreneurs and regular folks to ask them to share their top idea to transform Toronto into a city that once again works. This is Ratna Omidvar’s Big Idea.Exhibitions celebrating the experience of Toronto’s many immigrant residents would boost city morale and entice tourists.

Tories’ new budget to close program giving investors path to citizenship (Steven Chase, The Globe and Mail)
The Conservative government is scrapping Canada’s decades-old Immigrant Investor Program in the 2014 budget, ending a path to citizenship that has been criticized for allowing foreigners to buy their way into this country without bringing sufficient long-term benefit.

Ottawa’s Mexican visa policy hurting business, Manley says (Kim Mackrael,
Canada’s decision to require visas for all visiting Mexicans has become a “major point of contention” with repercussions for businesses working in both countries, the head of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives says.

Citizenship reforms a serious threat to rights of all Canadians (Lorne Waldman, Audrey Macklin,
The many problems with the Tories’ proposed changes to Canada’s citizenship legislation highlight the government’s misunderstanding of the nature of citizenship.

Actually, my citizenship is a right (Chris Selley,
Calling citizenship “our most precious commodity,” the Conservatives tabled legislation on Thursday requiring immigrants to reside in the country four years before qualifying to become Canadians.

Canada’s new Citizenship Act is long overdue (Kevin Hampson, Mayerthrope, Freelancer)
In 2002, novelist Yann Martel called Canada “the greatest hotel on earth.” This metaphor epitomized the post-modern definition of Canada as a collection of various cultures, but it offended those of us who believe the country is something more than that.

Is Vancouver ready for 52,000 more wealthy new immigrants? (Douglas Todd, Vancouver Sun)
An investigation by a Hong-Kong-based newspaper into Canada’s immigration program for millionaire investors "has revealed the extraordinary extent to which it has become devoted to a single outcome: Helping rich mainland Chinese settle in Vancouver." Sales of Vancouver houses like this rose dramatically in 2013.

How would you vote : Does Muslim immigration undermine Canadian values? (Ottawa Citizen)
The Macdonald-Laurier Institute is to be applauded for including a rather touchy topic in its Great Canadian Debates series. In a country where multiculturalism is holy writ and political correctness keeps many cowed, it takes audacity to ask whether the presence of Muslims in Canada is a threat to Canadian society.

Ethnic Minorities: Into the melting pot (The Economist)
The rapid rise of mixed-race Britain is changing neighbourhoods—and perplexing the authorities

Co-operatives empower immigrants across the world (Anca Voinea, )
In the UK and across the world, co-operatives help provide a better life for immigrants and asylum seekers. While the British media continues to debate the positive and negative effects of immigration, little attention has been given to successful enterprises set up or led by immigrants – many of these being co-operatives.


What happened to Lucia Vega Jimenez & who’s watching over the Canadian Border Police? (Father Eduardo Quintero,
What happened to Lucia Vega Jimenez? Identified as an illegal worker in BC, held at the Vancouver International Airport by the Canadian Border Services Agency. Her death would not become public for a month. Today, the call for greater oversight for an organization critics say has more powers than the police and fewer checks and balances.


Foreign worker program works fine, if properly done, unions say (Dave Cooper, Edmonton Journal)
While the federal government’s temporary foreign worker program has been criticized for allowing some firms to undercut Canadian wages and lay off staff, two unions support the program in principle.

Tory reforms to foreign-worker program are wise (Joseph Maloney, Ottawa Citizen)
Some businesses have complained about the tougher rules, in force since the start of the year, governing the federal Temporary Foreign Workers (TFW) program. They need to give their heads a shake.

Canadians replaced by foreign workers still not back on job (Canadian Manufacturing Daily,
The Alberta Federation of Labour (AFL) alleges workers who were unceremoniously turfed from their jobs at an oilsands project still haven’t been rehired despite claims to the contrary.

Canada Job Grant April 1 target date unrealistic, provinces say (Susana Mas,
The provinces and territories say even if a deal on the Canada Job Grant comes this week, it’s unrealistic for the federal government to expect them to have the skills training program in place on April 1.

CIBC, Loblaw and Shaw Communications among top diversity employers (HR Reporter)
CIBC, Loblaw and Shaw Communications are among the 55 employers recognized as Canada’s Best Diversity Employers, according to Mediacorp Canada.

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Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

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