Immigration & Diversity news headlines – February 12, 2014

Big Ideas Webinar: New York City’s Blueprints for Immigrant Integration Success (Cities of Migration)
For the City of New York, serving immigrants is about smart policy-making, innovative responses to community needs, and cross-agency programming that better support immigrant New Yorkers. Its Blueprints for Immigrant Integration are designed to help other local governments “eliminate the mystery” of serving immigrant residents by providing step-by-step guidance on effective local policies and practices that help immigrants succeed.

Building a Fast and Flexible Immigration System (
Government to eliminate backlog-ridden and inefficient Investor and Entrepreneur Programs

In defence of Ottawa’s citizenship shift (Chris Alexander, Toronto Star)
The Citizenship and Immigration minister takes issue with the Star’s characterization of his new citizenship reforms.

Investor road to Canada hits a dead end with immigrant program’s closing (Iain Marlow, THe Globe and Mail)
Even among those who immigrated to Canada through the federal government’s immigrant investor program, the initiative was viewed as a flawed, inefficient way to lure wealthy entrepreneurs who could benefit the economy.

Ottawa scraps investor immigrant program (Peter O’Neil, Tara Carman,
Few in B.C.’s immigration community are mourning the loss of the immigrant investor program, which granted permanent residence to wealthy foreigners able to cough up $800,000 with few strings attached.

Immigrant Investor Program Scrapped In 2014 Federal Budget (
A controversial program that gave immigrant investors a fast track to citizenship was abolished in the 2014 federal budget.

Federal budget: Government dumps immigrant investor, entrepreneur programs (Tobi Cohen,
The federal government is eliminating once-and-for-all the much-maligned immigrant investor and entrepreneur streams, refunding applications for 66,000 individuals at a cost of $2 million.

45,000 Chinese millionaires left hanging as Canada ends wealth-based immigration scheme (Jordan Yerman, Vancouver Observer)
Ottawa poised to close a visa programme that has flooded Vancouver with money. Is this good or bad for BC?

Feb. 12: Citizenship for sale – and other letters to the editor (The Globe and Mail)
Citizenship for sale – I’m happily surprised to see a glimmer of coherence in the Harper government’s approach to immigration policy by getting rid of the Canadian “citizenship for sale” program (Tories To End Fast Track To Citizenship – Feb. 11).

French vie to come to Canada (Sophie Muller, The Globe and Mail)
Five centuries after their forebears first set foot in North America, many in France are once again dreaming of a new life in Canada. And not just in Quebec.

With the Charter, Quebec risks closing its mind (Louise Arbour, The Globe and Mail)
Just about everything has by now been said about the merits of the proposed Quebec Charter of Values, including some utterances that would have been better left unsaid. Three main lines of argument divide Quebeckers: whether this legislation is unconstitutional; whether it promotes gender equality; and, finally, whether it is a wise political and moral choice.

We should strive to be trilingual: Roberto Dante Martella’s Big Idea (Brian Hughes,
If Toronto were to become a city of polyglots, we would all reap the cultural and economic rewards.

De Blasio pushes ID cards for illegal immigrants in speech (Yoav Gonen and Beth DeFalco, New York Post)
Following through on a campaign pledge, Mayor de Blasio said Monday that he’ll push to create municipal ID cards so illegal immigrants don’t have to “live their lives in the shadows.”

In the Field Newsletter Volume 20 (OCASI)
WoodGreen Launches Thought-Provoking Ad Campaign | OCASI’s Analysis of Bill C-24 | Ontario School System made Simple | OCMS Demo Webinars | OrgWise Self-Assessment: Test your Organization Temperature |Help Us Evaluate!


Canada Job Grant plan going ahead with or without provinces, federal budget reveals (Alex Boutilier,
The federal government is vowing to push ahead with its Canada Job Grant program within months even though Employment Minister Jason Kenney has yet to finalize negotiations to get provinces onside.

Tory budget’s job-training measures set stage for turf war with provinces (Bill Curry,
The Conservative government is inflaming a federal-provincial turf war over jobs with a 2014 budget that expands Ottawa’s training role, launching new programs aimed at getting Canadians into apprenticeships and skilled trades.

Federal budget 2014: Skills training, infrastructure top the agenda (ctvnews.caca)
The Harper government unveiled a mixed-bag budget Tuesday with a focus on skills training, infrastructure projects and a handful of consumer-friendly measures that will largely be paid for by hiking cigarette taxes by $4 a carton.

Why I will continue to hire permanent foreign workers (Jim Nowakowski,
Recruiting the right people with the right skills is a challenge for many business owners. But what do you do when the people with the skills you need don’t exist in your hometown, home province or even your home country?

Minimum wage increase falls short (Jacqueline Bigar,
$14 per hour helps create ‘fairer’ society the province has promised

Canada’s Best Diversity Employers (The Globe and Mail)
Companies and government agencies honoured for diversity awareness in workplace and community

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Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

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