Immigration & Diversity news headlines – February 14, 2014

Beyond pizza and kebab entrepreneurship: Immigrants as job creators (Ranjit Bhaskar, Maytree)
Most immigrants are risk takers, ready to explore the unknown. Their entrepreneurial spirit has always played a key role in global trade and the economic success of host countries. Governments across the world are paying renewed attention to this very element in the immigrant psyche to make up for their own populace’s flagging interest in entrepreneurship.

Understanding Hamilton’s pledge to serve undocumented immigrants (Samantha Craggs,
City council officially approved the concept of Hamilton being a sanctuary city on Wednesday, which means undocumented immigrants can access city services without fear of being questioned on their immigration status.

How will proposed citizenship law changes affect you? (CBC News)
Toronto immigration lawyer Guidy Mamann was our guest on Ontario Today, and he took part in a live web chat after the show.Earlier this month the Canadian government proposed sweeping changes to the Citizenship Act, including requirements that would-be citizens would have to live in Canada longer before applying for citizenship.

The Star’s view: Becoming a citizen (Windsor Star)
More than one Canadian was surprised when the federal government laid out its list of citizenship reforms last week. Not because the new rules were onerous, but because many of us hadn’t realized just how lax they currently were.

Lost Canadians overwhelmed with joy as decades-long wait for citizenship ends (Jenny Uechi,
"I cried when I was reading the (new citizenship) bill. I want to jump for joy, but I’m afraid to allow myself that until I can hold my citizenship card in my hand," said Jackie Scott, the daughter of a Canadian war veteran who has been waiting for nearly seven decades to receive the citizenship she was supposed to have all along.

Stripping convicted terrorists of their citizenship leaves all Canadians vulnerable (Azzez Kanji, National Post)
Over the last century, Western societies have identified and demonized various "enemies within." These subsets of people were singled out as posing a unique threat to the country, such that the state was supposedly justified in stripping them of their citizenship and casting them out. In pre-Second World War Germany, it was the Jews. In post-Second World War Canada, it was the Japanese. In Cold War-era America, it was the communists. Today, it is the terrorists.

The Divided City: my Chinese immigrant parents will vote for Ford—as long as he doesn’t raise their taxes (Simon Yau,
Remember that time Rob Ford claimed “the Oriental people” were taking over because they worked like dogs? My parents thought that was awesome.

B.C. loses access to $400-million fund as investor immigrant program scrapped (Tara Carman,
The B.C. government will lose a $400-million loan fund, used to help replace schools and expand hospitals, as a result of Ottawa’s decision to scrap the immigrant investor program.

End of immigrant fund costs P.E.I. (CBC News)
The termination of a federal immigrant investor fund will cost P.E.I. tens of millions of dollars a year for business development and millions in revenue, say provincial officials.

Report on Annual Levels of Immigration and Immigrant Entry Earnings (
This study considers the potential influence of immigration levels on immigrant entry earnings. Using the Longitudinal Immigration Database (IMDB) over the 1982-to-2010 period, this study finds that a 10% increase in the size of a cohort of entering immigrants is associated with a 0.8% decline in real entry earnings among immigrant men and a 0.3% decline among immigrant women in that cohort when controls for changes in immigrant characteristics and macroeconomic conditions are applied.

ACCC Tops the Podium at IPAC Deloitte 2013 Public Sector Leadership Award (
The Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC) is proud to announce it has won the IPAC Deloitte 2013 Public Sector Leadership Award. ACCC President and CEO Denise Amyot accepted the gold honour in recognition of the Association’s pioneering overseas orientation program for economic immigrants.

The Global Diversity of Disney-Pixar Characters in One Awesome Map (PolicyMic)
There’s been a lot of talk about the racism and sexism of early Disney movies, but it turns out these films have been getting something right all along: They are amazingly geographically diverse, and this incredible map proves it.

Send Your MP a Message On Valentines Day and Family Day (
Recent changes to Canada’s immigration policies mean many newcomer families will not see their loved ones for years. Valentine’s Day on February 14 is about celebrating our loved ones. This Valentine’s Day, lets act to change Canada’s priorities. Does your Canada include all families? On February 14 – Valentine’s Day, and on February 17 – Family Day contact your Member of Parliament to call for change.


Ottawa must reverse cuts to refugee health care (Alexander Caudarella,
Ottawa’s cuts to refugee health care make a mockery of longstanding Canadian principles on health care and sanctuary.

Video: Your Money or Your Life РImmigrant and Refugee Health Care in Canada РMédecins du Monde
This NGO of doctors in Montreal led 342 healthcare projects in 76 countries around the world in 2011. Dr. Marie Munoz tells Kevin O’Keefe about the groups work in Canada with uninsured patients.


Religious Accommodation Improves Employee Satisfaction and Productivity (
While creating and implementing a religious accommodation policy is essential to meeting legal requirements, it also serves to improve employee satisfaction and productivity.In our recent webinar on religious accommodation we learned

Larger discussion on skills gap needed (Alex Boutilier, Toronto Star)
The fight between Ottawa and the provinces over the Canada Job Grant program may just be the opening salvo in a much larger battle.

Temporary foreign workers rule changes coming, Jason Kenney pledges (Evan Solomon, CBC)
The federal employment minister says the next spate of changes to the temporary foreign workers program will likely include a limited fast track for workers in high-demand professions in regions with low unemployment.

More changes on temporary foreign workers rules coming in April (Lee-ann Goodman, Calgary Herald)
The next spate of changes to Canada’s controversial temporary foreign workers program will likely include a limited fast track for workers in high-demand professions in regions of the country with low unemployment, says Employment Minister Jason Kenney.

Make hiring a person with an intellectual disability or mental health issue mandatory (Toronto Star)
Bob Ferguson has a great idea about civic engagement and responsiveness: Employers should hire at least one person with intellectual disabilities to increase inclusion and acceptance.

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Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

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