Immigration & Diversity news headlines – February 21, 2014


2014 Cities of Migration Conference: Berlin (Germany), June 4 – 6, 2014 – Migration, Diversity, Inclusion: An Agenda for Shared Prosperity (
Join local government and community leaders, practitioners, experts, activists and policy-makers for a dynamic 3-day event that explores the practical realities and opportunities created by today’s hyper-diversity. Learn how we can work together to set a prosperity agenda for cities.

Protecting and Promoting Canada’s Interests and Values: the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act (
Today Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander reaffirmed the government’s commitment to honouring those who serve Canada by highlighting measures proposed in Bill C-24, the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act.

Permanent Canadian Residents Who Are Members of The Military To Be Fast-Tracked For Citizenship (Ottawa Citizen)
To recognize the important contributions of those who have served Canada in uniform, and those who currently serve, permanent residents who are members of the Canadian Armed Forces will have quicker access to Canadian citizenship. Bill C-24 also stipulates that children born to Canadian parents serving abroad as servants of the Crown are able to pass on their citizenship to children they have or adopt outside Canada.

Canadian Club of Toronto: The Honourable Chris Alexander, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration
March 7, 2014 – 11.30am – In partnership with the Institute of Canadian Citizenship
InterContinental Toronto Centre, 225 Front St. W.

Immigration Minister Chris Alexander reveals contradictions in citizenship law (Jenny Uechi, Vancouver Observer)
Citizenship and Immigration Minister Christopher Alexander tread a fine line between sympathy and sticking to government script when speaking about the overhaul to citizenship law proposed by the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act.

Few mourn death of federal program aimed at luring wealthy foreigners (Barbara Yaffe, Vancouver Sun)
Cancellation of a federal program aimed at attracting wealthy foreigners to Canada is eliciting a great big yawn in B.C.

Immigrant investor applicants feel betrayed by Canadian government (Jeremy Nuttall,
Having to rent a secret apartment when his wife became pregnant with their second child convinced one would-be investor immigrant he had to leave China.Now the man — who wants to be identified by his last name Zhuang for fear of retribution from the Chinese government — said he’s out of luck since Canada cancelled its investor immigrant program.

Romania ‘welcomes Chinese with open arms’ as Canada tightens immigration policy (
Romania has announced its doors are wide open to the Chinese after Canada tightened its immigration policy.

OCASI Comments on Bill 161, Ontario’s first-ever immigration legislation (
Ontario Minister of Immigration tabled Ontario’s first ever immigration legislation in the Legislative Assembly yesterday, February 19, 2014. Bill 161, An Act with respect to immigration to Ontario and a related amendment to the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 spells out Ontario’s commitment to immigration and its vision for the future, as well as introduce significant changes that will benefit migrant workers and internationally trained health profession immigrants.

It’s Time To Extend The Municipal Franchise (Human Development Council)
Last month Common Council threw its support behind a progressive measure that would allow permanent residents to vote in municipal elections.At its January 6th meeting, Council approved a resolution to “endorse the concept of extending the right to vote in municipal elections to permanent residents and signal support by sending a letter to the Premier and local MLAs.”

Immigrants add to the successful fabric that is Calgary (Mario Toneguzzi,
Where would this city, or this country for that matter, be without its immigrants? Well, for one, I certainly wouldn’t be here.My father made the long overseas journey from Italy in the early 1950s, like many others of his generation, to settle in a new land of opportunity for his family. A short time later my mother and my older brother joined him as they built a new life in a new home with many dreams about the future.

Funding will help local immigrant women (Valerie Macdonald,
Federal Labour Minister and Minister of Status of Women Dr. Kellie Leitch was in Cobourg Wednesday morning to announce funding to help immigrant women in this county, plus take part in a roundtable discussion with business owners and other stakeholders in Northumberland.

Video: Introduction to the GTA immigration history maps (
These maps are based upon Statistics Canada data from the 2006 census to track changes in diversity since before 1941. The maps provide the most comprehensive — some say the last complete — snapshot of immigration patterns across the GTA.

Canada takes the middle ground on board gender diversity (Anita Anand,
Board diversity is a hot topic in corporate Canada. With various European countries passing mandatory quota legislation to increase the number of women on boards and our federal and provincial governments calling for a balanced gender complement, regulators have faced increasing pressure to take a close look at the issue.

Canada’s diversity a challenge for auto maker (Jeremy Cato,
While certainly not Americans, we’re not all entirely alike as Canadians, either, and this stunned Christian Meunier.The president of Nissan Canada, born in Paris and married to an American, is the former president of Nissan Brazil and, before that, head of Nissan’s marketing in the United States. He arrived at Nissan’s Canadian head office in Mississauga with a multicultural, multinational, multilingual point of view. Yet still, “I was shocked by the diversity,” he says.

The Immigration Museum, Melbourne (Tom Mclean,
Are museums our new spiritual centres? Like the cathedrals of past centuries, museums have become our architectural wonders. Tourists travel to the Louvre to venerate I.M. Pei’s pyramid as much as Leonardo’s Mona Lisa, and Bilbao has become a new pilgrimage site since Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim Museum opened in 1997. Museums resemble places of worship in another way: they speak to a community’s higher aspirations. They challenge our limitations and present models of behaviour to emulate or avoid. They provide opportunities to come together, but also for introspection and solace.

Video: Introduction to the GTA immigration history maps (
These maps are based upon Statistics Canada data from the 2006 census to track changes in diversity since before 1941. The maps provide the most comprehensive — some say the last complete — snapshot of immigration patterns across the GTA.


For Refugees, Starting Over Just Got Harder (Kristian Secher,
In six weeks, refugees arriving in British Columbia will no longer receive free help to cope with the traumas they endured before fleeing to Canada.The change comes after Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) denied funding to refugee mental health services in B.C. As a result, organisations that have been offering free counselling programs for years will be forced to shut their doors to refugees effective as of March 31, 2014.

A Canadian with no country (Dave Bleakney,
What would you do if the authorities came for you one day? What if they said you don’t belong here? This is a sad story repeated each day in this country, when economic and political refugees are rounded up, jailed, and deported.


Canada Job Grant reply coming ‘shortly’ from Jason Kenney (Susana Mas,
Ontario is worried that Employment Minister Jason Kenney has yet to respond to the provinces’ counter-offer to the proposed Canada Job Grant, but the minister’s office says a reply is on its way.

Ontario demands answer from feds on Canada Job Grant (Matthew Pearson,
There doesn’t appear to be a ceasefire on the horizon in the war of words over the proposed Canada Job Grant.The latest volley came Thursday from Brad Duguid, Ontario’s Training, Colleges and Universities Minister, who brought employment counsellors with him to a press conference to remind the federal government that it has just 40 days left to negotiate an updated Labour Market Agreement with provinces and territories.

Ontario warns Ottawa people will be ‘left in the cold’ as time runs out for deal on contentious Canada Job Grant (Maria Babbage,
The federal Conservatives shouldn’t allow politics to cloud their judgment and harm vulnerable unemployed Canadians, Ontario’s training minister said Thursday.The Harper government is at odds with the provinces and territories over the contentious Canada Job Grant, which is supposed to replace labour funding agreements that expire on April 1.

Larger discussion on skills gap needed: Jason Kenney (
The fight between Ottawa and the provinces over the Canada Job Grant program may just be the opening salvo in a much larger battle.

Provincial day of action calls for a raise for Ontario families!(
This past Family Day weekend, communities across Ontario sent a strong message to our elected officials and to Premier Kathleen Wynne that Ontario families need decent work and wages!

Jobs minister praises city (The Prince George Citizen)
People thinking of immigrating to Canada should think about coming to Prince George, the federal multiculturalism minister said Tuesday.

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Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

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