Immigration & News headlines – February 13, 2014


Hamilton declares itself ‘sanctuary city’ for undocumented immigrants (Kim Nursall, The Toronto Star)
City follows Toronto in offering a welcome to all, though conflicts between city services and provincial law raise questions about the idea’s effectiveness.

Hamilton on path to becoming ‘sanctuary city’(Teviah Moro, Hamilton Spectator)
Hamilton has taken a step toward becoming a "sanctuary city" for undocumented newcomers.That means making sure those in immigration limbo aren’t afraid to access city services due to a fear of deportation.

Wealthy investor immigrants pay little in taxes, struggle with official languages (Tara Carman ,
Wealthy immigrant investors, who lend the province $ 800,000 interest-free in return for permanent residence, pay less in taxes than live-in caregivers, are less likely than other immigrants to speak one of Canada’s official languages and tend not to stick around, accor ding to Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

How Canada’s new immigration rules could slow high end real estate sales (Garry Marr,
Canada’s luxury housing market has already been impacted by changes to immigration policy and could be in forrougher times as foreign investors are lured to the United States.

Many factors besides immigrants drive house prices (Don Cayo, Vancouver Sun)
The federal immigrant investors program was, in theory, a policy designed to lure rich foreigners to Canada. The way it played out in practice was mainly to lure rich Chinese to Vancouver.So the decision announced Tuesday in the federal budget to pull the plug on it is, understandably, creating a lot of buzz in this city where speculating about real estate prices — if not actually speculating in real estate — is a major preoccupation.

Vancouver real estate moguls unfazed by axed immigration program for millionaires (Kate Webb,
The federal government’s scrapping on Tuesday of a 28-year-old “cash-for-visas” scheme for wealthy foreign investors doesn’t scare “Condo King” Bob Rennie, nor luxury West Vancouver realtor Clarence Debelle.

Killing immigration program unfairly favours Quebec, Saskatchewan Premier (Josh Wingrove, The Globe and Mail)
Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall says Quebec is “once again” getting special treatment from the federal government, after learning an immigration program axed in this week’s budget will continue in Quebec.

The immigrant investor program’s overdue (The Globe and Mail)
A federal budget can work like a fine-toothed comb. This one has succeeded in teasing out and doing away with one of the most outdated and irrational of Canadian immigration policies: the immigrant investor program.

Canada Budget Cuts 2014: Immigrant Investor Program Loss Angers Wall (Zi-ann Lum,
Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall is frustrated that the federal government is scrapping the Immigrant Investor Program for all provinces except Quebec.

Canada kills investor visa popular with Chinese (Sophia Yan,
Canada is killing a decades-old investor program that had allowed scores of wealthy Chinese to move to the country over the years.

Canada Clamps Down on Rich Chinese Migrants (Jason Chow,
Canada closed a controversial immigration program popular among rich Chinese that allowed wealthy individuals to effectively buy permanent residency.

Canada scraps millionaire visa scheme, ‘dumps 46,000 Chinese applications’ (Keith Zhai,
Tens of thousands of Chinese millionaires face an uncertain future after Canada’s government moved to scrap its controversial investor visa scheme, which has allowed waves of rich Hongkongers and mainland Chinese to immigrate since 1986.

NS Urged to welcome immigrants (
Nova Scotia needs to get its act together When it comes to immigrants, Ray Ivany found."Nova Scotians Appear to be very positive about newcomers from other parts of Canada but somewhat less welcoming to immigrants," says the report, Which Came out of a commission chaired the Acadia University president.

Select Nova Scotia calendar lacks diversity (Braeden Jones,
The province’s minister of African-Nova Scotian affairs is questioning why a calendar that praises provincial diversity only contains photos of white people.

Valentine’s Day: On the Leading Edge of inter-ethnic love (Douglas Todd, Vancouver Sun)
Inter-ethnic relationships were "a bit dicey" in Hong Kong in 1968, says Steve Kaufmann. Hey what working for the Canadian High Commission in East Asia When He attended a party and met Carmen Villalobos-Carn. She worked in the office of Canadian Pacific Airlines. Carmen and Steve started to fall for each other. Even though resistance Arose from several quarters, it did not stop the mixed-union couple. They had been around. They were Both Specialists in Chinese dialects and Numerous other languages.

Ontario Newcomer Champion Awards (
The Ontario Newcomer Champion Award recognizes individuals and groups who celebrate and promote cultural heritage, foster an understanding of Ontario’s cultural diversity and assist newcomers to successfully settle and integrate in their community and province.

New Canadians Find a National Voice (www.newswire)
New Canadian Media, a prime example of entrepreneurial journalism, is proud to announce the launch of its responsive, multimedia portal. Earlier today, the portal went live, featuring news and commentary from across Canada – all from an immigrant point of view. |


U of A celebrates 25 years of Student Refugee Program (Leah Germain,
Despite moving to Edmonton in 2008, Rwanda native Jean-Dedieu Hakizimana said the city’s bitter winters are still a challenge.For the last 25 years, refugee students from around the world — just like Hakizimana — have braved Edmonton’s weather for the chance to attend the University of Alberta’s Student Refugee Program free of charge.

Project Tibet presentation slated for Banff (Dave Whitfield, Rocky Mountain Outlook)
On Wednesday (Feb. 19), the Project Tibet Society will be in Banff to make a presentation to the public and prospective employers of Tibetan refugees who will be moving to Canada. The event takes place from
10 a.m. to noon at the Juniper Hotel. Project Tibet staff will be joined by Settlement Services staff from the Town of Banff.


In minimum wage debate, both sides have it wrong (Gordon Betcherman,
A sudden media storm has blown up over whether to raise the minimum wage. Ontario’s Liberal government now plans legislation to increase the province’s minimum wage by 75 cents to $11 an hour. In the United States, President Barack Obama made higher minimum wages a central theme of his State of the Union pledge to reduce economic inequality, saying “it is time to give Americans a raise.” The debate extends beyond North America: Higher minimum wages are now being hotly debated in countries from Britain to Bangladesh.

Jason Kenney: Canada Job Grant will lead to guaranteed jobs (Susana Mas, CBC)
‘If provinces choose not to deliver the job grant, we will deliver it directly,’ employment minister says

Kenney moves to quell provinces over Canada Job Grant deadline (Bill Curry And Josh Wingrove,
Employment Minister Jason Kenney is extending an olive branch to the provinces after the federal budget set a firm deadline to ram through the controversial Canada Job Grant program.

Canada Job Grant program to proceed with or without provinces, finance minister says (Jason Fekete, Ottawa Citizen)
Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says the federal government will proceed with the controversial Canada Job Grant program with or without the provinces, serving notice to premiers that Ottawa will spend federal dollars however it sees fit.

Tories vow to enforce Job Grant with, without provincial laggards (Lee-anne Goodman, HR Reporter)
The Conservative government’s insistence Tuesday that it will enforce the contentious Canada Job Grant in just six weeks — with or without the co-operation of any stragglers among the provinces and territories — has ruffled feathers beyond the nation’s capital.

Mentorship in a Rapidly Changing World: Overcoming Bias in the Workplace (ERIEC, The Wave Blog)
Being aware of our unconscious biases asks us to rethink the way we approach talent management, strategic decision-making, organizational policies and practices, and workplace interactions. This workshop will assist you in developing a greater understanding of the filters through which you view the world and interpret the behaviours of others, and support you in dealing more effectively with members of other groups.

GTA needs to beef up marketing to lure investment, jobs, says John Tory (Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star)
The Greater Toronto Area is getting out-hustled as a home for foreign companies — and creating jobs — because it doesn’t spend enough, says chair of the Greater Toronto Marketing Alliance.

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Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

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