Immigration & Diversity news headlines – April 29, 2014


York Region rolling out welcome mat for newcomers (

It takes 15 years for new immigrants to get fully integrated and comfortable in Canada, Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti told a symposium today in Markham. “That is way too long. We must make it easier”said Mr. Scarpitti, co-chair of the Community Partnership Council, which created York Region’s Immigration Settlement Strategy. It is estimated, newcomers will account for 55 per cent of York Region’s population by 2031.

Citizenship reform bill is constitutional, Alexander assures committee (BJ Siekierski,
In a committee appearance Monday afternoon, Immigration Minister Chris Alexander rejected arguments that the Harper government’s new citizenship reform bill violates the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms — and defended changes that will make it harder for foreign students to become Canadians.

Why Toronto means freedom for Russia’s LGBT youth (Kelli Korducki,

An eponymous film, directed by Pavel Loparev and Askold Kurov and set to premiere at Hot Docs next week, tells their story. Its standout character is Pasha Romanov, 18, who discusses plans of moving to Canada where he hopes to eventually start a family and find work as a journalist. Now six months into a student visa in Toronto, Mr. Romanov (who goes by Justin, an homage to a certain Canadian pop idol of whom he’s a serious fan) is all the more convinced that Toronto is where his future lies.

The Patels (

Matt Galloway spoke with Ravi and Geeta Patel, brother and sister and co-directors of “Meet the Patels” External Site.

Brampton Flyers (

Anti-immigration flyers targeting Brampton Sikhs have irked members of that community. Matt Galloway spoke with Harjot Ghuman Matharu. She is a Punjabi-Canadian radio host with the South Asian show Fulkari.

Companies see diversity pay off (Derek Sankey,

Taking stock of a firm’s corporate culture – from different ethnicities and cultures to religion to age to gender to sexual orientation – is a good starting point. Aside from just being the right thing to do, companies such as Dentons that have embraced diversity say it pays off both to the bottom line as well as improving morale. Canada is home to 6.8 million foreign-born residents (20.6 per cent of the population), compared to 19.8 per cent in 2006, according to one national household survey.

It’s time to repair Quebec’s social fabric (Céline Cooper,

Ever since Premier Philippe Couillard introduced his cabinet on Wednesday, much has been made of the appointment of N.D.G.’s Kathleen Weil to a rejigged post of minister of immigration, “diversity and inclusiveness.” The new title, of course, is a not-so-subtle acknowledgement that the Parti Québécois’s proposed secularism/values charter, Bill 60, is officially and blessedly kaput. The message was this: the Couillard government will break from the PQ’s politics of identity and exclusion. It will be guided, instead, by politics of inclusion and diversity.

I thought Canada was a tolerant country but I was wrong… (Kashif Masud Awan,

I had never faced a situation like this and had so far believed that Canada had negligible racism and gave adequate rights to its immigrant population. But I had been proved wrong.

For Canada’s Afghan interpreters, the battle never ends (Michelle Shephard,

Former military translators eke out a life here, thankful for refuge in Canada, but mindful of responsibilities for families still in Afghanistan.

The Afghan translator who came in from the cold (Michelle Shephard,

Many were promised special visas by the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Germany, but are mired in bureaucracy. Of the 8,750 visas for Afghan support workers approved by U.S. Congress, fewer than 25 per cent have been approved. Germany had received 520 special immigration visa applications as of March; only 10 had immigrated to Germany, reports The Associated Press. Canada expects to admit a maximum of about 800 special visa applicants, including eligible family members.

Ministers Blaney and Alexander open the Five Country Conference on migration and security (

As long-time allies and partners, the five countries work together on a number of common issues, including irregular migration, transnational crime, terrorism threats and immigration fraud, while facilitating legitimate travel. The Five Country Conference (FCC) meeting provides border and immigration leaders with the opportunity to share their experience and expertise and to explore more ways of working smarter collectively to benefit their respective citizens. In particular, officials will discuss how they can work together to make travel as efficient as possible by minimizing unnecessary interventions for low-risk travellers, while continuing to maintain the integrity of our border management programs and the safety of our citizens.

Multicultural Marketing Industry Survey 2014 (

Welcome to Joinville’s multicultural marketing industry survey 2014! We appreciate very much that you take your time to give your opinion and share your valuable insights about the multicultural marketing industry. This survey shall take 5-10 minutes to complete and it is anonymous. The results will be posted online and emailed to you in 6 weeks after all answers have been collected.

Documentary takes unflinching look at men branded as terrorists who Ottawa tried to deport (Michelle Shephard,

Almrei, Jaballah, Charkaoui, who along with Mohamed Harkat were the documentary’s stars, may not be familiar names now — it has been awhile since news about the men facing “national security certificates” was everywhere. They were accused of being members of Canadian “sleeper cells,” or having ties to Al Qaeda, or other allegations that no one will likely ever see as their files remain secret.

Charges unlikely over anti-immigrant flyers (

An anti-immigration flyer has angered Ontario’s premier and prompted calls for charges but a successful prosecution under Canada’s hate crime laws faces an uphill climb, a legal expert suggested yesterday. The flyers targeted the Sikh community in Brampton, a city just west of Toronto.

Canada ‘racist’ for selling China seal meat, say Chinese activists (

A Chinese group has called a new deal to market seal products from Canada’s Inuit community in China indicative of a ‘racist and cultural imperalistic attitude’ towards Chinese.

An Immigration Primer for Ontario Premier Wynne (

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has just commented on a Brampton immigration flyer : “…(the flyer) can’t be tolerated. That kind of divisive action really is not consistent with who we are as Canadians,” Are these platitudes the only things she can produce of? Here is an immigration primer for Ms. Wynn.


Failed by Ottawa, former refugee deserves justice (Renu Mandhane,
Fleeing from torture in Turkey, Suleyman Goven was treated with undue suspicion by the Canadian government for nearly two decades. Now he deserves his day in court.

Editorial: Refugee policy on Syria a failure (Glenn Kauth,

With Syria’s civil war having passed the three-year mark, Canada’s policy on accepting Syrian refugees is coming under scrutiny. It’s clear Canada has failed on this issue.


TFW Controversy Highlights Need to Focus on Educating Newcomers to Canada (

The recent controversy surrounding the alleged abuse of the Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) program by McDonald’s highlights a larger underlying issue concerning the lack of focus on educating newcomers to Canada, says a local charity focused on improving the lives of immigrants and newcomers to Canada.

Canada: Immigration Lawyer Explains Programs (Catherine Sas Qc,

Having practiced immigration law for nearly 25 years, it has been my observation that our foreign worker program is largely misunderstood and, sadly, the foreign workers take the brunt of our wrath when issues such as the current concerns about foreign workers at McDonald’s are raised. In reality, the Filipinos working at McDonald’s may very likely not have come through the foreign worker program and may not even be temporary workers but actual permanent residents or citizens of Canada.

Canada to make both Irish and UK temporary skilled workers a priority in 2014 through the IEC program (

Ireland has had a difficult last six years. The Celtic Tiger Economy refers to the economy of the Republic of Ireland between 1995 and 2000, a period of rapid real economic growth fuelled by foreign direct investment, and a subsequent property price bubble which rendered the real economy uncompetitive. The Irish economy expanded at an average rate of 9.4% between 1995 and 2000 and continued to grow at an average rate of 5.9% during the following decade until 2008, when it fell into recession. Since 2008, many Irish youth have been looking for opportunities abroad.

Is there a place for temporary foreign workers in Canada’s economy? (

Temporary Foreign Workers: Businesses say they want them because they do the work Canadians refuse to do. But some Canadians say they’ve been denied work or even fired because of them. What do you think? Is there a place for temporary foreign workers in Canada’s economy?

CFIB: people with “a little bit of colour” may not be temporary foreign workers (

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business has an urgent message about diversity and the workplace: If you see someone working in a fast food restaurant who has an “accent or a little bit of colour,” don’t — repeat don’t — jump to the conclusion that they’re a temporary foreign worker. They could, in fact, be a Canadian citizen. That little nugget of common sense comes to us by way of CFIB president and CEO Dan Kelly, who appeared on CBC Radio’s Cross Country Checkup on Sunday to defend the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. What followed was either a sad attempt at playing the race card or a bang on impression of Steve Carrel’s bits on diversity from The Office.

Stop hiring temporary foreign workers in restaurants (

Restaurants Canada says businesses and employees will be hurt by the Employment Minister’s “broad-stroke approach,” suspending the TFW program in the restaurant industry following allegations it was displaying Canadian workers.

Racism rears its ugly head and migrant workers/immigrant community take the beating (Eriemae,

It would seem that there are many Canadians in BC who are angry, who are speaking loudly against migrant workers, especially Filipino workers, because according to them, these foreign workers are taking their jobs, are being given more hours and better pay, and are essentially being favoured over Canadians by the employers. These angry people call the radio stations, post hateful comments, betray their ignorance of the temporary foreign worker program and the situation of the migrant workers themselves. It has not helped that the general media slant on this issue focuses on the migrant workers as the source of all these problems, rather than on the Temporary Foreign Worker Program which is the reason why we have temporary foreign workers.–8LEGzszTj2Bu63A

The real problem with the foreign-workers program (Jonathan Mcleod,

The Temporary Foreign Worker program is broken. That is the news coming from the C.D. Howe Institute, a public policy think tank that recently released a report indicting the program, as well as Employment Minister Jason Kenney, who has announced that restaurants will no longer be permitted to take advantage of the program. And taking advantage of the program is just what some restaurants, including three McDonald’s franchises, are accused of doing.

Foreign-worker ban hard hit for Virden Tim’s (Graeme Bruce,

The federal government’s decision to ban restaurants from participating in its temporary foreign worker program is giving some owners indigestion. Employment Minister Jason Kenney issued the surprise moratorium Thursday, hours after the C.D. Howe Institute released a damning study into the program that concluded it had spurred joblessness in B.C. and Alberta.

EDITORIAL: Bumbling in the dark on temporary foreign workers (

The Harper government is taking a shellacking from almost everyone for its mismanagement of the ballooning temporary foreign worker program. And rightly so. The expansion of the program beyond the traditional sectors of farm harvesters and live-in care workers, was poorly designed from the start.

Brooks shop owner says foreign worker suspension hurts businesses (

The owner of a convenience store in Brooks says many fast food restaurants and small shops will be in a lot of trouble if they can’t hire temporary foreign workers. Roughly half of the staff at the Red Basket Food Store are foreign workers but the federal government’s moratorium on the Temporary Foreign Worker Program has put the owner’s plan to bring on five more workers on hold.

Sorcerer’s apprentices: Unpaid interns and temporary foreign workers (Michael Babad,

Mounting controversy over the Temporary Foreign Workers program and unpaid internships highlights how the system as we knew it is breaking down, at least in some quarters. Here’s how it’s supposed to play out: We have the right to work for fair pay, while our kids are being schooled and trained to also work for fair pay. But here’s how it is playing out: Some companies instead want cheap or free labour in these exceptionally uncertain times.

J4MW warns Federal Government that its actions are repeating racist past (

Justicia for Migrant Workers (J4MW) a migrant workers advocacy group is raising concerns that the recent moratorium against the restaurant industry will impact tens of thousands of migrant workers. While the Federal government has responded to abuse of the Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) program by employers, no consideration was given to the effects the moratorium will have on migrant workers, including the impacts of racism.

Foreign worker program flawed, misused (Lee Prokaska,

Employment Minister Jason Kenney has made a good start — but only a start — by tightening up the temporary foreign worker program. But banning only restaurants from accessing the program does not go far enough in getting this program back on track.

CCU President Applauds Suspension of Temporary Foreign Workers in Fast Food Sector, Calls for Broader Ban of Program (CCU President John Hanrahan,

In suspending the temporary foreign worker program in the fast food sector, the federal Conservatives have finally admitted what the labour movement, Canadians, and migrant workers have known for years. The temporary foreign worker program is broken.

What does the foreign worker ban mean for your franchise? (Chad Finkelstein,

In the latest of a series of developments under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP), Minister Jason Kenney announced on April 24, 2014 that all restaurants would be barred from accessing the Program to hire foreign workers in Canada.

Employers should take heed after changes to foreign worker program (Dene Moore,

Federal Employment Minister Jason Kenney says the government’s decision to impose a moratorium on the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) for food service workers is a message to employers across the country.

Foreign worker program problems extend beyond fast food sector: AFL (

A labour group says it has evidence that problems with the federal Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) extend far beyond restaurants. The Alberta Federation of Labour (AFL) says records for 2012-13 show 224 cases where businesses in the province paid foreign workers less than the prevailing wage rate.

Dunvegan owner denies any TFW wrongdoing (Vincent Mcdermott,

The owner of Dunvegan Gardens admits he was given federal approval to pay temporary foreign workers below average hourly wages, but insists he chose to pay them well. Brad Friesen, an owner of the greenhouse and garden centre, confirmed the business was given approval for eight temporary foreign workers for the 2012-13 financial year.

Employment Minister Jason Kenney’s reputation under attack over temporary foreign workers (The Canadian Press,

In the midst of a fresh eruption of abuse allegations surrounding the government’s troubled temporary foreign worker program, is Jason Kenney’s reputation as a capable taskmaster taking a beating?

‘Probably Caucasian’ Staffer Wanted (

Amid the growing controversy over Canadian restaurants using temporary foreign workers comes a job posting from a B.C. company that’s just the opposite. The ad calls for a “person raised and educated in North America, probably Caucasian, who is fluent at both English and Mandarin.”

EDITORIAL: Bumbling in the dark on temporary foreign workers (The Chronicle Herald,

The Harper government is taking a shellacking from almost everyone for its mismanagement of the ballooning temporary foreign worker program. And rightly so. The expansion of the program beyond the traditional sectors of farm harvesters and live-in care workers, was poorly designed from the start.

Foreign workers are a form of corporate welfare (Kevin Brooker,

Last month, I had an interesting encounter with some participants in the federal government’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program. It was, of all unlikely places, on a chairlift at Red Deer’s Canyon Ski Resort.

The Way I See It: Axing temporary foreign worker program for fast food industry a knee-jerk reaction (Nicholas Davies,

Last Thursday federal employment minister Jason Kenney announced a moratorium on the use of the temporary foreign workers program by the fast food industry. Why only fast food outlets? Why not a moratorium on the use of temporary foreign workers by the hotel industry, by building cleaning contractors and by any other industry that hires temporary foreign workers?

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Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

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