Immigration & Diversity news headlines – May 2, 2014


New Video Series Spotlights Immigrant-friendly Projects (

A national organization which aims to bring together stakeholders to promote the successful integration of immigrants and minorities has just released a video series highlighting ideas on how to do just that.

Sultans of Science (
These names, discoveries and inventions- all of which were made centuries ago at the height of Islamic civilization- have been largely lost to the mainstream modern world. But that is changing. Interactive exhibits like “Sultans of Science: 1,000 years of Knowledge Rediscovered” at the Ontario Science Centre aim to educate the public on the scientific history that they are rarely taught.

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Projet Proxité: Professional Mentoring for Youth (

Proxité pairs students with professionals acting as volunteer mentors, who focus on the particular needs of the young person. This can range from straightforward homework support or advice around interviews and resume writing, to building the students’ confidence or helping them figure out what career they wish to pursue.

Smart Incentives to Retain Immigrant Talent (

As a small employer, with nearly half of its staff as immigrants, Teshmont has long realized that it needs to have special programs and strategies in place to keep its diverse staff from leaving for larger firms.

Growing number of new citizens in Scarborough (

More than 3,200 new citizens from approximately 135 countries were welcomed to Canada in Scarborough over the past month—more than double the number of individuals who became citizens in Scarborough in April 2013.

New Online Training on Access to Immigrant Settlement Services for People with (

This self-directed training covers barriers to holistic settlement services for newcomers with disabilities experience. It is specifically targeted to train frontline settlement workers and management staff. This online course was designed to with the intention on bringing greater attention to this marginalized group so we can continue to work together support them their integration.

Call for ESL Literacy Practitioners (

The Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks (CCLB) will be selecting 40 ESL literacy practitioners who reflect diversity in terms of region, experience and roles in their work with adult ESL literacy learners. Each participant will be compensated for their input. The work will be done in May, subject to funding being confirmed.

No One Is Illegal Montréal/Personne n’est illégal radio show, a May Day special. (

Featuring interviews with Rich Bonemeal (Convergence des luttes anticapitalistes), Chris Ramsaroop (Justice for Migrant Workers) and Mohamed Ali Ben Dellej (Temporary Foreign Workers Association).

Local immigrants preserve their stories (

Eugenia Weiczor lived through World War II, and started her Canadian experience where many people who immigrated between 1928 and 1971 did – at the famous Pier 21 in Halifax. Now a national museum, Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 is governed by a new national mandate, to explore immigration to Canada at all points of entry, in all periods of time in Canada’s history.

Embracing Diversity (Denise Koeth,

With each passing generation, our population landscape gets more diverse. The majority of communities throughout the U.S. and Canada have a makeup that is very different from a few decades ago. With these ever-shifting demographics, business owners are faced with the challenge of constantly reinventing their marketing and customer service efforts if they want to cater to all potential customers. And with the buying power and influence that many of these groups have, smart tire dealers know they need to do just that.

This International Workers’ Day: Support, don’t deport (

Though exact numbers are as yet unknown, there were 44,000 Labour Market Opinions in the food and accommodation sector issued in 2012. Thus, approximately that many migrants will be shut out this year. Migrants abroad with pending applications have also likely paid recruiters thousands of dollars to come to Canada. To do so, many have gone into immense debt that they will not be able to get out of. Workers already here will be unable to change jobs and apply for new LMOs in the sector, leaving them tied to potentially abusive employers.

Chinese entrepreneurs transforming P.E.I. economy (

A wave of Chinese immigration to P.E.I. over the last eight years is leading to big changes in the Island’s economy. Thousands of new immigrants have arrived on the Island, starting in about 2006, and a high proportion of them are from China. Most came as immigrant investors through the provincial nominee program, which required them to invest in an Island business.

Calgary welcomes 1,164 new Canadians in April ceremonies (

Nearly 1,200 residents of Calgary and the surrounding communities, with ties to countries around the globe, are among the newest citizens of Canada following a busy April for local swearing-in ceremonies.

Why I am not outraged by the anti-immigration flyer (Pradip Rodrigues,

Over the weekend I spoke with several South Asians who expressed indignation over the flyers. This puzzled me as I recall some of them in the past very proudly stating that their grouse about Brampton was that there were too many desis and that they would never think of moving there. “When you live in Brampton you don’t think you are living in a foreign country” one of them observed. Well, the people behind the offensive flyer were worried that Brampton was fast turning into a foreign country as far as they were concerned. Another person declared loudly that he would never live there even if they paid him.

Should cities make local businesses advertise in English? : The 180 with Jim Brown (

In parts of Metro Vancouver, residents see flyers, business signs, and bus shelter ads that are entirely in a language other than English – often Chinese. In a region where more than half the residents have a first language other than English, you can see why a company would feel comfortable advertising in one of those languages. But not everyone thinks that’s right. Chak Au is a city councillor in Richmond, BC. He wants to encourage all businesses to advertise in English, so that non-Chinese residents don’t feel left out.

Asian Heritage Month seeks Canadian identity (Wanyee Li,

For Beverly Nann, multiculturalism is a two-way street. Nann, the vice president of the Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society, has spent her whole career working on multiculturalism as a former social worker who in 1989 helped found the Laurier Institution, a non-profit organization that supports research and education on diversity in Canada.


Broad Human Smuggling Provision Deemed “Constitutional” (

The British Columbia Court of Appeal (BCCA) ruled that s. 117 – the “human smuggling” provision of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act – was constitutional. Today’s decision in the case of R v Appulonappa overturned an earlier court’s finding that the provision was overbroad, as it could criminalize the conduct not only of human smugglers who sought to take advantage of individuals’ desperate situations for profit, or in connection with organized crime. It could also target individuals who are helping family or providing humanitarian assistance.

C-24 Citizenship Act Committee Hearings – 30 April (

Good overview by CBC and iPolitics on yesterday’s C-24 hearings. Apart from Martin Collacott of the Centre for Immigration Policy Reform, all other testimony expressed serious concern over the proposed revocation provisions, both on process (how the decision is taken) and substance (should we treat single and dual nationals different, is banishment appropriate?).

CIDI Webinar: Introduction to Cross Cultural Competence. (

This webinar will provide an introduction to the concepts of cultural competence and intercultural communications, including the Intercultural Development Continuum and Dimensions of Culture. Additionally, the presentation will provide case studies and examples of the implications of crosscultural communication on major HR processes such as recruitment, retention, motivation and engagement. Participants will be provided with practical, implementable tips and techniques for communicating across cultures. Time will be allotted for participants questions as well.


Foreign workers in Canada fear backlash, loss of dreams (Andrea Hopkins,

Bugan Wigan could handle the hard work packing fruit and cleaning hotel rooms, and the crushing debt she owed recruiters who found her jobs. But a backlash against the foreign worker program that brought her to Canada means the clock is ticking on her ability to support her family in the Philippines.

Trades students to air concerns on Temporary Foreign Worker program (

Trades students at Kwantlen Polytechnic University are raising concerns about the effects of the Temporary Foreign Worker program on skilled trades in B.C. They’ve organized a public forum this Friday afternoon at the Cloverdale campus.

TFW Program Under Siege (

The federally-managed Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) program is under siege once again as a result of apparent employer mismanagement. A relatively small number of employers, all looking to fill low-skilled labour positions at or near minimum wage, appear to be abusing at least the spirit, if not the letter of the TFW program rules. Meanwhile, legitimate users of the system get lumped into an increasingly unattractive group of cheats and cheapskates. Before the media and our politicians head off the public policy deep end, let’s take a deep breath and recognize that the TFW program has a real and important purpose in addressing temporary and limited labour market challenges.

Time to revisit TFW program (

We do not feel the premise behind the temporary foreign worker program is a bad one, we just feel that the execution and outline of said program has left something to be desired for all involved.

We’re hooked on foreign workers (Margaret Wente,

Canadians have a love-hate affair with foreign workers. We’re worried that they’re stealing jobs from needy, unemployed Canadians, including our own kids. But we also know we can’t live without them. Who would pack our fish and pick our peaches? How would the upper middle class survive without Filipino nannies to mind the kids?

How Canada became addicted to temporary foreign workers (Amber Hildebrandt,

The Temporary Foreign Worker Program has ballooned into a problem that’s hurting not only unemployed Canadians but those coming here from abroad for short-term jobs as well, one labour expert says.

Canada is missing a chance to naturalize hard workers (Omar Mouallem,

Would you support Canada naturalizing a low-skilled, low-income, low-educated foreigner with no plan but to work as a dishwasher? ?Well, Canada did at least once, for my dad in the mid-1970s. He was, in a sense, a temporary foreign worker in that he didn’t know if he’d stay for very long. A decade later, he owned his own restaurant and employed a dozen people in Northern Alberta.

Editorial: Alberta ill-served by temporary foreign worker ban (Sean Kilpatrick,

Federal employment minister Jason Kenney’s hair-trigger decision to suspend the food service industry’s access to the temporary foreign worker program may feel like the right medicine for a major political headache. But the abrupt, cross-country suspension leaves a lingering bad taste.

French jobs fair tells firms they can hire TFWs without skills assessment (

An upcoming jobs fair in France is telling Canadian employers they can hire temporary foreign workers and bypass skills and wage requirements as the controversy surrounding the federal program rages on. "Did you know … you can recruit francophone temporary foreign workers without an LMO?" reads the promotional material for the Working Abroad Newcomers Network exhibition being held in June in Lyon and Toulouse.

Temporary foreign workers blamed for cut to B.C. hotel workers’ hours (

Two former employees of a southern B.C. hotel chain are happy the government is taking steps to clean up problems with the Temporary Foreign Worker Program they say have existed for years.

Temporary foreign workers have upside Wall Says (Andrea Hill,

Premier Brad Wall voiced support for the embattled Temporary Foreign Workers program Thursday, saying that Saskatchewan should welcome immigrants who are helping bolster the provincial economy.

Temporary Foreign Worker suspension affects business close to home (

Many business owners across Canada are reeling after learning on Thursday, April 23, Federal Employment Minister Jason Kenney announced a suspension on the food service industry’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

Kenney preparing to tighten rules for temporary foreign workers program (Elizabeth Thompson,

Hiring temporary foreign workers may be about to get more difficult for some Canadian businesses, federal Employment Minister Jason Kenney suggested Thursday. Speaking to reporters after testifying before a parliamentary committee, Kenney said he is getting last minute input on proposed changes to Canada’s temporary foreign worker program and will soon discuss those changes with cabinet.

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Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

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