Immigration & Diversity news headlines – May 26, 2014


Ontario would be wise to do more for immigrant kids (Morton Beiser,
The province is paying a financial and human price for failing to meet the needs of immigrant kids. Depending on who wins the election, things may soon get worse.

Going Global In Ontario (
Premier Kathleen Wynne visited the Corvetti Education Centre, in Toronto, to celebrate Ontario’s diversity, and announce that Liberals will expand the Going Global Trade Strategy by investing $5 million a year over the next two years in the Global Growth Fund, which will help more Ontario companies win business outside of Canada.

Learning From Canada’s Past (
Today, Tim Uppal, Minister of State for Multiculturalism, highlighted a number of initiatives by the Government of Canada to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Komagata Maru at an event held at Simon Fraser University (SFU).

Barred Ugandan activists can resubmit visa requests to attend World Pride, officials say (Kristin Rushowy,
Immigration Canada says 10 Ugandans seeking visas to speak at Toronto’s World Pride human rights conference can resubmit more detailed applications.

Ugandan gay activists denied Canadian entry visas (
The head of a Canadian gay rights group is "profoundly disappointed" that 10 Ugandan LGBT activists have been denied visitor visas to attend a World Pride conference in Toronto next month.

Audio: Denied Visas (CBC Metro Morning)
Toronto will welcome LGBT people from around the world when it hosts WorldPride External Site next month, but activists from Uganda are being denied entry into this country because of concerns that they might not leave. Matt Galloway spoke with Michael Battista. He is Chair of an organization called the Rainbow Railroad External Site. | Listen audio (runs 7:05)

Live-in Caregiver Program faces nine questions (Douglas Todd,
Angelica Maico arrived from the Philippines in the summer of 2012. She works as a live-in caregiver for the two young children of her sister and her husband. Living with her extended family in east Vancouver, Maico is grateful she has Skype to communicate with her own daughter and son in the Philippines, to whom she sends money.Like the vast majority of the more than 100,000 Filipina women who have come to Canada through the Live-in Caregiver Program (LCP), Maico, 43, plans to get out of domestic work after the mandated minimum of two years.

From China to Charlottetown: Immigration boom skips rural P.E.I. (CBC News)
Over the past seven years an influx of thousands of immigrants has transformed Charlottetown, but left other areas of P.E.I. largely untouched.

Brampton students counter anti-immigration flyer with positivity (Nicholas Keung,
Appalled by the “Is this what you really want?” message in a flyer distributed by Immigration Watch, teens at Louise Arbour Secondary launch the #ConsiderThisBrampton campaign.

Bill C-24 is an insult to all Canadians (
Let me tell you a little story. The kind of story that is shared by so many Canadians it has become almost cliché. It is a story of two young people fleeing an Eastern European country (oh, let’s say Latvia) after the Second World War. They meet in England, fall in love, get married. While their first child is still a baby they board a ship bound for Canada. They settle in Toronto and have two more children. They work hard, save their money, pay taxes. They are proud of their heritage and participate in the sizable Latvian community in Toronto, but they are also proud to live in Canada and love their new home. All three children attend Canadian universities.

Language training cuts hurt immigrants (Times Colonist)
Last week, the B.C. government formally apologized for the more than 100 laws, regulations and policies that discriminated against Chinese-Canadians in this province from 1871 to 1947.Initially, the B.C. Liberals had plotted to use such an apology to win ethnic votes in the last election, demonstrating not only blatant misuse of government resources but also profound cynicism. Public furor ensued, and the apology was delayed. This time, as a non-partisan affair, it seemed genuine.Still, how can the B.C. government extol the contributions of Chinese-Canadians and still leave the future of English-language training at risk?

Audio: Tamil Legal Dictionary (CBC Metro Morning)
Matt Galloway spoke with Marco Fiola. He is Chair of the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures at Ryerson, and created the English to Tamil Legal Glossary External Site, that is available for free online. | Listen audio (runs 5:15)

UN Watch awards Jason Kenney its Moral Courage Award (Bill Curry,
Employment Minister Jason Kenney received a “Moral Courage Award” this week in Geneva from UN Watch, a vocal critic of the United Nations and pro-Israel advocate.


Ottawa’s bogus claims about refugees (
In 2010, I visited Syria with my family and we foudn the people there to be friendly and gracious. But a cruel civil war has now forced an estimated two million Syrians to seek refuge in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt and even Iraq. The UN has pledged with countries, such as Canada, to provide a home for at least some of those displaced people. Sweden agreed to accept 15,000, Germany 5,000, the US 2,000 and in July 2013 Canada agreed to accept 1,300. In March 2014, however, the Toronto Star reported that only 10 government-sponsored refugees had managed to enter Canada the previous year.

Rally held to free Roma girl and family who have taken sanctuary in church (Nicholas Keung,
Protest was held Friday at Immigration Minister Chris Alexander’s office to give a voice to the 6-year-old who has lived in hiding or three years.

Video: The Inside Story: Roma family ordered deported hiding in Toronto church (CityNews Toronto)
Jozsef and Timea Pusuma along with their daughter Lulu were ordered deported back to Hungary but they have spent the last 30 months in a Toronto church and believe their lives would be in danger if they returned to their country.

Law Society must protect refugees from bad lawyers (Mary Jo Leddy,
Far too many refugees who are deserving of protection are placed in serious danger because of the negligence of their lawyers.


Encouraging Long-Term Prosperity and Economic Growth (
Today, Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander met with business leaders in Canada’s financial capital to discuss plans for a new immigrant investor pilot program that will make significant investments in Canada and fuel the growth of our economy.The government is seeking advice from business leaders across the country on the key elements of a new Immigrant Investor Venture Capital pilot led by Industry Minister James Moore. Today’s meetings in Toronto are the first of a series of stakeholder roundtables that will be held in Halifax, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver over the coming weeks.

Ottawa approved thousands of foreign worker requests at minimum wage, data reveal (Bill Curry, The Globe and Mail)
The federal government approved thousands of requests to bring in temporary foreign workers at minimum wage in recent years, a practice that undermines claims from government and employers that there are serious labour shortages and that all efforts have been taken to hire Canadians.

Banff’s changing labour landscape (Gary Mason, The Globe and Mail)
Growing up in the Philippines, Hernan Argana never saw snow, just the white stuff he and his nine siblings made out of paper. They would cut sheets of foolscap into tiny pieces, throw them into the air and then squeal with delight as the homemade flakes rained down on them.If nothing else, it allowed the Argana children to imagine they were somewhere far, far away from the often roasting confines of the family home in the city of Muntinlupa. Certainly, young Hernan couldn’t imagine that one day he’d live in the distant world he fantasized about as a child.Today, Mr. Argana, his wife, Lady Ann, and two young children are part of an immigrant wave that is slowly transforming this iconic tourist stop nestled in the Canadian Rockies.

Foreign worker moratorium hurting local businesses in Spruce Grove (April Hudson, Spruce Grove Examiner)
If you grew up in the tri-area, you know Bing’s Family Restaurant as a community mainstay.It’s known throughout the region for its Chinese cuisine, but behind the closed doors of the kitchen the restaurant is facing a very real fear.

Freeze on Temporary Foreign Worker program may end soon (Jonny Wakefield, Alaska Highway News)
The Peace Region’s MP says his government’s moratorium on temporary foreign workers in the fast food industry could be lifted by early June.

Amid TFW, unpaid-intern controversies, corporate Canada urged to open coffers (
In recent weeks, Canadian businesses — sitting on historically massive cash reserves — have been under fire for using temporary foreign workers or unpaid interns, and chided by political leaders for failing to raise wages or invest in employee training.

Tree planters win $600,000 over racial discrimination (
The B.C. Human Rights Tribunal has ruled the operators of a tree-planting business discriminated against African workers and has ordered the employer to pay more than $600,000 in damages.

55 tree planters win $700K over ‘slave-like’ discrimination in B.C.(
The B.C. Human Rights Tribunal has ruled the operators of a tree-planting business in Golden, B.C., racially discriminated against 55 workers from Congo in 2010.

39% of unemployed have given up job search, poll suggests (
Almost four out of 10 Canadians who don’t have a job have completely given up hope of ever finding one, a new survey suggests.In a poll carried out by Harris Poll and published Friday by employment agency Express Employment Professionals, the company surveyed 1,502 unemployed Canadians. None of them had a job, and not all of them were receiving EI benefits.

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Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

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