Immigration & Diversity news headlines – July 16, 2014


Cultural communities feel left out of Pan Am Games (
Hordes of athletes from the Americas and the Caribbean competing in next summer’s Pan Am and Parapan Games might find themselves without a cheering crowd of local supporters from their home countries, a community leader says.

Filipinos in Canada: Behind the Numbers ( Noel Tarrazona, New Canadian Media)
The Canadian government forecasts that there will be one million Filipino immigrants in Canada by 2025, marking a 50 per cent increase from today. If immigration to Canada is a horse race between competing nations, China, India, the Philippines and Pakistan have the inside track, with Filipinos being the current “favourites.”

Why thousands of migrant children are fleeing Central America for the U.S. (The Current)
Immigration has long been a controversial issue in the United States. But this summer, a surge of young migrants from Central America has brought the debate to a fever pitch. We look at why children are risking death on journeys to the U.S.

Liberal immigration norms make Canada new destination for techies (Indrani Bagchi, TNN Economic Times India)
With US tech visas getting more difficult for Indians, Canada is the new destination. For Indian techie entrepreneurs and even venture capitalists, Canada is making it easier to make it their home.

Safer communities, healthy neighbourhoods and vibrant environments (Urban Alliance on Race Relations)
On July 15th, UARR President Gary Pieters was interviewed on CityNews about the TAVIS relationship with diverse communities.

Generosity Defines Canada’s Ramadan (Muneeb Nasir, OnIslam)
Acts of generosity have become a defining feature of Ramadan in Canada, where campaigns have been launched in support of local food banks and shelters, packaged meals being distributed to the homeless and needy, and Canadians being invited to share fast-breaking meals with Muslims.


4 reasons why the government’s plan to appeal the refugee health cuts decision is dead wrong (Ashley Chapman,
Refugees and their advocates joined an interesting mix of doctors, provincial politicians, and lawyers this month to cheer a 268-page decision from Justice Anne Mactavish. The Federal Court ruled that the June 2012 refugee healthcare cuts went against Section 12 of the Charter and constituted “cruel and unusual” treatment for claimants and their children that “shocks the conscience and outrages Canadian standards of decency.”

Timeline: Canada’s refugee policy (Isabel Wallace, Ottawa Citizen)

Refugees disappear while waiting for paperwork (CBC News)
Refugees were last heard from in Syrian refugee camp


How to connect with global talent in Edmonton? (Mahary Gregory,
My name is Mahary Gregory, I am a civil engineer at Jacobs Canada Inc. The first time I heard about ERIEC was through Evgueni Tormantovski, a colleague who introduced and invited me to an ERIEC working meeting.

Tightening of foreign worker rules affecting supply of doctors (Kelly Grant, Globe and Mail)
Ottawa’s bid to crack down on abuse of the temporary foreign worker program is stymieing efforts to bring in a class of highly skilled labourers Canada badly needs: doctors.

Temporary Foreign Worker Program changes – who do they help? (
The Conservative Government’s Minister of Employment and Social Development, Jason Kenney, announced on June 20th 2014 a raft of changes to the federal Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). The program has attracted controversy since at least 2006, most recently when the CBC reported that MacDonald’s outlets in Victoria were favoring temporary foreign workers over Canadians in hiring decisions and the allocation of hours.

Foreign worker softening offers little local help, MP says (Viola Pruss,
Following recent comments made by Employment Minister Jason Kenney, local MP Brent Rathgeber said he’s “a little more optimistic” regarding the minister’s stance on Canada’s foreign worker policy.

Western provinces say they badly need temporary foreign workers (Daily Commercial News)
Western provinces have a genuine, pressing need for skilled labour and the federal government’s recent overhaul of its temporary foreign worker program goes too far, the interim Alberta premier said July 10.–western-provinces-say-they-badly-need-temporary-foreign-workers

Seafood processors, fishermen unite in opposing temporary foreign workers changes (
Fisheries Minister Ron MacKinley, left, shakes hands with P.E.I. Seafood Processors Association executive director Dennis King, centre, and P.E.I., Fishermen’s Association executive director Ian MacPherson at a news conference in Charlottetown Friday.,-fishermen-unite-in-opposing-temporary-foreign-workers-changes/1

Video: Protect Quebec’s temporary foreign workers (Global Montreal)
Quebecers are fighting to protect foreign workers’ rights, making sure they don’t get left behind during Ottawa’s labour reform. Rachel Lau reports.

Canada leads on wage equity, but there’s still a gap to close (Toronto Star)
As one of the wealthiest G20 nations, Canada can afford to invest in policies that would bridge the income gap between men and women.

Fact check: putting the Conservatives’ "million net new jobs" into context (Andrew Jackson, Broadbent Blog)
The Conservative Party recently launched the “We’re better off with Harper” campaign with the claim that “with over one million net new jobs created in the recovery, Canada’s economy is on the right track – thanks to the strong leadership of Stephen Harper and Canada’s Conservatives.”

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Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

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