Immigration & Diversity news headlines – July 23, 2014


Immigrants attracted to new community garden (
Charlottetown’s new legacy garden is attracting a lot of new immigrants, who are getting the opportunity to mix with established Islanders working the plot next door.

Georgian College providing language (
Help is here for new Canadian residents who need language and communication skills to succeed in the labour market. Specialized training is being offered by Georgian College this fall at the Barrie campus.

Allegations of racial profiling of migrant workers troubling (OHRC)
The Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) took another step to eliminate racial profiling in Ontario by speaking out in the Office of the Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD) systemic review of the OPP practices for obtaining voluntary DNA samples. The OHRC is troubled by allegations that the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) engaged in racial profiling when requesting DNA samples from migrant workers near Vienna, Ontario as part of a sexual assault investigation in October and November 2013.

The Subbans, building a hockey dynasty one child at a time (William Douglas,
Karl Subban remembers the days when he would take his young son, Pernell Karl, ice skating and look around the rink to see if there was anybody else there that looked like them.“In those days if you saw a black parent or a black person in the arena you would look twice,” he told me recently. “And now you don’t have to look twice anymore, things have changed a lot. Every time I walk into an arena you see minority children and minority parents.”


“We don’t see the emotional needs”: Caring for Young Children in Refugee Camps (Stine B Laursen, The Migrationist)
The world’s refugee crisis is not getting any smaller. In 2013, there were 10.4 million people around the world with the designation “of concern to the UNHCR” – a group of people usually known as refugees, in addition 4.8 million people in the Middle East were cared for by the UNRWA. As always these numbers can fluctuate heavily, dependent on ceasefires or the outbreak of new violence. According to the UNHCR about 50% of the world’s forcibly displaced people are children, how many of them are under the age of 5 remains unknown.


A Window of Opportunity to Boost Employee Morale (
Alberta employer of diverse workforce uses corporate chaplaincy program to help employees overcome personal challenges.

Why Conservatives dislike foreign nannies (Heather Mallick,
No immigrants are more warmly welcomed than the women who take care of Canadian children while both parents go out to work. So why are the Tories so opposed to letting them in?

Temporary worker program lacks dignity, but Harper’s fix hurts Calgary, says Nenshi (Jason Markusoff, Calgary Herald)
Mayor Naheed Nenshi is ripping both the temporary foreign worker program and the Harper government’s changes to it, because he feels a growing Calgary needs more access to working newcomers who can become citizens.

Temporary Foreign Workers: Businesses needing highly skilled workers sideswiped by changes (Susana Mas, CBC News)
Ski resorts, tech and investment companies say they rely on foreign hires to operate

Lobster processors seek new workers in wake of TFW changes (CBC News)
Lobster processors in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia say they’ve given up trying to convince the federal government to change the rules of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program and will look instead for other solutions to the chronic worker shortage.

International Education, Future Citizens, and the Labour Market: Challenges and Prospect for Ontario ()
Supported by the Government of Ontario, Ministry of Training Universities and Colleges (MTCU) through the Ontario Human Capital Research and Innovation Fund a group of four researchers* from York University and the University of Guelph conducted 11 focus groups to examine the experiences of international students as they transitioned from their educational institutions into Ontario’s labour market. The key findings highlighted the extent to which assumed labour market outcomes often do not align with the lived experiences of IS; several barriers remain which prevent IS from realizing their full potential as “ideal” immigrants.

Toronto board of trade president Carol Wilding leaving for new job (Kat Sieniuc,
The President of Toronto Region Board of Trade will leave the board to return to her roots this fall and head the new integrated body for the province’s accountants.

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Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

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