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City Lights – Innovation, diversity, culture: how they define our city, from three ubran luminaries who would know. (Visit Toronto, Toronto 2014)
Diversity – Ratna Omidvar President of Maytree. Maytree promotes diversity in the public and private sectors and helps new immigrants make the transition to Toronto life: no small tasks for the city that welcomes more immigrants than any other in the country. For her work in policy recommendations and program development, Omidvar is considered one of the city’s most influential voices. Here, she explains what makes Toronto the international star of diversity.

Canada is leading the pack in mixed unions (
Why we’re setting the global standard for multicultural acceptance and integration

Blatant lying loose family its citizenship – but earns them a $ 63K bill from Canadian government (Adrian Humphreys, National Post)
Ottawa has stripped a Lebanese family of their Canadian citizenships — and handed them a $63,000 bill — after they were caught blatantly lying about living in Canada, part of a government crackdown on bogus citizens that could extend to thousands of cases.

For Somalia, “Team Canada” means more money, fewer jobs (Michelle Shephard,
As the diaspora return in record numbers, tension is growing. Sending money from abroad is one thing, coming back to Somalia is another.

How the Globe Revived My Career (Dennis Mathew, New Canadian Media)
Everyone has a story . Each time, I share the story of my early days in Canada, I get the response, "That’s a miracle." I was born and educated in India, and like many new immigrants, I moved to Canada with big dreams. With an MBA and a rising career in advertising working with international brands in Dubai, I was confident of making it big in Canada. After all I had moved countries and lived in different continents before; Succeeding in a new place was not a new thing. The prospect of starting from scratch and making it big excited me. It’s not Necessarily a guy thing … well, Actually, yes, it is. It’s a guy thing. I was in for an adventure, for sure.

Diversityink Newsletter (CIDI-ICDI)
Greetings Diversity Professionals, With August knocking at our door, it’s hard to believe summer is just about half-way over! We hope each of you have had an opportunity to unplug, kick up your feet and soak in some sun. While the CIDI Team has all been trying to enjoy this lovely weather, we have all still been hard at work.
Here’s what we have been up to, and what the CIDI has in-store: CIDI Community of Practice Events: Fall 2014 | New CIDI Employer Partners | CIDI Voices: Friends of the CIDI

Connect Legal Newsletter ()
New Resources for Self-Employed Women! | New Board Chair| CIBC Donation! | Calling All In-House Counsel! | Welcome to the team!


New restrictions mean families will be broken apart (CCR)
The Canadian Council for Refugees today expressed its disappointment at the narrowing of the definition of dependent child in the immigration rules, starting August 1st . The maximum age is being reduced from 21 to 18 years and the exception for full-time students is eliminated.


Hiring foreign pilots helps bottom line, air force says (Bruce Campion-smith,
The Royal Canadian Air Force reaps “significant” savings by hiring foreign military pilots but majority of pilot hires remain Canadian.

Temporary foreign workers: A ‘fix’ that fixes nothing (Matt Grant and Darshan Kang,iPolitics)
Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi should be applauded for his recent comments about Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program. He not only pointed out that the federal Conservative government’s recent changes to the program will not work for our city, but that it is profoundly un-Canadian “(t)o treat people like commodities that come here for two years and serve us our coffee in the mornings.”

Foreign workers mowing Calgary parks upsets union (
University students no longer get summer jobs taking care of city parks, union says!/content/1.2720333

Changes in TFW program worry Pinoy workers in Canada (Marjorie Carmona Newman, ABS-CBN Canada)
Recent changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker (TFWs) program have left many Filipino workers worried and confused about their future in Canada.

Tips to help internationally qualified professionals re-launch their careers in Canada (Sydney Helland,
Employment Consultant Lee Koren recently blogged about her experience helping internationally qualified professionals (IQPs) overcome the challenges faced when attempting to re-launch their careers in Canada.

Internships done right: A winning approach for both nonprofits and students (Susan Fish, Charity Village)
While internships have had a lot of bad press in recent years (with even the nonprofit sector being accused of exploitative labour practices), internships done right can actually provide a win-win solution for both the intern and their nonprofit employer. CharityVillage talked with both interns and employers to learn how they are making it work.

Audio: How fair are unpaid internships? (CBC Ontario Today)
Predatory practice or foot in the door? New legislation proposed in Ontario would better protect interns. What questions did you have about the fairness of unpaid internships?

The Hire Guide (
Helping BC’s construction employers connect with New Canadian skill sets.

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Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

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