Immigration & Diversity news headlines – July 31, 2014


Lessons for and from Toronto (Ratna Omidvar, Maytree Opinion, July 2014)
For all the self-criticism that we Torontonians like to inflict on ourselves, we secretly know that our city is admired all over the world as a place that works well with its diversity. But lest we feel too smug, let’s remember that world leaders don’t keep their titles without continuous learning and innovation. They should, in the words of Hamburg Mayor Olaf Scholz, “Oppose the idea that there’s nothing to change any more.”

Unemployment’s up for Canada’s most educated immigrants (Anna Mehler Pperny,
Unemployment levels for recent immigrants with university degrees hit their highest point since June, 2010 last month.According to data Statistics Canada crunched for Global News, 14 per cent of university-educated immigrants who’ve come to Canada in the last five years are without a job – more than their counterparts with a post-secondary certificate or high-school diploma. Ratna Omidvar‘s been at this long enough you could forgive her frustration. The chair of the board at the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC) and president of Maytree, Omidvar’s been working to close the chasm between immigrant and Canadian-born unemployment; now that’s it’s yawning wider than ever, safe to say it’s “disappointing.” “it’s a matter of time and timing,” Omidvar says. When you arrive (hint: recession’s a bad time) and how long you’ve been here.

Cities of Migration Newsletter, No. 52, July 2014 (Cities of Migration)
• Khalid Koser: Cities and the Case for Migration
• An Agenda for Shared Prosperity
• Municipal IDs as a Tool of Inclusion
• E2C: School of Second Chance
• Migrants Give Auckland an Edge over Other Cities: Heather Shotter
• Playing Together: New Citizens, Sports and Belonging
• Roger Casale: No One Should Be Afraid to Say Where They Are from
• Mayors Seek more Power to Manage Migration
• #MigrationMeans drive seeks global discourse
• Good Ideas in the News

Diversity in Leadership Europe – First International Newsletter (Diversity in Leadership Europe)
1. International Workshop Berlin, June 2014
2. Ratna Omidvar’s Keynote Life "Why Diversity Matter"
3. Kick-off Meeting Reggio Emilia, January 2014
4. Partners & Projects from the European Learning Exchange
Berlin: Vielfalt entscheidet | Copenhagen: KVINFO | Dublin: Immigration Council Ireland | London: Diversity in Public Appointments | Reggio Emilia: Mondinsieme
5. Stories & Facts | Success Story: Diversity in Leadership in the board of Mondinsieme | Facts & Figures: Low cultural diversity in leadership positions in German Foundations

In hiring new Toronto police chief, board may look beyond the usual suspects (Eric Andrew-gee.
Some say new blood is needed to change Toronto police culture, but corporate experience suggests internal hires may be more successful.

The Iacobucci report’s unwise colour-blindness (Anthony Morgan,
Over the past 26 years, 73 per cent of those in mental distress killed by the Toronto police have been non-white. So why wasn’t race a consideration in a recent report on the problem?

Is the Live-in Caregiver Program the Filipino-Canadian community’s version of the Chinese head tax? (Ethel Tungohan,
On June 23, two articles on the Live-in Caregiver Program (LCP) came out at the Toronto Star (here and here). These articles featured findings from a study that I am part of: the Gabriela Transition Experiences Survey. Our study highlights that the majority of live-in caregivers who come to Canada were sponsored by employment agencies, that live-in caregivers work in diverse professions, but mostly stay in care work for the first three to five years after the LCP, and that live-in caregivers’ experiences of family separation were challenging.

Live-in Caregivers: Kenney’s New Scapegoats ()
Soon after Minister Kenney announced his “changes” in the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, he came out with statements about the Live-in Caregiver Program “ran out of control” and a promise of reforms to come. Migrante BC responded to this with its statement LIVE- IN CAREGIVERS: KENNEY’S NEW SCAPEGOATS and the scathing reply to Kenney is reproduced in full.

Immigrants share stories of success as part of speaker series (Chris Clay, Mississauga News)
A pair of Canadian immigrants who have enjoyed a great deal of success since arriving in their adopted country will be the featured speakers next month at the Central Library.

Sports: a Social Equalizer (Brian Wong, New Canadian Media)
Growing up in a working class neighbourhood in Calgary, there were only a handful of entertainment choices our family could afford, one of which was to attend a football game (or "soccer" in North America). My father frequented the stadiums with me to watch professional games almost every other week. For me, it also seemed to be a perfect ‘match’ with our family’s blue-collar mentality.

Who Wins in the Name Game? (Cody C. Delistraty,
I was at a party for Bastille Day in Paris a few years back, and we were leaning over the balcony to watch the fireworks. A cute French girl sat next to me, but after a few flirty glances the moment was entirely ruined with the most basic of interactions: “What’s your name?” she asked in French. “Cody,” I said.

Infographic: What Cities Around the World are Hyperdiverse? (Corinna Loo, Good)
Each of the 20 cities below are home to more than one million foreign-born residents, making them "hyperdiverse." Combined, these metropolitan areas have 37 million foreign-born residents, which accounts for 19% of the world’s foreign-born population.


New restrictions mean families will be broken apart (CCR)
The Canadian Council for Refugees today expressed its disappointment at the narrowing of the definition of dependent child in the immigration rules, starting August 1st . The maximum age is being reduced from 21 to 18 years and the exception for full-time students is eliminated.

We are a group of health care providers and frontline advocates who work with refugees and we are tired of seeing our refugee clients suffer from the IFH cuts. We are calling on the BC government to follow the lead of most of the provinces and step in to provide basic and essential health care coverage to these vulnerable and valuable people.


Why Responding to a Job Posting is a ‘Waste of Time’ (Lou Adler, LinkedIn Influencer, via ERIEC)
While we know that there are people who will get hired by responding to a job posting, it’s the least effective and the least personal way to get a job, argues the author, Lou Adler. He goes on to state the following:

Employers innovating to overcome tight labour markets in Canada (Philip Cross,
Employers across Canada are employing innovative methods to combat labour shortages, finds a new study released today by the Fraser Institute, an independent, non-partisan Canadian public policy think-tank.
The study, Do Labour Shortages Exist in Canada?, by Philip Cross, former chief economic analyst for Statistics Canada, spotlights demographic and geographic employment trends across the country.

The new Canada immigration system: this is how it works (Majorie van Leijen, Emriates 24/7)
From January 2015 Canada will apply the Express Entry system

Big win for US fast food workers: McDonald’s could be held liable for violations (Workers Action Centre)
Fast food workers organizing for $15 and union recognition in the US won an important victory yesterday as the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruled that McDonald’s could be held liable for labour violations in its franchise stores.

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Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

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