My 3 words for 2015

Inspired by Chris Brogan, I’ve decided to commit to 3 words this year. Not so much a new year’s resolution, but, as Chris puts it, “something better, something more useful, something that would work within our thought process daily and not just for the first seven or eight days of the new year.”

Here are my 3 words.

My 3 wordsPause

This is more personal and lifestyle than anything. I’ve got 2 kids, one is 7 and, well, acts like a 7 year old would be expected to act. And, as hard as it is to remember sometimes, I’m the adult. And my responses are not always adult like. Sure, kids can push buttons and annoy, but I’m the parent.

The adult.

It’s up to me to set the tone, model behaviour and better self regulate. He’s learning, his 2 year old brother is learning from us. And, lately, I’m reacting a bit more than I (or any of us, really, like). So, I’m going to start pausing more. Thinking before speaking. We’re always able to resolve whatever happens, but wouldn’t it be nice to not have to resolve it, but to constantly have learning moments together? Pause. Then speak.


Harold Jarche has developed a great Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) approach that I admire and try to emulate. Part of its core is the Seek, Sense, Share framework.

I’d like to think I’ve got the Seek and Share parts down. In a couple of subject matter areas, I’m a decent resource for some. And, I’ve spent a good chunk of time building, refining and implementing solid information finding and sharing approaches. I find it’s working nicely.

What I’m not doing so actively, or as in-depth as I think I’d like to, is the sensing. It’s not that I’m not making sense of what I’m sharing. I have many filters and share what makes sense. So, there’s a low level of sense making going on, sure. But, what I’d like to do more of, what I see people I admire doing. Truly diving into sense making, writing longer form pieces/articles. Pulling threads together so that the sharing isn’t just aggregation or low level curation, but really putting an editorial spin and thoughts on a subject where I see threads that can and should be pulled together. I’ll still share in the aggregate on social media, like I do now. But, I want to write more, see if I can actually pull threads together and share them in a more meaningful way.


Technology has become an important tool in my work, and in my life. To the point that it’s perhaps a bit too all encompassing. This isn’t a new problem for anyone, least of all me. And, in some ways, I don’t see it as a problem for me, even now. But, I know that I’m picking up my smartphone a bit too often.

I’m constantly looking for information, sharing, making connections. And, it’s good. It’s part of my work. It keeps me connected to friends and family. But, I’ve also become that parent on the playground or drop-in who pulls out his phone a bit too often. Sure, sometimes I’m taking pictures of my kids and sharing them. But, I’m also seeking, finding information to read and share. And, well, the kids notice.

My oldest son tells me to put the phone down. Which means it’s become a problem. So, disconnecting for me means not picking the phone (the most convenient technology) up in the first place. It’s pretty heavily connected to my first word – Pause. It’s likely that my constant connecting is linked to the issues I have that require me to commit to pausing. So, we’ll see how it goes…

Thanks, Chris Brogan. This approach is helpful. I’m committed. It’s doable, measurable, meaningful. I got this.

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Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

Communications in social services/social change, immigration, diversity & inclusion in Toronto. Wannabe librarian, interested in nonprofit tech innovation.

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