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Difficult conversations about policing need to actually start

(source) The police don’t want to hear that they’re doing anything wrong. They don’t want any “anti-police rhetoric” ((Cool the anti-police rhetoric: McCormack). They want us to obey (Police Officer: ‘if you don’t want to get shot…just do what I tell you.’). We’re supposed to trust that their interests are our interests. But, trust. They…Continue Reading…

My 3 words for 2015

Inspired by Chris Brogan, I’ve decided to commit to 3 words this year. Not so much a new year’s resolution, but, as Chris puts it, “something better, something more useful, something that would work within our thought process daily and not just for the first seven or eight days of the new year.” Here are…Continue Reading…

Transformation of the Monarch Park tunnel

I walk my son to school every morning, through Monarch Park in Toronto. We walk through a tunnel that leads to the Rail Garden, a beautiful community garden. For years, the tunnel had been pretty dark and dank, not something you’d want to walk through at night, even though it’s a short walk. A couple…Continue Reading…

Kids listen to the news, how to make sure they listen critically?

Interesting conversation on CBC Metro Morning today about the Newsomatic site and app. There’s also a Canadian site like it which is worth a look, and includes a useful section: How to Use This Site (Grades 2-8). Great conversation about the need to not just consume news and info, but work with our kids to think critically about what they hear.

Spring flowers

Waiting their turn

A winter walk on the beach

Beautiful day.

Winter at the beach

Maybe not the typical beach pictures you’re seeing from friends vacationing somewhere warm. 🙂 But, beaches are fun year round. We had some fun at Toronto beach at the tail end of a cold winter. Great spot for a relaxing walk and fun for the kids.

Desolate, but beautiful. A day at the beach

I’m taking a year off to be a stay at home dad

I’m totally pumped about this, so excited. Why am I doing this? Because I want to. And, it turns out that I can. And when those two possibilities come together, why wouldn’t I? Wanting to is the easy part. Being able to is more complex, but has worked out and that’s fantastic! My wife is…Continue Reading…