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Internet and social media use among newcomers to Canada – are you ready?

In a previous post, I suggested that immigrant settlement organizations should be using technology to serve clients. Because your clients are ready. There is a lot below to reflect on. Of course, you should confirm any trends with your clients directly. Are you asking them how they’re using technology? What technology expectations they have of you? What channels,…Continue Reading…

A vision for online settlement services. Let’s crowdsource a proposal!

OK, folks. Let’s do this. A three year project to get the settlement sector trained, oriented, evaluating feasibility and implementing online service delivery.

Can you serve newcomers using technology? You should be already.

Our immigrant/refugee settlement sector is awash in technology. Unfortunately, in many cases the most powerful and actively used technologies are sitting in many workers’ pockets, not on their desktops. Our clients are well ahead of us in technology use. And they want to see our organizations using technology more effectively to serve them. Workers want…Continue Reading…